10 Non -Automotive Related Products by Well -Known Car Manufacturers

Some car manufacturing companies like Mitsubishi are also involved with various other branches of business. This is a common thing in business to diversify products. For example, Lamborghini once produced smartphones and it is not so surprising.

There are several other well-known car companies where they produce other items that have nothing to do with their main product. Here are 10 car manufacturers with ‘unique’ products produced:

10. Air strike siren – Chrysler

Air strike siren - Chrysler

Chrysler was a company involved in a wide variety of sectors, especially during World War II. They are involved in various construction of military vehicles, aircraft engines, radar improvements, missiles, space rockets and the most bizarre is probably the air attack sirens.

The siren produced is an outdoor type siren used during the Cold War era. These sirens were built from 1952 to 1957. These Chrysler -produced air strike sirens were used by the United States government in selected states. Even to this day, there are several buildings and watchtowers that still house these sirens. ( source )

9. Foosball Table – Audi

Foosball Table - Audi

Audi has traditionally been known as a luxury car manufacturer from Germany however, the company has also designed and produced foosball tables. The luxury foosball tables produced are among the most expensive on the market. Audi Design Studio in collaboration with Leonhart (production partner) has produced a special edition foosball table and is limited to 20 units only.

This bizarre initiative by this giant carmaker may be just as one marketing method. This expensive Audi foosball table was sold at RM66,262 when it was launched. Audi informed that it required meticulous carpentry for a year during the production process. This product is indeed an example of the fine engineering and craftsmanship that Audi possesses. ( source )

8. House – Toyota

House - Toyota

Did you know that the Toyota company also builds residential houses? Many know that this Japanese car manufacturer has the best-selling car sales in the world but very few know about their home business. This is actually one of their areas of business that does not involve automotive and it has been running for over 40 years.

Toyota is building a variety of beautiful luxury homes all over Japan. The company uses an approach known as “Skeleton & Infill” in building their homes. Toyota started building houses in 1975. So far, this Toyota -built house is only available in Japan and the price per unit is not in the affordable category. ( source )

7. Decorative furniture – Bentley

Decorative furniture - Bentley

We know that Bentley is the world’s leading British luxury car manufacturer but many don’t know that they also produce home furniture. Bentley certainly has a long history of making the best car interiors.

Bentley’s collaboration with Club House Italia, a luxury home furniture company has resulted in a high-quality invention. Club House Italia is well known for producing a lot of furniture for private jets, yachts, luxury hotels and even homes.

Now the two giant companies have merged and raised the standard of luxury furniture to an even higher level. The reasons and reasons Bentley chose additional business areas like this are still in question. ( source )

6. Horse Saddle – Maserati

Horse Saddle - Maserati

The celebration of 100th anniversary of the Maserati company was celebrated with a bit of oddity. This is because the Italian luxury car manufacturer has partnered with La Martina, an Argentine Polo company that specializes in producing luxury horse saddles.

In 2014, the 100 -year -old Maserati produced a beautiful horse saddle with their famous logo on the side of the saddle. This unique Maserati saddle creation comes with a variety of color schemes inspired from their luxury cars. ( source )

5. Tomato sauce & sausage – Volkswagen

Tomato sauce & sausage - Volkswagen

Volkswagen is a prestigious company that is well known in car manufacturing around the world. Several well-known car brands and companies today are subsidiaries of Volkswagen. Even so, this giant company has some products that have nothing to do directly with automotive.

Did you know, that Volkswagen produces its own sausage and tomato sauce? It is not produced in conjunction with birthdays but sold in supermarkets and in selected stores. What’s amazing, they managed to sell these sausages and ketchup more than their own cars. In 2015 alone, Volkswagen managed to sell 7.3 million spicy sausages compared to their car sales of 5.8 million units.  ( source )

4. Cartoon – McLaren Automotive

Cartoon - McLaren Automotive

McLaren Automotive is a British car manufacturer known for their manufacture of sports cars and luxury cars. The company has participated in Formula 1 racing as a McLaren F1 group.

In fact, they have even produced a cartoon animated series called Tooned featuring their past and present riders and champions. They produced this cartoon as a marketing strategy for the team as well as their race car.

In 2012, the first season of Tooned animation was aired and each episode only lasted for about 3 minutes. Later, the third season of Tooned was moved to McLaren’s YouTube channel.  ( source )

3. Shisha – Bugatti

Shisha - Bugatti

Bugatti is a manufacturer of luxury cars like Veyron and Vitesse but strangely they also produce premium hukah or shisha. In 2013, Bugatti in collaboration with Desvall (maker of premium hukah) released a limited edition and the most expensive smoking device ever produced.

The luxury shisha produced is priced at about RM414,210. This special edition shisha uses a carbon fiber casing, titanium frame and hand-sewn leather trim in detail. This beautiful shisha or hukah is made entirely by hand in Spain and it resembles the interior decoration of a Bugatti Veyron luxury car.  ( source )

2. Bat House – General Motors

Bat House - General Motors

General Motors (GM) is a large multinational car manufacturing company from the United States. GM is also a company known for the production, design, marketing and even sale of car spare parts.

However, sometimes the company also produces some strange products that have nothing to do with vehicles such as bat houses, cages for ducks and even machine guns.

Chevrolet, which is part of GM, has introduced a clever way to recycle battery covers made from thermoset, a material that is difficult to recycle.

John Bradburn who is a waste materials expert for GM company and his team have built about 700 boxes that are used as nests or bat cages. In fact, they even created several homes for other animals such as owls, wood ducks and various other types of birds. ( source )

1. Pepper grinder – Peugeot

Pepper grinder - Peugeot

Before Peugeot was known as a car brand, it was a well-known pepper grinder manufacturer brand. The French-born company produces a wide range of high-quality blenders. In 1810, the family business began to be established by producing only coffee grinders.

In 1942, several other products were released such as pepper grinders, salt containers as well as containers for various types of cooking ingredients. In fact, they also used to produce wine and spices before venturing into the automotive industry. If you have the chance to go to France, you can visit the Peugeot Museum located in Sochaux where various models of pepper grinders are on display in addition to car models.( source )

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