Some Important Things Regarding Newborn Vaccination

The most important thing is vaccination immediately after the birth of the child. The baby’s immune system is developing at the beginning of birth. After birth, the newborn baby is very sensitive, hence many parents are worried about vaccination. While getting any kind of vaccine, you should keep the following things in mind.

1. First of all, there is primary vaccination which is done immediately after the birth of the child. That is followed by booster vaccination and public vaccination. In this way, vaccination after the birth of the newborn has been divided in many ways. Public vaccination means health welfare schemes run in our country such as the polio campaign.

Before getting any kind of vaccination, you must consult your doctor.

1. Before getting any vaccine, take the child’s vaccination card with you. Before getting vaccinated, the doctor also gives you options.

2. If the newborn has cold and cough, then do not panic because in some vaccinations, the doctor himself keeps him under his supervision and gives the right advice.

3. It is often seen that after vaccination, babies start having fever or swelling at the vaccination site. In such a situation, there is no need to panic because this is a common problem. Yes, if swelling is more than 2 days then consult a doctor.

4. Apart from this, there are some vaccines that even cause fever in children. Therefore, give medicines to children as per the doctor’s instructions.

5. Do not stop breastfeeding the newborn after vaccination. If the child is 6 months or one year old, then take special care of the child’s eating habits. Give a healthy diet to children like makhana kheer, apple, porridge, pulse water, etc.

6. Before getting the newborn vaccinated in any hospital or clinic, get information about the vaccine yourself. Like the date written in the vaccine dose, name and syringe, etc., the doctor himself also allows this.

7. If the child cries loudly after vaccination, there is no need to panic. Pat the children and try to console them.

Vaccination strengthens the immune system of children, so do not delay getting vaccination from birth till the first 5 years. Get vaccinated only on the date written by the doctor in the vaccination card.

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