Know Bed Bugs Meaning, Reason, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

Know Bed Bugs Meaning, Reason, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention


Bedbugs ( Cimex lectularius) are parasitic insects. This insect is red-brown in color and measures 1–7mm. These small animals which are also called mites often stick to and suck human blood, especially when sleeping.

Bedbugs bites will cause itchy reddish swelling if scratched continuously. As a result, the skin will be chafed and sore.


The spread of skin diseases caused by bedbugs can occur through physical contact with each other including from clothes, sheets, or other objects that are used together.

One disease that can easily arise from dirty bedding conditions is scabiesScabies is present due to the appearance of mites or fleas on bedding that has not been cleaned for a long time.


Various signs that you can identify with bed bugs include:

  • see bedbugs or mites firsthand.
  • the presence of reddish or brown spots on the sheets due to squashed mites.
  • find mite droppings (in the form of black spots).
  • found mite eggs (1mm in size and pale yellow in color).
  • When not eating, mites generally hide around the bed, mattress seams, beds, and so on.
  • Skin disorders due to mites often resemble other skin disorders which also have itching complaints. Because it often complicates the diagnosis and of course also complicates the treatment.


Bed bug bites can look like mosquito bites. Other symptoms that may arise are difficulty sleeping, anxiety, and skin problems due to scratching.

Meanwhile, skin disorders due to mites such as scabies are recognized when they are found from complaints such as itching in the exposed area at night. Generally, these symptoms also occur in groups that have close contact (such as homes or dormitories).


Specific treatment for bed bug bites is generally not always necessary. Avoid scratching these bite marks to avoid skin infections due to scratching.

To overcome bed bugs, several ways can be done:

  • Clean the vacuum cleaner trash after cleaning the house
  • Wash sheets and pillowcases/bolsters in hot water
  • seek the help of a professional exterminator


To prevent bedbugs from reappearing, you can do the following:

  • Keep the house
    clean Clean the air conditioner filter more often. Change sheets and curtains regularly. Make sure you always clean the environment where you live so that it is free from dust and mold. Also, try to get sunlight every day into the house.
  • Dry the mattress and take care of the bedding.
    Mites are most often found on mattresses. Therefore, dry the mattress in the sun at least once a month. Use hot water when washing bedding – such as sheets and bed covers.
    In addition, now there are also many choices of quality bedding that are anti-mite, so they can help protect the cleanliness and safety of your bed.
  • Pay attention to room humidity
    Control room humidity by opening windows every day so that light and air can enter the room. Thus there is a change of dirty and clean air from inside to outside the house. Or you can also use cooling devices such as air conditioners.

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