Kim Seung Min Biography, Wiki, Age, Songs, Height and more

Kim Seung Min Biography, Wiki, Age, Songs, Height, and more

Birth name: Kim Seung Min / 김승민 /
Nickname: Seungmin / 승민 /, Dandy Boy, Snail, Sunshine, Puppy,
Date of birth: September 22, 2000
Place of birth: South Korea
Profession: Singer, dancer
Marital status: unmarried
Music group: Stray Kids (Since 2018)
Education: Chungdam High School, Bongeun Middle School
Nationality: Korean, South Korean
Height: 178 cm
Original hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Zodiac Sign: Virgin
Net Worth: $1.5 Million

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– He has a sister.
– Currently a student at Cheongdam High School.
– He speaks English very well, he lived in Los Angeles for three months to learn the language.
– His hobbies are journaling, listening to music and eating.
– He likes to get up early.
– Her favorite season is autumn.
– He is one of the most clean-loving members.
– His role models include DAY6, Kim Dong Ryul, and Sandeul (B1A4).
– Looks like Wonpil (DAY) and Park Bo Gum.
– He became a JYP Entertainment trainee in 2016, when he finished second in the agency’s thirteenth audition.
– He wanted to be a baseball player when he was young.
– Her task in the dorm is to get up early and fry eggs.
– If he hadn’t become a member of Stray Kids, he would probably have become a photographer.
– He wanted to be a singer because he likes to be on stage and wants to show the world his skills.
– Jisung and Felix are his roommates.
– Her favorite fruits are strawberries and oranges.
– Her favorite color is purple.

 Stray Kids 2018-

Members from left to right: Seungmin, Han, Lee Know, IN, Felix, Hyunjin, Changbin and Chan

Team Name Meaning: Also known as “The Lost Children”. They look for their place in the world together and fight for their dreams and goals.
Number of members: 8 (6 Korean and 2 Australian members)
Official debut: 25.03.2018.
Label: JYP Entertainment
Subgroups: • 3RACHA (Chan, Jisung & Changbin)


– The group was founded by Chan
– Even before their debut, they enjoyed huge popularity thanks to the Stray Kids show and their self-produced songs.
– The fans came up with #StrayKidsStanSelcaDay, which means that on the ninth of every month you have to post a selfie of yourself supporting the boys.
– On the occasion of Music Bank’s twentieth anniversary, the girls worked together with (G)I-DLE.
– Their music video “District 9” reached 4 million views in one day, setting a record among k-pop groups. They reached 10 million clicks in 51 hours.
– The lyrics of all the songs on their previous albums were written by the members.
– In April, they performed at Kcon in Japan, where they performed their brand new song and covered 2PM’s “Go Crazy” featuring Wooyoung.
– On June 17, 2018, Hyunjin, Chan, and Jisung performed Momoland’s “Bboom Bboom” with Samuel, The Boyz, and MXM on the SBS Inkigayo stage.
– In 2018, she was nominated in the Teen Choice Awards “ChoiceNextBigThing” category.
– Their video clip “My Pace” reached 30 million views in 12 days, thanks to which the team published a dance video on YouTube.
– On September 11, based on an official list, Stray Kids ranked 11th among the most popular boy groups.
– In September, they took part in Music Bank in Berlin, where they performed Happy Song, GOT7 – Hard Carry and BTS – DNA in addition to their own songs.
– Also in September, they performed at Kcon in Thailand, where they also performed the song Rain – It’s Raining.

2019: Stray Kids 1st Tour “UNVEIL TOUR ‘I am…'”

Chan (Leader, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper and Producer)
Minho “Lee Know” (Lead Dancer, Rapper and Vocalist)
Changbin (Lead Rapper, Vocalist and Producer)
Hyunjin (Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper and Visual)
Jisung “Han” (Lead Rapper, Lead Vocalist and producer)
Felix (Lead rapper and lead dancer)
Seungmin (Lead vocalist)
Jeongin “IN” (Vocalist and maknae)

Woojin (Lead Vocalist) 2018-2019

*leader = leader*
*maknae = the youngest member*
*visual = the most correct member*

2017 – 2018: BEFORE DEBUT
The formation operates under JYP Entertainment, which paves the way for popular groups such as Wonder Girls, 2PM, MISS A, GOT7, DAY6 and Twice. The members of the latter were also selected by a survival show, as was the case with Stray Kids. On October 6, a pre-debut song titled “Hellevator” was released, and from the 11th, JYP introduced the members through photo series. The Stray Kids reality show was released on October 17the first part, in which we learned that an all-boy formation will definitely debut soon, but an unexpected news made the boys sad and motivated on the other hand. They learn that not all boys can be part of the next group, so the best friends will be forced to compete with each other to stay in.

In the second part, Minho unfortunately became the member who cannot become a member of the team, so until the eighth part, the formation consisted of 8 boys. In the eighth episode, the dream of another member, Felix, was shattered due to his poor Korean language skills, so there were only seven left until the last episode. To the delight of the fans and the two boys, JYP gave them a second chance, which they took advantage of. So Stray Kids will finally debut with nine members in early 2018. Their pre-debut album “Mixtape” was released on January 8, 2018 .with a name that includes their songs performed in their show.

On March 5th, JYPE released a teaser video for their album “I Am NOT”, in which an anti-establishment speech is heard while showing the seriousness of the nine boys. At the end of the video, it was revealed that their debut showcase will be held on March 25th as “Stray Kids UNVEIL [Op.01: I Am Not]”.

On March 13, fans were shown the song list of their first album, which includes a total of 8 songs. On the 21st, the group presented short music videos featuring the lyrics of “NOT!”, “Mirror” and “District 9” . At midnight the next day, he uploaded several spoiler videos, this time “Rock, “Grow Up”for numbers. On March 24, we were able to take a look at a few seconds of the main title song, i.e. “District 9”, as well as frames of the clip shot for it. Finally, the mini-album officially debuted on March 26, and “District 9” was also uploaded to video sharing sites.

The music video reached 4.2 million views in 24 hours, setting a record among k-pop groups for the most views for a debut song, beating Wanna One’s “Energetic” music video to second place. The album is very popular, having topped the iTunes charts in 10 countries on March 27, including Canada, Thailand, Peru, Argentina and Finland.
On March 23, Stray Kids released the music video for the song “Grow Up”, and on April 22, the music video for “Mirror” was also released on video sharing sites.

At midnight on July 12th, JYP Entertainment gave fans the good news that Stray Kids will be making their first comeback since their debut on August 5th. The announcement also revealed that the name of their new mini-album is “I Am Who” . On July 16, fans could pre-order the boys’ song. On July 22, the series of teasers began, first they introduced us to the album’s song list, and then some concept photos were also published on the Internet.

Amid great excitement, the team’s official fandom name was also announced via a video, which was chosen to be Stay , the name derived from the phrase “Where Stray Kids STAY”. Finally, the Stays and of course the non-Stays could watch the video clip for the lead song of the album on August 6, i.e. the“My Pace”. The music video reached 7.2 million views within 24 hours, making it 17th on the “Most viewed k-pop music videos in the first 24 hours” list. As was the case with their debut, they shot music videos for some of their songs from the album. First, the video for “Voices” was published on August 15th, followed four days later by “MIA” and finally, on the 27th, the music video for “Awkward Silence” was also uploaded.

On October 3, 2018, at midnight, JYP Entertainment uploaded a picture to Twitter, announcing that the group’s third studio album titled “I Am You” is coming soon. The photo also stated that their first comeback performance will be on October 21st and will run under the name “Stray Kids UNVEIL [Op.03: I Am YOU] at Olympic Hall.

In the picture, the letter K in the inscription Stray Kids was now in blue, so fans already started to speculate. While on their debut, the certain letter was red, which symbolizes danger, rage and adventure, their song “District 9” fits this description perfectly. During their “I Am Who” era, the letter K changed to lemon yellow, which symbolizes energy, optimism and positivity, accordingly, their song “My Pace” turned out to be the same. So the color blue is equal to loyalty, calmness and at the same time sadness, so if everything is true, their song “I Am You” will now have a calmer style, unlike their previous fast-paced songs.

The next day, on the 4th, we also learned that, as we were used to with their previous compositions, the lyrics and music of the songs on the mini-album were put together by the members themselves, and the album could be pre-ordered that same evening.
At midnight on October 8, the tracklist for “I Am You” was made public, so we learned that we will be able to find a total of eight songs, including the title track, i.e. “I Am You”.
A day later, we were able to find more detailed information about the album, and a concept photo of the boys was also published, on which the inscription “You make Stray Kids Stay” can be seen.

On the other days, some teaser photos of the team were published, and we could also listen to the instrumental versions of the songs on the middle album for a few seconds.
On October 18, the preview of the “I Am You” music video was uploaded, and then an article was published on the Naver portal, in which details about the song were revealed. “I Am You” is a hip-hop genre song that combines powerful rap and emotional singing that suggest hope for unstable youth. For youth who are constantly searching for themselves and would love to show how they are fighting the difficulties of growing up. “
Finally, on October 22, the long-awaited clip was uploaded to YouTube.

On November 2nd, JYPE announced that Stray Kids will start their first tour on January 19th, 2019 called “UNVEIL TOUR” . Their first stop was Bankok, and they also visited Jakarta, Melbourne, Sydney, Manila, Newark, Los Angeles and Houston.

A video was uploaded to YouTube at midnight on March 6. The video begins with a morse code meaning “SOS SOS MAY”, which followed by the words “Stray Kids Everywhere All Around The World,” followed by the group’s debut date, and finally ending with the boys’ comeback date, which is March 25, along with the phrase “You Make Stray Kids Stay.”
In an article on Naver, we learned that will be coming back with a mid-album to commemorate their first anniversary. On March 11th, they revealed the tracklist for the mini album, as usual it contains eight songs and all of them are composed by the members of 3RACHA, i.e. Chan,” Mixtape #4″ is available on CD only. They also informed me with further details, namely that the physical format of “Clé 1: MIROH” will have two versions.
On March 12, we also received the preliminary photos, first, they started with a group photo, and then each member received three individual photos.
On March 17, a video was uploaded to YouTube, in which the members revealed many interesting facts about the album, such as the meaning of the songs, and we also got some spoilers.
Starting March 18, fans received daily preview videos of the songs on the album, “Boxer”“Maze of Memories”“Chronosaurus”“Entrace”
Finally, at midnight on March 25th, their music video “Miroh” was released at the promised time, the views of which were frozen for hours, but they still reached 7.1 million views within 24 hours. On this day, they released the album at six o’clock, and at eight o’clock they performed as part of the “Showcase Unveil Miroh” event.

Three months after the release of “Miroh” , JYP announced in early June that the group
plans to make a comeback on June 19th with a special album, “Clé 2: Yellow Wood”.
On June 4, the trailer for the comeback will be released on the official channel, in which the members are on the roof featured in “Miroh” , and upon arriving at an elevator, press the “YW” button, which causes them to exit to an unknown location.
After that, they also published a preview video, which allowed us to get to know the songs on the album better. The limited edition of the album was already available for pre-order on June 5. Finally, at the promised time, the long-awaited album and the leading song, i.e. also his video clip.
The album contains a total of seven songs, including, of course, “Side Effects”, as well as “Road Not Taken”, “TMT” and the four mixtapes.

At midnight on September 30, the team announced that they would be heard again on October 9. This time they only returned with a digital single titled “Double Knot”, but this song is just a small taste of their upcoming album.
On November 23rd and 24th, the boys will hold their first independent concert tour called “District 9: Unclock” at Seoul Olympic Hall.

On October 28, JYP Entertainment announced to fans the sad news that Woojin decided to leave due to personal issues and also terminated his contract with the agency. Sun Chan, the leader, also reacted to this news:“I’m writing this late at night because I’m worried about the Stays, who are more surprised than anyone else. I was very happy when I found out that nine of us would debut, but I’m sorry I couldn’t defend the number nine to the end. Above all the fact that we can no longer be nine, we are in a situation where we have no choice but to accept the reality. Even today, the Stays were very worried about Stray Kids. We are fine and we hope that the Stays they weren’t hurt too much either. Although it will be a challenge to overcome this in the future, the eight members will remain strong. We Stray Kids will continue to make music and perform and be the strength of the Stays. Stay…I’m still sorry and thank you . You Make Stray Kids Stay.”

Their CD “Clé: Levanter” was planned to be released on November 25th, but due to the events, the release date was postponed to December 9th.
On November 28, they already started to announce their return on December 9, they uploaded a trailer video for “Clé: Levanter” on YouTube , in which a very dramatic, suspenseful climax comes through for the viewers.

On January 10th, the team posted a surprising picture on their social media pages, in which “Stray Kids 2020.01.24, “Coming Soon” was displayed. Four days later, they uploaded the cover photo of their digital single, “Step Out Of Clé”, at which point we could be sure that it would contain the English version of their songs “Levanter” and “Double Knot”, i.e. this is the boys’ first digital their English single. Finally, the long-awaited album was released at the promised time, and the dance video for “Double Knot” was also uploaded.

Already at the beginning of December 2019, they announced through their social media pages that they will officially debut in Japan in March 2020. On January 16th, Oricon Music confirmed the news and revealed that the album will be called “SKZ2020” and that they will be performing in Osaka and Yokohama with the songs. The album includes all their songs released so far, with the difference that Woojin’s parts were taken over by the other members, especially Han, Seungmin, IN and Minho.

On January 3rd, the Japanese version of “My Pace” was released online, and on February 10th, they opened their official Japanese YouTube account, where they uploaded a video of them performing “Hi-STAY” from “My Pace” .at their concert. Eight days later, “Double Knot” and on March 8, the Japanese version of “Levanter” was also published on the video sharing site.

On April 21st, the group revealed that they will be making a comeback on June 3rd with their first Japanese single titled “TOP”. The disc is available in five versions: First Limited Edition A, First Limited Edition B, Regular Edition, Anime Disc Edition and One Version. The album includes the Japanese version of “TOP” as well as “Slump”. The interesting thing about these songs is that “TOP” is the opening of the anime “Tower Of God”, while “Slump” is the ending.
On May 11th, we learned that both the Korean and English versions of the two songs will be released that same month.

On May 28th, Stray Kids uploaded a preview video, which included the June 17th date of their comeback, as well as the title of their first studio album , “GO 生” . In June, the boys bombarded the Stays with several preliminary pictures and videos. On June 7, the album’s tracklist was made public, and it was revealed that there were 14 tracks in total, and not surprisingly, most of the songs were written by the members of 3RACHA. Finally, the band’s new album debuted at the promised time, and the “God’s Menu” his video clip was also uploaded to video-sharing websites. The composition turned out to be quite popular, it was among the most viewed videos on YouTube in many countries, including Hungary, and it was also among the most popular songs on the iTunes list worldwide.
On July 5, they uploaded the music video for their song “Easy” and promoted this song at the same time as “God’s Menu”.

Shortly after the release of their studio album, the boys presented their fans with a repackaged album on September 14. The title “IN生” was given to the disc , which contains 17 compositions, among which “Back Door” was chosen as the lead song. Of course, they also filmed a music video for their songs “Ex” and “Any” .

On November 4, 2020, the boys released their first Japanese medium album called “All In” . The album features seven songs, the previously released “Top” and “Slump”, the Japanese version of “God’s Menu” and “Back Door” , as well as three new compositions, “One Day” , “Fam” and the title track song, “All In” .


2018: Asia Artist Awards – Rookie Of The Year
2018: Genie Music Awards – Male Rookie Award
2018: Mnet Asian Music Awards – Best New Male Artist
2018: Soribada Best K-Music Awards – New Hallyu Rookie Award

2019: Asia Artist Awards – Groove Award
2019: Asia Artist Awards – Star15 Popularity Award
2019: Gaon Chart Music Awards – New Artist Of The Year
2019: Golden Disc Awards – Best New Artist
2019: V Live Awards – Global Top 12
2019: V Live Awards – Global Rookie Top 5
2019: Soribada Best K-Music Awards – Rising Hot Star Award
2019: Soompi Awards – Rookie Of The Year
2019: Korea First Brand Awards – Male Rookie Idol Award
2019: Asia Model Awards – New Star Award
2019 : The Fact Music Awards – Next Leader Award

2020: Gaon Chart Music Awards – World Rookie Of The Year
2020: Soribada Best K-Music Awards – Global Hot Trend Award


Official site:
Twitter: @Stray_Kids
Facebook: @JYPEStrayKids
YouTube: Stray Kids
VLive: Stray Kids
Instagram: @realstraykids
Spotify: Stray Kids


CLIPS 06.10.2017: Hellevator

2018.01.07: Beware (Grrr)
2018.01.15: Spread My Wings
2018.03.26: District 9
2018.03.30: Grow Up
2018.04.22: Mirror (Performance)
2018.08.06: My Pace
2018.08.15: Voices (Performance)
2018.08 .19: MIA (Performance)
2018.08.27: Awkward Silence
22.10.2018: I Am You
2018.11.14: Get Cool

2019.03.24: Miroh
2019.04.08: Victory Song
2019.04.11: 19
2019.04.15: Chronosaurus
2019.06.19: Side Effects
2019.07.01: TMT
2019.10.09: Double Knot
2019.11.13: Astronaut
19.19 26: Gone Days

2020.03.09: Levanter (Japanese ver.)
2020.03.25: On Track
2020.05.26: Top (Japanese ver.)
2020.06.17: God’s Menu
2020.06.05: Easy
2020.06.28: Blueprint
2020.09.17: Back Door
2020.09. 20: Ex
2020.09.27: Mother

SHOWS 2017: Stray Kids
04/03/2018: After School Club
2018: Idol Show K-RUSH3
05/29/2018: After School Club
2018: Amigo TV (season 3)
08/14/2018: After School Club (Ep. 329)
2018: Idol Room (Ep. 16)
2018: After School Club (Ep. 340)
2018.11.14: Weekly Idol
2019: Super Intern
2019: Finding Stray Kids
2019: Idol Room (Ep.43)
2019.04.03: Weekly Idol
2019: After School Club (Ep.363)
2019: Build Series
2019: Good Day New York
2019: Young Hollywood
2019: Sunday Night
2019: Abema TV
2019.10.09: Weekly Idol
2019.11.30: Immortal Songs
2020.01.01: Weekly Idol (Ep.440; Bang Chan, Hyunjin, Han & Lee Know)
2020: Live Kelly and Ryan
2020.01.28: Good Day New York
2020.Young Hollywood
2020: Finding Stray Kids 2

2017: Stray Cuts
2018: The 9th Season 1
2018: SK-Talker
2018: The 9th Season 2
2018: Two Kids Room
2018: The 9th Season 3
2018: Two Kids Room 2
2018: Sunday Kids
2019: Two Kids Room 3
2019: SK-Talker
2019: ChoiceSKZ
2019: The 9th Season 5
2019: wind (Levanter)
2019-2020: One Kid’s Room
2020: SKZ-TALKER GO! Season 2
2020: Two Kids Songs



EPs 01.11.2017: Hellevator

08.01.2018: Mixtape


2020.06.17: GO 生

2020.09.14: IN生

2019.10.09: Double Knot
26.12.2019: Mixtape: Gone Days
25.03.2020: Mixtape: On Track

MEDIUM DISCS 2018.03.26
: I am NOT
2018.08.06: I am WHO
2018.10.22: I am YOU
2019.03.25: Clé 1: MIROH
2019.06.19: Clé 2: Yellow Wood
2019.12.09: Clé: Levanter

Kim Seung Min Discography

2020.03.18: SKZ2020

CENTRAL DISKS 2020.11.04
: All In

EPs 2020.06.03
: TOP (Japanese ver.)


: Step Out Of Clé
2020.05.21: Top (English ver.)

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