How To Take Care Of Your Newborn In Monsoon

During the rainy season, the newborn is at risk of many types of infections. But if you take some precautions, you can protect your newborn from this infection to a great extent. Let us know how to take care of your newborn during monsoon.

1. First of all, take full care of cleanliness in the house. Do not let water stagnate anywhere in the house, use eco-friendly cleaner for mopping.

2. To stay away from mosquitoes, use a mosquito net only, kid friendly mosquito cream is available in the market. But do not apply it on the skin of the newborn but keep it around the bedsheet.

3. Allow adequate sunlight to enter the baby’s room, because moisture in the room can also cause infection.

4. Change children’s diapers from time to time and try to make children wear homemade nappies only.

Wash hands thoroughly before touching the baby and keep the baby’s hands and feet clean. Do not let the child’s nails grow and keep cutting them from time to time.
Avoid taking the baby to crowded places, make the baby wear only full-sleeved clothes.

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