Know The Five Most Expensive Types of Koi Fish

Koi originating from Japan is considered a lucky fish or hockey as well as a symbol of social status. Its distinctive pattern and beautiful color pattern make many people love this type of fish.

It is no longer a secret that the price of koi fish can reach fantastic numbers, especially for species that have unique patterns on their bodies. The more varied the pattern of koi fish, the more expensive the price. This is what makes koi fish highly sought after by ornamental fish lovers.

As reported by, here is a list of the 5 most expensive types of koi fish. Come on, see the price list below!

1. Kohaku


Kohaku koi fish are the most famous and oldest koi fish among other types of koi fish. This koi fish is characterized by a solid white color with a slight red color on its body. There are many varieties of koi koi fish, including kohaku gin rin, kohaku doitsu, kohaku tancho, and kohaku maruten.

Its beautiful pattern and large size made this kohaku variety of ornamental fish sold for up to IDR 1.1 billion at the Niigata Koi Fish auction in 2020. That’s a pretty fantastic price for just one fish, right?

2. Tancho


This type of koi is very unique because it has a pattern like the Japanese flag, which has a white base color on its body and on its head there is a bright red color in a circle. There are several variations of the tancho koi fish, including tancho gin rin, tancho rin, and doitsu tancho.

The tancho koi is highly regarded in the Japanese koi industry for its resemblance to the Grus Japonensis or Red Crowned Crane. For 1 tancho koi, the price is between Rp. 700 thousand to Rp. 1 million per head.

3. Showa


Showa or also known as showa sanshoku or showa sanke has a combination of red, white, and black colors on its body. A quality showa has a dark and shiny black color.

Showa sanshoku koi fish have variations, including showa tancho, showa maruten, showa gin rin, showa doitsu, and showa kin. The price of this type of koi is estimated at Rp. 1 million per head.

4. The tail

This fish is very popular with koi fish collectors. This species has a characteristic shiny golden yellow color on the head and scales area. The color of the Ogon Koi also will not turn dark even though the pond temperature is rising. Ogon koi sometimes also have a shiny silver color when exposed to sunlight.

This ogon koi can be categorized as one of the most popular types of koi fish. In addition to the stunning color, this koi fish can grow to reach more than 25 cm, you know! The price range for one adult Koi Ogon is IDR 1.2 million to IDR 1.5 million. Enough to spend, right?

5. Asagi


Asagi koi fish is a type of koi fish that has a blue net pattern on the top of its back. On the fish belly, gills, fins, and body there is a red or orange hue. The color pattern will get bigger as the fish age.

There are several variations of asagi koi fish, including asagi gin rin and hi asagi. The bluish silver body pattern that dominates the body makes this koi fish expensive. The estimated price of asagi koi fish ranges from Rp. 1.1 million to Rp. 1.5 million per head.

For koi fish lovers, of course the price is not a significant problem. It’s also a hobby, so it’s expensive to buy it too, right? What kind of koi fish do you like?

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