How Can I Deal with Children’s Tantrums Using these 7 ways?

Deal with Children’s Tantrums: A child throwing a tantrum in a public place is very common. A few years ago, when I did not join the Mother’s Club, I used to feel sorry for the parents of the child who was lifted to the sky by being in the audience. Today I myself am a member of the Mother’s Club and am the mother of twins creating a ruckus in a busy public place.

I enjoy being a public figure and being in the spotlight. But to be honest, I did not want this kind of public attention. When my twins were around 3.5 years old, I often found myself in this embarrassing situation. Now they are 6 years old, so such actions have reduced considerably as it is possible to reason with them at this age.

This may sound like a joke, but when my twins were little, it seemed like they had a pact before leaving the house that they would band together and create a riot. Either way, both of them will start making noise at the same time, even though I have explained the rules of public places to them countless times before leaving the house.

They would both assure me before leaving the house that they would be on their best behavior, but as soon as we reached the store or any public place, I would have short-term memory loss like the movie Ghajini and they would both start all over again. Used to be!!

There are surefire ways to reduce such embarrassing situations:

1. A few small snacks along with juice or water is an easy way to reduce such antics at the market. It controls the situation by keeping the children busy.

2. When children are doing this, it is not right for parents to do the same. I’m not kidding!! it happens. Sometimes we parents become so stressed that we ourselves start throwing tantrums in front of our children. It is important to control the situation by controlling yourself.

3. Not always, but sometimes the work gets done even by holding the children close to the chest. And what’s the harm in trying?

4. Moving the child away from the area usually helps. Diverting their attention definitely helps in bringing the situation under control.

5. Beating or yelling at a screaming child will only make the situation worse. To avoid losing our temper at that time, it is better to talk to the child lovingly and give the child some love. With this the child also becomes calm and stress can also be avoided.

6. It is very important for the child to later realize what they did and this kind of behavior is not acceptable. When you explain to the child that his behavior was not right, then keep in mind that the child is calm and is not going through any angry state. A calm mind often admits its mistakes.

7. When the child is hungry or has not been able to sleep properly, taking him to any public event or inviting many guests at home definitely invites this situation. At such times, ensure that the child’s stomach is full, and the child is well rested.

I watched a mother try to balance her 4- and 2-year-old children when the older one was making a lot of noise. I was reminded of my own children’s actions. Now he is 7 years old and it is easy to make him understand that his behavior was not appropriate whether it is at home or outside. At this age, you can talk to them a little openly and set some rules and also make them aware of what can happen if the rules are violated.

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