Julian Jordan Biography, Wiki, Instagram, Age, and more

Julian Jordan Biography, Wiki, Instagram, Age, and more

Julian Jordan Biography

Birth name: Julian Dobbenberg
Nickname: Julian, Dobben
Date of birth: August 20, 1995
Place of birth: Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Profession: DJ, Music producer
Partner: Kimberly Frances
Genre: Dance/Electronic
Labels: Stmpd; Goldkid; Armada
Albums: It’s Julian Jordan (Mixed by Julian Jordan)
Movies: Superstar Vr
Parents: Heleen Dobbenberg, Hans Dobbenberg
Original hair color: Blond brown
Eye color: Blue
Star ticket: Lion

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Julian Jordan Early life

Julian Dobbenberg (aka Julian Jordan) was born on August 20, 1995 in Apeldoorn. He has been playing drums since the age of 5, and at the age of 11 he became interested in electronic music, especially Tiesto and Darft Punk. He was 12 when he decided he wanted to record his own songs and become a producer. In the beginning, he made remixes.

Both he and his parents saw it as just a hobby, until Julian started playing at parties and made his first serious songs. However, the record deal did not go so easily for him, because after he sent a demo to a person who claimed to work at Spinnin Records, it turned out that it was all a scam, and another DJ got on the Beatport Chart with his song. He ended up successfully signing with Spinnin Records before even finishing school.

Julian Jordan Career

Julian was 16 years old when he officially signed with Spinnin Records. His first own song was called Rock Steady, but before that he had already made several remixes, for example, Lights by Banner. Rock Steady was a great success among fans, so more and more people began to pay attention to the young DJ.

Rock Steady was followed by songs such as Oxford (ft. TV Noise) or To Galaxy, a remix of Neil Davidge with Sander van Door. He met his later best friend, Martin Garrix, through Spinnin Records. The two guys got to know each other on an internet producer forum and soon released a joint song called BFAM, which means “Brother From Another Mother”.ie, brother from another mother. This was followed by songs such as the smash hit KangarooUp in This! Ramcar or Slenderman.

Although Julian does not have an officially named tour, he constantly performs concerts, including a short tour with Martin Garrix. MTV’s All Eyes On drew attention to his talent and said that “Julian Jordan is an artist to watch out for in the future.”

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