Know Five Car Brands That Also Produce Motorcycles

Most world-renowned automotive brands focus vehicle production on only one category, to ensure the name built is synonymous with the model that has been developed in addition to budget constraints.

However, for some companies, being the world’s automotive giant alone is not enough, in fact, they are also active in the production of two-wheeled machinery, producing motorcycles that also have their own legacy.

Not many brands have successfully ventured into commercial car and motorcycle production. For the five brands below, their success is among the stories that bring different uniqueness.

1. Honda

Did you know that Honda, a well-known Japanese company that is popular in Malaysia, started as a motorcycle manufacturer?

That legacy continues to this day, where Honda is known as a popular manufacturer of cars and two-wheeled machinery.

Honda’s legacy as a carmaker has been proven, with their two flagship models the Honda Civic and Honda Accord remaining among the top five best-selling models based on overall sales figures in the world.

As for motorcycles, which Malaysians are not familiar with the Honda EX5 – a simple, well-known motorcycle that is quite rugged and durable.

Honda EX5

As for the high-powered motor category, the Honda CBR series released in several versions has become a Honda icon. Often those who have tried the ‘H’ brand, whether it is a motorcycle or a car, rarely want to switch to another brand.

People say bring this H model, many girls look at it. I do not know. The author doesn’t know if it’s true or not.

2. BMW

We all know BMW from Germany is famous as a manufacturer of luxury cars at affordable prices.

Starting as an aircraft manufacturer, BMW grew as a manufacturer of motorcycle engines until producing its first own motorcycle model in 1923.


Five years later BMW released their first car. BMW rebranded a DIXI branded car under BMW’s own brand with the model name BMW 3/15.

We always curse Malaysian cars with rebadge legs, right? BMW even started as a people’s car rebadge leg company.

Not many people can afford to own a BMW motorcycle that has a high reputation among fans of two-wheeled machinery.

Only after the development of the first BMW under 500cc powered motor named the BMW G310R, the situation changed.

Sold for around RM28,000 in Malaysia, BMW motorcycles are beginning to be the choice of more of our people – the result of a collaboration between BMW in Munich and TVS in India which is responsible for the production of the budget model.

3. Suzuki

It is difficult to understand why the Suzuki brand is difficult to live long in Malaysia unlike its competitors; although all of their products deserve to be said to have an originality that is rare in other manufacturers.

Our country’s motorcycle industry, especially in the scooter model, was once dominated by two crazy models, namely the Suzuki VS100 and VS125 – faster to bring new trends before other brands scrambled to produce their own scooters.

The same goes for the FX150 model which is ahead of its time but not well received. Same fate with Suzuki cars.

Suzuki Swift was once one of the most popular alternatives if you do not want to buy a Perodua Myvi.

The Suzuki Jimny remains one of the most memorable four-wheel drive vehicles in Malaysia. Meanwhile, the writer’s memories of joking with university friends riding a Suzuki Vitara will continue to be the writer’s sweet memories when he was young.

Unfortunately, Suzuki’s reputation in Malaysia carries a rather heavy burden. ‘ Spare parts ‘ are hard to find, expensive items, not many service centers, too niche models.

The year 2022 is said to be the year in which Suzuki will make a comeback. We hope Suzuki succeeds because, among all Japanese brands in Malaysia, Suzuki is unique because their strange products are not made by other companies.

4. Bajaj

There is no denying that the name of the Bajaj company although still quite foreign in our country, is actually growing rapidly.

This is due to the cooperation of local company Modenas which acted to bring in Bajaj motorcycles for the Malaysian market.

Sold at a very, very affordable price, the Modenas/Bajaj Pulsar model either with a capacity of 200cc or 400cc received encouraging response.


All this is driven by the price which is very budget and the design of the motorcycle that does not imitate others.

Bajaj operates from Maharasthra, India not only capable of producing its own two-wheeled machinery – they even make 3 -wheeled vehicles one of their main products.

Bajaj is the world’s number 1 motor rickshaw manufacturer, with over 53% of their rickshaw production being for the international market.

Bajaj auto

In Indonesia, their society is quite synonymous with the Bajaj rickshaw, so much so that the term ‘bajaj’ is used to represent the rickshaw based on the local dialect.

In 2010 as a result of a partnership with Renault and Nissan, Bajaj successfully launched their first low-cost car, the Bajaj Qute, which is sold only in India.

However, due to the low engine capacity despite being able to carry four passengers, the vehicle is only licensed for commercial use as public transport, not open for sale to the public.

5. Peugeot

The brand from France, Peugeot is quite famous in Malaysia as a luxury MPV manufacturer that offers a price that is not too expensive and not too cheap. Just in case.

Models such as the 2008 MPV and 3008 remain popular in our country, becoming among the dream vehicles of those who already have families.

Not long ago, Peugeot decided to stop selling sedans in our country; to focus on MPV -type vehicles only.

Moreover, the Peugeot motorcycle model is also as far as the author knows has never been officially brought into our market despite being well received in foreign markets.

Peugeot’s history initially began as an iron business, before beginning to build the first cars in 1889.

In 1898, Peugeot bought a motorcycle engine from an engine manufacturing company called De Dion-Bouton, fitted to the design frame Peugeot began production of motorcycles under the brand.

Peugeot’s reputation as a motorcycle manufacturer shifted after becoming the owner of a scooter motorcycle manufacturing company called Automoto, also from France.

The technology owned by Automoto was fully utilized by Peugeot, which began to make scooter production the main focus besides train production.

Not content with cars and scooter motorcycles, Peugeot also has a series of high-tech bicycle products, placing the French company as one of the largest automotive conglomerates in terms of its product scope.

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