Know Best 15 Miraculous Benefits of Red Beans for Health

Even though they are small, red beans are rich in nutrition. From its various nutrients, red beans can provide many benefits, you know!

Red beans can be found in food menus, such as sour vegetables, soup, or ice cream. It tastes like nuts in general but with a softer texture.

Beans, which have the Latin name Phaseolus vulgaris, contain many nutrients, such as protein, fiber, potassium, iron, copper, vitamin C, various B vitamins, and calcium and phosphorus.

From its nutritional content, here are the various benefits of red beans for body health:

1. Supports Body Growth and Repair

Every day, body cells are damaged and renewed. The goal is so that tissues and organs can work normally. So, the process of growth and repair of body cells requires help from protein-rich foods, such as red beans.

The benefits of red beans are in accordance with the explanation from Dr. Gia. “Protein is needed for growth and repair of body tissue. “Red beans, one of which contains high levels of vegetable protein, make it a good source of protein for vegetarians and vegans,” he explained more clearly.

2. Provides energy

Your body needs energy to continue being active. Therefore, you need healthy food that provides energy.

“Red beans contain complex carbohydrates which provide gradual and stable energy,” explained Dr. Gia. Apart from fiber, the nutritional protein and fiber content in red beans also provides energy for the body.

3. Maintains digestive health

“Red beans contain dietary fiber which is important for healthy digestion,” said Dr. Gia.

The fiber in red beans can “sweep” the digestive tract effectively. Red beans also contain complex carbohydrates that feed the good bacteria that live in the large intestine, thereby helping maintain intestinal health.

4. Keeping Blood Sugar Levels Stable

Apart from providing energy, red beans also provide benefits in stabilizing blood sugar.

According to Dr. Gia, “The complex carbohydrates in red beans help keep blood sugar levels stable, prevent drastic blood sugar fluctuations, and provide a longer feeling of fullness after eating.”

The benefits of red beans can reduce the risk of diabetes in the future. Also good for consumption by diabetics.

5. Prevents Constipation


Difficulty defecating is a complaint of many people. The general cause is insufficient fiber intake. It has been mentioned previously that nuts contain fiber.

This fiber is what keeps the stool texture soft with the help of water. So, if you eat red beans or other high-fiber foods and drink enough water, constipation can be prevented.

6. Reduces the risk of heart disease

Heart Disease

Red beans are a quality vegetable protein that is low in fat and cholesterol-free. As a result, red beans can maintain heart health in various ways.

Choosing red beans instead of meat can help reduce saturated fat intake. This means that you have blocked the trigger for high cholesterol from entering the body.

The benefits of red beans in maintaining heart health are even more potential with the presence of potassium. This mineral can maintain sodium balance, the impact of which can lower blood pressure.

7. Help Manage Weight

If you are on a healthy diet, foods rich in protein and high in fiber are the best choices. The reason is, protein and fiber keep the stomach full longer.

That way, you won’t snack on foods high in sugar or fatty foods. Red beans are one of many foods that are rich in fiber and protein.

The benefits of red beans are in line with what Dr. Gia, “Fiber helps control appetite and lose weight .”

8. Fight Free Radicals

Red beans are a food rich in antioxidants, for example isoflavones, phenolic acids and anthocyanins. In the body, antioxidants play a role in fighting free radicals.

Free radicals themselves can cause oxidative stress which ultimately causes inflammation and cell damage. The presence of antioxidants from red beans provides protective benefits to body cells against free radicals.

9. Prevents Anemia

“Red beans contain iron, a mineral that is important for forming red blood cells and transporting oxygen in the body. “Iron deficiency can cause anemia, fatigue and decreased immune function,” explained Dr. Gia.

Red beans contain iron which the body needs. Consuming red beans and other foods high in iron can prevent anemia.

10. Reduces the risk of cancer

Red beans have a fairly high oxygen radical absorption capacity. This means that the antioxidants it contains are relatively effective in preventing damage caused by free radicals—which can ultimately cause cancer.

Studies in the Public Library of Science show that consuming nuts, including kidney beans, can reduce the risk of colon cancer. This potency is attributed to fibers such as resistant starch and alpha-galactoside.

This fiber is not digested into the large intestine, where it is then fermented by good bacteria and results in the formation of SCFA. This compound protects intestinal cells.

11. Optimize Muscle Performance

The muscles you use every day can experience damage, for example after exercising. Red beans can be a healthy snack after exercise.

The protein, manganese, magnesium and other important minerals can repair damaged muscles. Apart from that, these nutrients also help muscles work optimally.

12. Supports Healthy Pregnancy

“Red beans contain various B-complex vitamins, including vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B3 (niacin), and folate. “Vitamin B complex plays an important role in the production of red blood cells,” explained Dr. Gia.

Meanwhile, folate is needed for fetal growth in the womb. Therefore, consuming red beans provides many benefits for pregnant women.

13. Strengthens Bones

As you age, bones will lose their density. This condition can increase the risk of bone fractures and osteoporosis.

Fortunately, you can strengthen your bones by consuming red beans. This benefit is obtained from the manganese, calcium and magnesium content which supports the formation of bone cells and maintains their density.

14. Reduces the risk of chronic disease

Chronic disease is a term that refers to diseases that last for 6 months or years. Examples of chronic diseases include cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Anyone can get this disease, including you. Fortunately, this disease can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Consuming foods rich in antioxidants and fiber, such as kidney beans, can reduce the risk of chronic disease.

15. Increases body immunity

Vitamin C intake does not only come from mangoes, oranges or guava. You can get vitamin C from red beans.

Vitamin C acts like an antioxidant, which can improve the immune system. So, vitamin C promotes the production of antibodies by white blood cells. Antibodies are the body’s weapons to fight infection.

16. Maintains healthy skin

Apart from chronic diseases, antioxidants from red beans are also good for skin health. The reason is, your skin is susceptible to exposure to free radicals from sunlight.

Skin that is constantly exposed to sunlight can age more quickly. Well, red beans with their antioxidants provide protection to the skin.

The benefits of red beans for the skin are more optimal with the presence of iron, which also makes the skin healthy.

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