Lee Ka Eun “Kaeun” Biography, Wiki, Instagram, Age, Produce 48, and more

Lee Ka Eun “Kaeun” Biography, Wiki, Instagram, Age, Produce 48, and more

Lee Ka Eun Biography

Birth name: Lee Ka Eun
Nickname: Gaeun/Kaeun
Date of birth: August 20, 1994
Place of birth: South Korea
Profession: singer
Marital status: unmarried
Parents: Han Soo-young
TV shows: High Class
Height: 170 cm
Original hair color: dark brown
Eye color: Brown
Star ticket: Lion

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Lee Ka Eun was born on August 20, 1994. He spent 3 years studying in Japan (where he started high school) before signing with Pledis Entertainment at the age of 14.

In April 2012, it was revealed that she will be a new member of the girl group AFTER SCHOOL, and will appear at the group’s Japanese concert for the first time. The Bang! and participated in the performance of Let’s Do it, and was then officially introduced by E-Young.


In general
After School is currently an 8-member girl band under Pledis Entertainment. The band operates based on the Japanese Morning Musume, it is an exit-entry, so it has a graduation system, so if a member leaves, a new one is hired in his place.

Raina (lead singer)
Nana (singer, lead rapper)
Lizzy (singer, lead rapper)
E-Young (singer)
Kaeun (singer, rapper)

Former Members
(Leader, Lead Vocalist)
Soyoung (Singer)
Bekah (Singer, Lead Rapper)
Kahi (Leader, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper)
Jooyeon (Singer)
UEE (Singer, Rapper)

2012: New member arrives
In June, Kahi announced that she would be leaving the group soon and that Kaeun would be coming to replace her. He was promoted with the band until September, then left for good after the release of “Lady Luck / Dilly Dally”.

After a long wait, “Flashback”, which was Kaeun’s debut album, was released. “Flashback” hit the top of the charts.

In November, they performed in Chile as part of “Music Bank”.

2013: First Love and Chinese debut
“First Love” was released in June 2013, which received many positive and negative reviews for its pole dancing choreography. First, Lizzy was injured due to the difficult dance, and then Nana also fell off the pole.

Already during the promotions of “First Love”, they confirmed their return to Japan with “Heaven”. It reached number 6 on the Oricon chart.

After Pledis reached an agreement with China’s Yuehua Entertainment, the girls began their promotions in China. They mostly appeared in variety shows, they didn’t even have time to debut normally.

On December 19, the music video for “Shh” was uploaded to the Internet.

2014: Dress To Kill
“Shh” was officially released only in January, on February 22 it was revealed that it became number 1 on several charts.
Their 2nd Japanese album, “Dress to Kill”, arrived in March. The album was promoted with the song “Miss independent”.
On December 31, Jooyeon left AFTER SCHOOL.

2015: BEST
In March 2015, the band’s 2nd Japanese compilation titled AFTERSCHOOL BEST was released, SHINE received a clip from the album.

Jungah left the team in January 2016 after 7 years of activity.

In the absence of promotions, UEE and Nana decided to become active as actresses. UEE in March on the Marriage Contract. became Kang Hye-soo’s dorama. She plays a single mother who suffers from an incurable disease. In November, Night Light c. we saw him in the series alongside Jin Goo and Lee Yo-won.
Nana made her debut as an actress in the adaptation of an American drama, The Good Wife. The screening began in July.

In June, Raina released another duet with San E, titled Sugar & Me. It grabbed 5th place on the Gaon list. Lizzy has joined the hosting team for FashionN’s Please Take Care of My Vanity 2. Kaeun joined the series IDOLM@STER KR, in which she plays a member of the Red Queen gang. It started airing on Amazon Prime in the spring of 2017, but the broadcast licenses were also bought by SBS Plus, SBS fun and SBS MTV.

On May 31st, Uee left AFTERSCHOOL.

On July 31, Raina released a single titled Loop.

In 2018
, Lizzy did not extend her contract either, so she left the band on May 1. In October, he confirmed that Kaeun is also preparing to debut in a new band, taking advantage of his success in Produce 48.

On July 6, 2019, Kaeun left Pledis Entertainment. On the 5th, he released his farewell album, which was titled I’ll Remember You. He is preparing to make his debut with High Entertainment. As of 2020, she is focusing on her modeling career.

Produce 48
We can see Kaeu among the contestants of Produce 48 from June 2018. The first 12 contestants will be given the opportunity to be part of the girl band formed at the end of the show. The special feature of this season is that there are also contestants who debuted as Japanese idols. showing the difference between the idol culture of South Korea and Japan. Kaeun was the “center” of the Korean team in the theme song Nekkoya.

Lee Ka Eun Movies

[2012] JTBC High Society
[2012] Music & Lyrics Season 2
[2012] Chuseok Wrestling Special
[2012] World Seri Kitchen
[2012] Dream Team
[2012] This is Magic

After School
[20.06.2012] Flashback
[13.06.2013] First Love
[2013.10.02] Heaven
[29.01.2014] Shh

[19.03.2014] Dress to kill

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

When did Kaeun join after school?

Ans: On April 9, 2012, Pledis

How old is Lee Kaeun?

Ans: 28 years (August 20, 1994)

Who ranked first in produce 48?

Ans: Jang Won-young

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