Recognize Various Foods to Relieve the Flu

When you have a cold, you can try eating several types of foods to relieve the flu. Not only relieve symptoms that appear, this type of food can also speed up your healing process from the flu.

Decreased appetite when you have a cold can make the body lack vitamins and minerals. This condition needs to be addressed immediately because flu symptoms can subside by increasing the body’s immune system through the food and drinks consumed.

Several Food Options to Relieve the Flu

There are several types of drinks and foods to relieve the flu that you can try to consume, including:

1. Chicken soup

Chicken soup

Chicken soup is one of the easiest foods to make and good for when you have a cold. The chicken soup consists of chicken broth, vegetables, and chicken meat that can meet the fluid intake and nutrients that the body needs.

Adequate fluids and nutrients in the body can boost the immune system, thereby speeding up your recovery process from the flu.

2. Low-fat milk, eggs, and meat

Low-fat milk, eggs, and meat

Sources of protein, such as milk, eggs, and meat, are good for consumption because they can keep the immune system strong. Thus, the immune system can be more effective in eradicating viruses and germs in the body.

Protein is needed to produce antibodies, repair damaged body tissues, and support the body’s recovery process when sick or injured. Therefore, you need to have sufficient protein intake during the flu so that you can recover quickly.

3. Carrots


Carrots contain vitamin A and antioxidants which are good for increasing the immune system. The content of vitamin B6 in carrots also plays a role in the process of producing antibodies or immune substances.

To get these benefits, you can process carrots into juice or as a salad and mix in soups.

4. Oranges and lemons

Oranges and lemons

Oranges and lemons are good sources of antioxidants, such as flavonoids and vitamin C, which are important for strengthening the immune system. With a strong immune system, the flu virus will be destroyed faster in the body. Not only that, the intake of vitamin C can also speed up the healing process from the flu.

Therefore, fruits rich in vitamin C, such as oranges and lemons, can be consumed as foods to relieve colds. In addition to these two types of fruit, you can also meet your vitamin C intake with other types of fruit, such as guava, mango, apple, and kiwi.

5. Yogurt


Yogurt is a good source of probiotics and protein to increase endurance and fight viruses that cause colds. In addition, the probiotics contained in yogurt are also able to suppress the growth of bad bacteria and increase the growth of good bacteria in the intestines.

6. Ginger


Ginger is one of the traditional medicines that is quite commonly consumed to relieve coughs, colds, and sore throats due to the flu. Not only that, various studies also state that ginger has an antiviral effect.

To get the benefits of ginger to treat flu symptoms, you can process it into a warm ginger tea drink with honey and lemon added.

7. Honey


Besides ginger, honey is also one of the traditional medicines that can relieve colds. Honey is also known to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, so it can relieve cold symptoms.

However, honey should not be given to children under 1 year of age, because of the risk of causing poisoning or botulism.

8. Chili


The benefits of chili as a food to relieve colds are also found to be high in vitamin C and antioxidants. This content can thin out phlegm and mucus in the nose and throat, making it quite effective for relieving symptoms of coughs and colds due to the flu.

Chili is also good consumed as food to relieve flu thanks to its high vitamin C and antioxidant content.

In addition to some of the foods above, other types of food such as fish, fruits, nuts, and spices, including turmeric and garlic, are also good for consumption as foods to relieve colds.

The Importance of Adequate Body Fluid Needs During the Flu

In addition to eating food to relieve the flu, you are also advised to meet the needs of body fluids by drinking water so that the body does not become dehydrated when you have a cold.

In addition to water, you can also try other good drink choices to relieve colds, such as warm tea mixed with honey, coconut water, or herbal teas, such as chamomile or bitter.

When you have a cold, you are also advised to increase your rest by sleeping for 7-9 hours every night. Do not smoke and stay away from secondhand smoke, so that your respiratory tract does not become inflamed or irritated.

Some of the food choices to relieve the flu above you can try when you have a cold. However, if the flu you are experiencing does not go away or other symptoms appear, such as shortness of breath, fever, and reduced sense of smell, immediately consult a doctor so that he can be given the right treatment.

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