What are the side effects of taking blood pressure, diabetes, and thyroid medicines?

Side Effects of Taking Medicines for a Long Time: These days, due to changes in lifestyle, eating habits, and stress, people are falling prey to many diseases. If we look at the diseases occurring due to changes in lifestyle, diabetes, blood pressure and thyroid are very common. People take many types of medicines to control these diseases. The thing to note is that diseases like thyroid, blood pressure, and diabetes have been kept in the incurable category. It is said that medicine to control these diseases

Consumption of A is necessary. If you also think like this then be careful. The medicines you are taking to cure diseases can further worsen your health. Dr. Rajeev Parakh of Medanta Hospital, Gurugram has given information about the harm that consuming it for a long time can do to diseases like blood pressure, diabetes and thyroid.

Disadvantages of taking diabetes and BP medicines for a long time

Diseases like thyroid, blood pressure and diabetes are always present in the human body. To prevent these diseases, the patient has to take medicines throughout his life. However, its dosage depends on the patient’s disease. According to experts, while taking medicines for these diseases, definitely consult a doctor.

He told that if a patient takes medicine for a long time without any medical advice, it can cause many diseases. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor from time to time and then take medicines. According to experts, taking medicines for a long time can cause digestive problems (stomach ache, constipation, vomiting, and nausea), weight gain and sometimes sleep-related problems. In this situation, the patient should contact the doctor and seek advice regarding the dosage of medicines.

Tips to avoid side effects of medicines

Medicines are hot, due to which many people have stomach problems. To avoid such problems, consume an adequate amount of green vegetables in your diet.

Eat light food as much as possible. Avoid consuming excess oil, spices and junk foods available in the market.

Many times it is seen that people start feeling sleepy due to taking medicines for blood pressure and diabetes. Increase physical workouts to avoid sleep problems. Wash your face with normal water several times a day, so that you can avoid sleep.

Taking medicine causes a dry mouth. For this you can chew chewing gum and drink plenty of water. Also, consume such things which keep the body hydrated.

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