Problems Related To Children’s Teeth, Their Causes and Solutions

Problems Related To Children’s Teeth: Healthy teeth are an essential part of a healthy childhood.

Healthy teeth play an important role in children’s development and overall health. Teeth are important for speech development in children and also help children chew food.

Tooth decay is a common chronic disease seen in children. Worldwide, 50% of children under the age of 5 are affected by tooth decay or cavities. Cavities appear as holes in the teeth that cause pain or as white spots caused by demineralization—the removal of substances from the teeth, such as calcium.

According to various research studies, children who have decay in their milk teeth (baby teeth), may have to face this problem in their permanent teeth as they grow up. Dental health in childhood, and adulthood It also has a significant impact on dental health.

Oral hygiene and eating habits of a child are important for healthy teeth and prevention of tooth decay. A healthy child is less likely to develop dental problems than a malnourished child.

Causes of Tooth Decay (cavity) in Children:

Early childhood cavities are usually caused by plaque, oral dirt, and excess sugar in the diet.

  • Plaque is a thin layer that forms on the teeth during the day. This includes bacteria, bits of food, and saliva (spit). The bacteria present in plaque break down small pieces of food and produce acid which destroys the sensitive top layer of teeth (enamel) in the child. Removal of tooth enamel is a common problem in children, which is caused by dirty teeth and bad oral bacteria.
  • Frequent consumption of foods high in sugar like juices, sweets, sweetened milk, etc. is the main cause of cavities in children. When teeth are not cleaned, sugar helps in increasing the number of bacteria.
  • Saliva, or spit, in the mouth converts carbohydrates into sugar. Therefore, carbohydrates, fermented foods, etc., promote tooth decay in children.
  • After the first tooth appears, feeding babies a bottle at bedtime or breastfeeding them also causes cavities.
  • As a result of poor nutrition, less development of enamel, and weak teeth, there becomes an opportunity for bacteria to grow quickly and subsequently cause tooth decay.
  • In some cases, children may get the bacteria from an infected mother or a caregiver. Healthy mother’s teeth during pregnancy play an important role in keeping the baby’s teeth healthy.

Children’s dental care:

Essential things for taking care of children’s teeth:

1. Keeping the mouth thoroughly clean-

  • If your child is able to spit out toothpaste, make him brush his teeth twice a day. For this, use fluoride toothpaste.
  • Fluoridated water, fluoride varnish or paste and sealants (a layer applied by the dentist on teeth) are also helpful in preventing tooth decay in children.
  • Cavities can be kept away by cleaning children’s gums with a cloth soaked in warm water even before the child’s teeth appear.
  • Plaque problems can be reduced by cleaning between teeth with floss.
  • The decayed part of the tooth is removed and a substance is filled there so that the bacteria do not spread to the surrounding teeth.
  • It is important to go to the dentist and get regular checkups done from the time the child’s first tooth appears so that tooth decay can be identified and prevented in the beginning.

2. Giving children a proper diet also keeps their teeth healthy. Helpful in keeping. These things are important in this:

  • Supplements (in the form of medicine) or food containing foods rich in minerals like calcium and fluoride help in strengthening bones and teeth.
  • Give the child a balanced diet that contains the right amount of sugar. It is beneficial for children’s teeth.

3. Maintaining good dietary habits is essential to keep children’s teeth and mouth healthy.

  • Do not feed sugar to your child often.
  • Do not give sweet juice or sweet milk in a bottle to the child at bedtime.
  • Use a sipper instead of a bottle for your baby after he turns 1 year old.
  • Do not give your baby a pacifier for a long time, especially if it is filled with honey or any other sweet substance.

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