How to Save TikTok Videos to Gallery Without App

How to Save Tiktok Videos to Gallery Without App

TikTok is a short video-sharing application that is also known as a popular social media today. Basically, the platform is very popular with the public because it has complete features. One of them is to provide a TikTok video download service so that content can still be watched offline in the cellphone gallery. If you are interested in watching these videos offline, then you need to know how to save TikTok videos to the gallery first.

Basically, how to save TikTok videos to the gallery can be done very easily and practically. In addition, the service to save or download videos for offline playback does not require the installation of additional applications.
Simply pressing a few menus or options in the Tiktok application, then you can save your favorite videos in your phone gallery to watch offline anytime and anywhere.

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How to Save Tiktok Videos to Gallery Easily and Practically

Citing information from the Google Play Store (accessed on 21/12/21) , Tiktok is an entertainment application designed to hone the creativity of its users, because the platform is equipped with many features that can be used to create interesting short videos with various combinations of music and supporting effects. Therefore, it is not uncommon for TikTok videos to be considered as trendsetters until they go viral in the virtual world.
One type of interesting video content that is much favored by TikTok users is a short video that presents a dance with a distinctive music background. Generally, such videos will develop into a trend where several other users will also enliven the trend by making similar videos. To be able to make trend videos, of course not everyone can do it easily, so the video needs to be watched many times during the practice process.
In order to save more on quota and internet data, you can take advantage of how to save Tiktok videos to the gallery so you can watch the video many times during the practice period. As for the steps how to download a TikTok video or save a video Tap into the gallery as follows:
  • Find and select the Tiktok video you want to save to your phone gallery
  • Press the icon marked with a curved arrow or “Share”
  • Press the “Save Video” menu save to the phone gallery
    After the video is successfully downloaded, you can watch it video through the phone gallery whenever and wherever you need. How to save TikTok videos to the phone gallery is very easy and practical, right? Good luck!

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