Selena Gomez Biography, Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Family & More

Selena Gomez Biography, Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Movie, Family & More

Birth name: Selena Marie Gomez
Nickname: Cell, Selly
Date of birth: July 22, 1992
Place of birth: Grand Prairie, Texas, USA
Profession: Actress, Singer
Marital status: unmarried
Height: 165 cm
Original hair color: the children
Eye color: the children
Zodiac sign: Lion
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Selena Gomez Biography

Selena Marie Gomez saw the light of day on July 22, 1992, in Grand Prairie, Texas. His father, Richardo Joel Gomez, is of Mexican descent, while his mother, former actress Amanda Dawn Cornett, has Italian ancestry.

Her mother was 16 when Selena was born, so her parents didn’t even stay together long. Selena was only 5 years old when there was a final divorce between Richardo and Amanda. She joined the young Selena’s mother, who was raising the girl alone until she was 16 years old. The family had livelihood problems and then remarried in 2006. Brian Teefey became her new husband, with whom their child was born in 2013. His father also remarried, and in June 2014 his second daughter, Victoria Gomez, was born.

Selena Gomez

Acting has always interested Selena, thanks to her mother, who inspired young talent with her performances. Because of her career, Ms. Gomez left school in 2010 and continued her studies as a private student, then graduating in May 2010 while filming Monte Carlo. It is interesting that he was in Hungary at that time. At the age of 7, he met Demi Lovato in Barney and friends. The two girls became very close friends and could even play together in a movie later.


Selena Gomez Acting career:

He received his first official role in 2002 at the age of 10. Barney and Friends was a Disney series made for little kids. She was able to take on the role of Gianna in the series, where she was present for a total of 14 episodes. A year later, in 2003, he was given a minor role in Spy Puppies 3-D – Game Over, and in 2005 became a supporting actor for the famous Walker, the Texas Hound. She was given the role of Julie in the film. A year later, it was still only seen in smaller series than the lives of House BrokenBrain Zapped, and Zack and Cody, which was also a Disney’s creation.

The breakthrough came in 2007 when the channel asked Ms. Gomez to star in Hannah Montana, who was already enjoying a big chorus. He only appeared like Mikayla for a few episodes in the series, but the audience already fell in love with it here.
Thanks to this and other factors, Wizards of Waverly Place, the actress ’first solo series starring, was added to the channel. He was the designer of Alex Russo for four seasons and a film. She also sang the inserts of the series, where she was able to show off her singing talent for the first time. We were able to hear more of him in the series later.

In 2008, movies starred more than the Disneys series. There was a dubbing in the animated cinema called Horton, and then, along with Demi Lovato, they also filmed the Princess Defense Program. Here Carter was able to take on the role of Mason. The film was a huge success, with 8.5 million watching the premiere on TV. In 2009, he was a guest star on the series The Zack and Cody on Board, and also voiced for Arthur: Revenge of Malta. Also this year, Wizards from Waverly Place appeared: The Movie also, who also played Alex Russ. The creation was one of Disney’s biggest successes, so two more seasons were set for the series. The movie was watched by 11.4 million people on the Disney Channel, it was the first place on cable TV that day and it became the second most-watched movie on Disney after Part 2 of High School Musical. The cinema won the 2nd Emmy Award for “Outstanding Children’s Program” at the 62nd Gala.

In 2010, she starred in Ramona and Beezus: The Adventure Comes Home, where she starred in Joey King, and also played one of the characters in the animated film Muppets. In the film Arthur 3: The Battle of the Worlds, he gave his voice to Selenia again, and then in 2011 he was able to star in a film again, plus it was a dual role. Gossip Girl star, Leighton Meester, Arrow Katie Cassidy, and Cory Monteith, who later tragically passed away, could play in Monte Carlo. The filming of this film took place in Hungary, among other places, so in 2010 the actress spent two months in Hungary.

In 2012, Mavis was asked to have dubbing at the hotel

Transylvania next to Adam Sandler. The second part of the film has since been made. The series Wizards from Waverly Place ended in 2012, and in 2013 it received an extra finishing part. Several films were released in the same year. She starred in the movie Spring Breakers, starring Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens and Rachel Korinne, and starring James Franco. Back in 2013, we could see the race against time. Behaving Badly was released in July 2014, which unfortunately has not been as successful as its previous films. Critics also pulled it off quite a bit. And from October 17, Rudderlesscinema has also become visible on the Internet.

His latest film, The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving, was released in January 2015. The premiere took place on June 24, 2016. Two more films made their debut this year, one in the second part of The Bad Neighborhood, in which he played a minor role, and In Dubious Battle, which has no exact release date yet.

In 2020, The Voyage of Doctor in Dolittle lends her voice to Betsy.


Selena Gomez Music career:

His musical career began in 2007 when he sang the opening of the series The Wizards from Waverly Place, entitled “Everything Is Not What It Seems. ” She founded Selena Gomez & The Scene in 2008, where she and five men played with her. He even released his first single this year, which was also recorded for The Another Cinderella Story. It was titled “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” and reached number 58 on the Billboard HOT list.

The first single from his own band was “Falling Down,” the first song that could not be tied to any film or series. Not long after, a video clip was made for her and there was no stopping her career as a singer. Their album Kiss & Tell was released on September 29, 2009, featuring the hugely successful Naturally. The puck is on US Charton # 9. reached its place and was released by Hollywood Records. He released two more songs that same year, one was “Magic,” which was recorded for Wizards of waverly place, and “Send it on,” which he sang with Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Jonas Brothers, and Made for the Disney Friends for Change project.

” Round and Round” was released as a single in 2010, and the video was recorded during his stay in Hungary and has now produced almost 100 million views on the official VEVO channel. His other single was also released not long after, it was “A Year Without Rain,” which was also the title track of the album, which was released on September 21st. Both songs were among the top forty songs on the Billboard HOT 100 list. It was then that he and the band received their second gold record from the RIAAT. Also this year, they released a selection album with the band, which was available in December at The Club RemixesHe sang “Shake it Up” later this year was also the title track of the then-launched Disney series.

She first released the single “Who Says” in 2011, followed in the summer by ” love

You Like a Love Song,” which is one of the singer‘s greatest hits to date. Named Sun Goes Down, the album’s last single, “Hit the Lights,” was released in 2012. At the end of the 2011/2012 tour, the band and Selena announced they were going to break up as the singer wanted to start a career of her own. He even started concentrating on his music career this year, with “Come and Get it” released on April 9, 2013. single, which is # 6. reached the US Charton. The accompanying album was released on July 23 as Star Dance. It has achieved great rankings around the world, with the U.S., Canada, Norway and the Netherlands also taking first place in a short time. “Slow down,” which was his next single from the album, arrived on August 13th. The video was shot in Paris.

The singer’s latest album was released on November 24, 2014, but it was just a compilation album called For You. The album’s first single hit store shelves on November 6 as “The Heart Wants What it Wants .” The album also featured the song “Do it,” which fans hadn’t heard before, or “My Dilemma 2.0. “

On July 21, 2015, he announced the release of his next major album, Revival, on October 9, from which the first single, titled Good For You, was released in June. The second single was released in September under the title Same Old Love, for which a short film was later made. His third single is Hands to myself, followed by Kill Em With Kindness in June 2016. According to the news, this is the last video from the album, as his latest album is being made.

The Revival tour set off in 2016, but Selena interrupted it for health reasons and then enrolled in a clinic she came out of in November. Unable to cope with the stress, he was forced to take this step as his illness, lupus, prevented him from touring further. He has been better ever since and is working on new songs, of which It Ain’t Me, co-produced with Kygo, was released on February 16, 2017.

His first solo song after the omission is Bad Liar, which debuted in June 2017. This was followed by Fetish, which aired on the singer’s channel on July 13th. Both songs became very divisive, but critics and fans alike liked it.

In 2018, he made the hit Taki Taki with DJ Snake, Ozuna and Cardi B. It exploded tremendously among fans.

He returned again in 2019 with a contribution that was released in February. The song I Can’t Get Enough is a joint composition of J Balcin and Benny Blanco. He then released two songs in October. Lose You To Love Me and Look At Her Now are all about their former counterpart, Justin Bieber. He wanted to end that period with these two. With the former, he also set another milestone as he topped the Billboard Hot 100 list barely two weeks after the premiere. He waited for this recognition for almost ten years.

In December 2019, he announced that after a long time he would be releasing his own album again. Rare premiered on January 10, 2020. The disc features 13 songs, including the previously released Lose You To Love Me and Look At Her Now.


In 2009, Selena announced the founding of her own fashion brand, which was named Dream Out Loud. The first pieces of the clothing collection were available for purchase from the fall of 2010. Most of the dresses are floral and bohemian. It consists primarily of skirts, jewelry, tops, pants, hats and caps and is made from all recycled or eco-friendly materials. Ms. Gomez said the clothes reflect her, what she really is. He also said he wanted to design pieces that are easy to put on and take off, made from environmentally friendly and natural materials.


Selena Gomez Private life:

He had more friends than Taylor Lautner, Nick Jonas and Justin Bieber, but his greatest love was still the latter. They came together in 2011 and then formed a party by 2013 with minor major interruptions. Since then, hearing only about Justin when someone asks about his love life says he was the love of his life, but they went through so much and hurt each other so many times that it was better to get separated forever. He is currently strengthening his single camp.

On January 5, 2014, she volunteered for a spa in Wickenburg, Arizona, but according to her representative, it was not because of her drug addiction but her fatigue that made the young singer go to Australia and Asia, but she was no longer able to do so..
In January 2017, news erupted that he had met Bella Hadid’s ex, The Weeknd. Since then, they have seen them romanticize together several times. Selena accompanied the singer to the scene of a couple’s European tour. They didn’t want to comment on their relationship, they said they did well. They broke up not long after and continued his relationship with Justin with and without Justin. It was closed in 2017 and then Justin took Hailey Baldwin in 2019 while Selena also wrote two songs about their love.

The actress is currently a happy single, although they have been trying to march with former One Direction member Nial for some time, but there is no basis for that yet.


Selena Gomez Curiosities:

– Forbes magazine named it one of the “8 hottest kids stars to watch.”
“He’s been with Taylor Lautner for a few months.”
– His biggest role model is Bruno Mars.
– Beyonce and Rihanna also influenced her music.
– He is the youngest UNICEF ambassador since he joined the organization at the age of 17.
– His first perfume was released a couple of years ago, followed by another variety.
“She has a serious illness that has had her two tours interrupted, lupus.”
– He’s the most followed person on Instagram. There are currently more than 110 million fans of the singer on the community side.
– She has no favorite place in the world, but she loves all over Europe.
– He wouldn’t be able to live without his family.
“He would never give up dancing as one of his hobbies.”
“His biggest fear is losing someone he loves.”
– Natalie considers Portman the most fashionable celebrity.
– Twizzlers are my favorite sweet.
“The only sweet you can’t live without is a chocolate cake.”
“The first memory of his life when his mother paints.”
“It’s a fictional place you’d like to live in. It’s a Wonderland.”
– He saw Crazy stupid love most of the time and could watch it again anytime.
– As a child, Oz, the Miracle of Miracles, was his favorite tale.
– He says it’s most creative when you’re sad.
– For the first time in his life, he attended a Britney Spears concert.
“If you started a new career, you’d be a chef.”
– It’s on your boot list to jump out of somewhere.
– It took nearly ten years for a song to finally reach the top of the Billboard Hot 100 list. It happened in November 2019, as Lose You To Love Me won so much from fans and critics that it ended up at the top of the imaginary podium.

Selena Gomez Movies:

2003: Spy Kids 3D – Game Over / Spy Kids 3D – Game Over – Waterpark Girl
2005: Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire / Walker: In Action Again – Julie
2006: House Broken – Alexa
2006: Brain Zapped – Emily Grace Garcia
2007: Arwin! – Alexa
2007: What’s Stevie Thinking? – Stevie Sanchez
2008: Horton / Horton – Helga (voice)
2008: Another Cinderella Story  Mary Santiago
2009: Princess Protection Program – Carter Mason
2009:Wizards of The Waverly Place: The Movie / Wizards of the Waverly Place – Alex Russo
2009: Arthur and The Great Adventure/ Arthur: Revenge of Maltazar – Selenia (voice)
2010: Ramona & Beezus / Ramona and Beezus: The Adventure Comes Home – Beezus Quimby
2010: Arthur 3: La Guerre des Deux Mondes / Arthur 3: The Battle of the Worlds – Selenia (voice)
2011: Monte Carlo / Girls in Monte Carlo – Grace / Cordelia Winthrop Scott
2011: Muppets – Selena Gomez
2012: Fifty Shades of Blue – Woman
2012: Spring Breakers /Spring Breakers – Girls Free – Faith
2012: Hotel

Transylvania – Where the Monsters Relax  Mavis (Sound)
2012: Aftershock – Lisa 2013: Searching – Violet 2013: The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex / The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex – Alex Russo 2013: Getaway – The Kid 2014: Rudderless – Kate 2014: Behaving Padly – Nina Pennington 2015: Hotel Transylvania 2 – Mavis (Voice) 2016:  The Fundamentals of Caring

2016:   Bad Neighborhood 2
2016:  In Dubious Battle
2019:  Rainy Day in New York
2019:  The Dead Don’t Die
2020:  The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle


Selena Gomez Series:

2002-2004: Barney & Friends  Gianna
2006: The Suite Life of Zack and Cody  Gwen
2007-2008: Hannah Montana / Hannah Montana – Mikayla
2009: The Suite Life of Dack / Zack and Cody on Board – Alex Russo
2007-2012: Wizards of The Waverly Place – Alex Russo
 2016: Inside Amy Schumer – Selena
2020: Selena + Chef


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2015-: Thirteen Reasons Why

Selena Gomez Large records:


September 25, 2009: Kiss & Tell


September 17, 2010: 
A Year Without Rain


June 28, 2011: 
When The Sun Goes Down


July 23, 2013: Stars Dance


November 24, 2014: For You



October 9, 2015: Revival



January 10, 2020: Rare



2010: The Club Remixes
2011: Artists Karaoke Series – Selena Gomez & The Scene
2014: For You



2009: Falling Down
2010: Naturally
2010: Round & Round
2010: A Year Without Rain
2011: Who Says
2011: Love You Like A Love Song
2012: Hit The Lights
2013: Come & Get It
2013: Slow Down
2014: The Heart Wants What It Wants
2015: I Want You To Know ft. Zedd
2015: Good For You
2015: Same Old Love
2016: Hands To Myself
2016: Kill Em With Kindness
2017: Bad Liar
2017: Fetish
2018: Back To You
2019:Lose You To Love Me
2019:  Look At Her Now
2020: Rare



2016:  Charlie Puth – We Don’t Talk Anymore ft. Selena Gomez
2016:   Cashmere Cat – Trust Nobody ft. Selena Fomez, Tory Lanez
2017: Kygo ft. Selena Gomez – It Ain’t Me
2017: Selena Gomez – Wolves ft. Marshmello
2018:  Ozuna, Cardi B, DJ Snake ft. Selena Gomez – Taki Taki
2019: Benny Blanco, Tainy, J Balvin ft. Selena Gomez – I Can’t Get Enough
2020: Ice Cream ft. BLACKPINK

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