Know Advantages and Disadvantages of Whatsapp, Signal and Telegram

The Whatsapp chat application is arguably one of the most widely used applications in the world. But in the last few days, there have been many calls for changing chat applications other than the WhatsApp application. Among them are the Telegram and Signal applications recommended by Elon Musk.

The invitation to change the chat application is due to WhatsApp’s privacy policy. Elon Musk, who was named the richest man according to Forbes magazine and former CIA, has voiced his move to use the signal application. Because it is considered to have better security.

The next option for chat applications is Telegram. However, thanks to the new WA policy, these two chat applications are becoming more and more downloaded either on the Appstore or Play Store.

These three applications have the same function, namely to send messages, make calls and so on. The three of them also use cellphone numbers to create accounts. But in terms of features, all three have advantages and disadvantages.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Whatsapp, Signal and Telegram chat applications:

Differences in Chat Applications in terms of features

chat application advantages and disadvantages wa telegram signal

Of the three chat applications, all three have features that can be taken into consideration and the differences between the three are quoted from

WhatsApp application Telegram Application Signal Application
There is a Story/Status feature There is no There is no
Sending Files Max 100MB Sending Files Max 1.5GB
Max Group Members 256 Anggota Grop Max 200k Group Members Max 1000
Video Call Many People Video Call Many People Video Call Many People

Other Differences

  • In groups: The three of them can make video calls together. But the Telegram application is better because in group chats it has bots, quizzes, polls and hashtags. This feature can be very helpful.
  • While in the Signal application, there is a Note to Self feature that can be used to make notes for yourself. With this feature, you can proofread the text before sending. These notes can also be integrated on other connected devices.
  • All three already support Linked Devices, which allows users to open on other devices. However, for Whatsapp and Signal, it can only be done on the desktop.

In conclusion

Neither Signal nor Whatsapp can use one account for multiple devices. Unlike Telegram, which uses the cloud, it allows using one account to multiple devices.

Differences Chat Apps From Security

In terms of security, all three have used end-to-end encryption for every conversation they make. Either private or group, but with a little difference.

Signal and Whatsapp applications already use end-to-end encryption for every conversation. Whereas in Telegram, the encryption only applies in Secret Chats. But Telegram uses MTProto or Server-Client encryption on private chats.

Data Encryption Difference

End-to-end encryption is a method used to prevent other parties or third parties from accessing data. With this encryption, when you send Whatsapp messages other parties such as internet providers, telecommunications and even communication service providers cannot get access because they are third parties.

So no one can read the contents of the chat except the sender and recipient. Even Whatsapp cannot open and read the contents of the message. Whereas Telegram uses self-developed MTProto Encryption to protect every chat. It is proven that so far there has been no news of a hacked Telegram account.

Data Collected Whatsapp, Telegram & Signal Application

chat application advantages and disadvantages wa telegram signal

For security reasons, these three chat applications have an automatic deletion feature. So messages that you send to other users can be automatically deleted within a certain time. Some of the data collected by the application are:

  • Whatsapp collects user data: User ID, Crash data, User ID, other diagnostic data.
  • Telegram Collects user data: Information, ID, User Contact.
  • Signal: Only collects the user’s phone number.


    Whether Whatsapp, Telegram or Signal, all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is undeniable that WA’s policies make some people feel restless. In terms of entertainment, of course using Whatsapp is better because it has a story feature. But in terms of security, Telegram can be said to be better and Signal can’t be seen yet because it’s still relatively new. But the Chat Application will be very useful if the one you are going to also has the same application.

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