Seven Benefits of Light Exercise at the Office, Can Reduce Stress You Know!

Benefits of Light Exercise at the Office

Sitting in a chair for about a day while staring at a computer or laptop screen is a routine that must be done by someone as an office worker. Sometimes because you are too busy with work, you forget to do physical activities such as exercising and stretching.

Exercising during working hours in the office is very difficult to do. If you don’t exercise, it will have a bad impact on your health and you are at risk of experiencing muscle disorders, such as neck pain, back pain, wrist pain, back pain and others.

Now to prevent this from happening, you can really steal a little free time on the sidelines of your super busy work by doing small sports.

Here are 7 benefits that you will get when you do light exercise around your desk. Let’s see the following information!

1. Help your body stay healthy and reduce the risk of obesity

reduce the risk of obesity

It turns out that working in an office can cause a person to gain weight. This is caused by the activities carried out by someone as an office worker who only moves a little so that the body’s metabolism runs slower.

In addition, frequent consumption of foods that contain high levels of sugar and excessive snacking can cause a person’s body to experience significant weight gain.

In order to keep your body ideal and avoid obesity, you can really do light running movements around your desk for a few minutes. This will reduce the fat that has accumulated and keep your body healthy.

2. Can relax your mind and avoid stress disorders

Can relax your mind and avoid stress disorders

Activities in the office are often faced with many piled-up tasks, increased working hours, short task deadlines, and pressure from superiors, causing a person to often experience depression at work.

There are several ways to relieve stress from work in the office. One of them is by exercising.

Even though exercising in the office is not possible, you can do light movements around your workspace. With just a light movement, it turns out that it can help release endorphins in the body so that it can change your mood for the better.

3. Can relax tense or stiff muscles

Can relax tense or stiff muscles

As previously explained, work as an office employee who tends to stay in a chair while staring at a computer screen is a fairly monotonous daily activity. Working in the office requires only a little movement so this will cause the muscles to become tense and stiff.

To overcome this, doing light movements around your desk such as shrugging your shoulders, twisting your neck, and swinging your arms can prevent muscle stiffness, you know. Try doing this movement when you feel stiffness in the muscle area.

4. Can increase energy and make the mind more focused

Can increase energy and make the mind more focused

When work activities in the office are so busy, it makes you drain more energy, so that your level of focus on the task at hand decreases.

To prevent loss of focus and concentration, try doing light exercise for a few minutes. You can do light push-ups and sit-ups near your desk. This will increase the drained energy back and increase focus on your work.

5. Makes you more enthusiastic about doing something

Makes you more enthusiastic about doing something

When you experience fatigue while working in the office, you will feel your work productivity decreases. This is caused by your monotonous and less mobile activities so that the oxygen supply to the brain also decreases.

So, so that your work is not neglected due to lack of enthusiasm, first try doing light movements such as doing triceps stretches or touching the shoulder blades with bent hands, neck twisting movements, and shaking the shoulders. Guaranteed you will come back excited to continue your work.

6. Can make you sleep better after working at the office

Can make you sleep better after working at the office

For those of you who want to exercise after work at the office and don’t have enough free time, or are already feeling tired from working all day, you can take advantage of a little time between your work at the office to do light exercise.

With the Light exercise, it can make the body become more relaxed and avoid stiff muscles. Apart from that, it can also make you sleep better.

7. Improve memory and avoid impaired concentration decline


Someone who feels tired due to monotonous work, will usually experience a decrease in concentration and memory. When your memory decreases, you will often forget what you were doing, so your work will become a mess.

So that this does not happen, try doing a little exercise. Exercise can accelerate blood circulation to the brain so that it has an adequate supply of oxygen. This will make you more focused and make your memory sharper.

That’s 7 benefits of doing light movements in the office. How, quite easy and simple is not it? Guaranteed you can do it on the sidelines of your very busy time.

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