Chen Biography, Wiki, Age, EXO, Songs, Wife, Height and more

Chen Biography, Wiki, Age, EXO, Songs, Height, and more


Birth name: Kim Jong Dae
Nickname: Chen, Chen! Chen!, Orange
Date of birth: September 21, 1992
Place of birth: Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Profession: singer, dancer, songwriter
Marital status: married, 2 children
Siblings: Kim Jong-deok
Nationality: Korean, South Korean
Awards: Mnet Asian Music Award for Best Collaboration
Height: 1.72 m
Original hair color: black
Eye color: black
Zodiac Sign: Virgin
Net Worth 2022: $5.0 Million
Salary: $0.5 Million +
Monthly Income: $40,000 +

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Chen Private Life

Kim Jong Dae, better known as Chen, is a South Korean singer and songwriter. He was born on September 21, 1992 in Siheung, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, as the youngest member of his family. He was only 19 years old when he applied for the casting of SM Entertainment, where the agency immediately selected him as a trainee. This was necessary for him to gain the support of his parents because until then they did not want their son to become a singer. His internship turned out to be rather short, after only a few months the management selected Chen as a member of a team that was about to make its debut. He made his first public appearance on the SBS music show Gayo Daejeon with Luhan, Tao and Kai

Since 2017, he has been a media student at Hanyang Cyber ​​University.
On January 13, 2020, it was announced that he will soon marry his civil bride. The ceremony was private. In the handwritten letter, Chen also informed fans that their first dirty child is on the way and reassured fans that the changes will not affect his career in any way. Most of the fans were happy with him, but a significant part of the Korean fans demanded his exit from EXO. On April 29, 2020, the couple’s first child together, a girl, was born. In November 2021, he surprised his fans with another joyful announcement that he and his wife are once again looking forward to the joys of parenthood. All that can be known about the newcomer is that he is a boy who was born on January 19, 2022.


In 2014, he joined his label’s ballad troupe, SM the Ballad. Chen collaborated on the second album of the line-up, singing the Chinese version of the song called Breath with singer Zhang Liyin. He sings the song When I Was… When U Were… with f(x)’s Krystal, while he sings A Day Without You with Shinee’s late singer Jonghyun. The latter two duets were also performed in front of the audience at the SM Ballad Joint Recital event.

With the arrival of summer, Chen got another chance to shine solo, as he released his first solo song in July, which was also an insert song for the drama It’s Okay, That’s Love, titled: The Best Luck. It is interesting that his EXO teammate DO is one of the characters in the drama. The theme song won the Best OST by a Male Artist and Best OST Song awards at the 16th Seoul International Youth Film Festival. On November 11, he was invited as a special performer at the 3rd APAN Star Awards, where he performed the song live.

Heize and Chen recording Lil’ Something

In August 2015, Chen was able to try himself in another field, which this time was the world of theater. He got the role of Benny in the musical In the Heights directed by SM C&C . He also appeared in the show King of Mask Singer, where he achieved considerable success thanks to his exceptional talent. He was referred to as Legendary Guitar Man in the show.

In 2016, he covered and performed John Lennon’s song Imagine, accompanied by Steve Barakatt on piano. as part of the UNICEF Imagine project. In February, he again lent his voice to an OST song, this time with the singer Punch, who conquered the charts with their song every time, which was made for the drama Descendants of the Sun. They were ranked number one on Gaon’s list. In April 2016, he appeared on the side of rapper-singer Heize, their joint composition Lil’ Something is one of the songs of the project called SM Entertainment Station. Ryu Jae-hyun of Vibe was in charge of the production work. A music video was also made for the composition.

In August, Chen collaborated again with fellow EXO members Xiumin and Bakehyun. Their song For You is Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. became known as the theme song of a drama. In October, he worked with DJ Alesso, their song Years is also part of a Station project.

In January 2017, Chen made a comeback as a singer with Dynamic Duo. Their song Nosedive enjoyed great success, reaching second place on the Gaon Digital Chart.
In February, he came out with a ballad, I’m Not Okay, which is also the theme song of the drama Missing 9, in which his EXO teammate Chanyeol also played a role.

In November, they released a joint duet ” Bye Babe ” with the South Korean performer 10cm. This song was also part of the SM STATION project. On October 16, 2018, he published the song Cherry Blossom Love Song, which was also played in the drama 100 Days My Prince, starring DO. In February 2019, he performed the song Make It Count for the drama Touch Your Heart.

Songs he helped write:

► Promise
► She’s dreaming
► Touch It
► Ko Ko Bop
► Lights Out
► Love Shot
► Bye Babe
► Flower
► My Dear

————  SOLO CAREER (2019) ————

On March 8, it was already known that the rumors were true, that Chen was indeed working on his first solo album. The six-song CD was announced for April this year and is titled April, and a Flower. It was also released on April 1st, and its lead song is Beautiful Goodbye. The disc landed at number two on the Gaon Album Chart, while it managed to pocket the number three spot on the Billboard World Albums Chart.

Dear My Dear photoshoot

On August 29, it was confirmed that Chen would return with another solo album in early October. Not long after, it was also revealed that October 1st will be chosen for the return, and online pre-orders also took effect. The disc will be released under the title  Dear My Dear, in two versions. On September 20, the preliminary schedule of the album was also made public. On the twenty-first, the track list of the EP became official. On September 23, it was revealed that the lead single Shall We? will be, the next day a highlight medley was uploaded to social media platforms. The songs Amaranth, Hold You Tight and You Never Know were sung in the video , and   at the same time five series of preliminary photos of Chen were released.

More information about the album was revealed later that day. On September 25, five more photos were uploaded to the world wide web. The following day , a highlight medley of Shall We?,  My Dear and Good Night was shared, along with five more series of photos. On September 27, 4 new photos were uploaded to social media for promotion purposes, and the first preview video was also released on Shall We? for his music video.

The day after that, another 4 pictures were released, just like on September 29, the second teaser video was also shared. On September 30, two preview images were uploaded to social media and a Shall We? an interview about Chen was also posted. Finally, on the first day of October, Dear My Dear made its official debut together with the already released lead single and accompanying music video.

————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————–


The production work of Shall We? Kenzie did it for the song. Stylistically classified as retro pop, it combines an intricately sophisticated atmosphere with a romantic melody, creating the standard classic pop arrangement, and the theme of the lyrics is none other than love. Amaranth is an impressive ballad with an acoustic guitar accompaniment, conveying longing and comforting emotions to the listeners regarding its message.

Hold  You Tight is also an acoustic song, interspersed with fun guitar sounds, the lyrics express the feeling of a warm, relieved hug. You Never Know is a piano-combined ballad featuring double bass and drums, reminiscent of a jazz trio, the lyrics are simply heartwarming. My Dear has been described as a brilliantly developed Britpop song. Chen also took part in writing the lyrics, which say goodbye to a beautiful love story. Good Night is described as a healing ballad with a warm message.

————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————–

2020: HELLO

On January 13, 2020, the fruits of the collaboration with Dynamic Duo were shared with the big name, the song was named  You. In September , the theme song Your Moonlight was released, which is connected to the drama Do You Like Brahms.

On October 8, news broke that Chen was preparing to make a comeback with a single. Shortly after the news appeared, the first series of promotional photos were released between October 10 and 12. The next day, he posted an official teaser video on SM Entertainment’s YouTube channel.

It was also revealed about the novelty that it was composed by Kim Jae Hwi, with whom Chen is working together for the third time, as he also helped with the songs Flower and My Dear. The song Hello has been described as a heartwarming autumnal British pop with lyrics that inspire peace.

Finally, on the 15th, his song Hello and the accompanying music video were released, which is also a farewell song to his fans, as he then announced that he will begin his mandatory military service on October 26, 2020.
Chen completed his nearly two years of active duty service between 2020 and 2022.

Members: Sehun, Suho, Kai, Chanyeol, Kris, Lay, Xiumin, DO, Chen, Baekhyun, Luhan, Tao – 2013


It took more than a year to create the final line-up. In April 2011, the team would have included only 7 members, and their names were also uncertain. The rumors were finally dispelled by SM CEO Lee Soo Man, who revealed his future plans for EXO.

The 12-member boy band will be divided into two sub-units: EXO-K and EXO-M. While the members of EXO-K sing in Korean, the members representing M perform the same songs in Mandarin, and their goal is to break into the Chinese market effectively.



By December 2011, it was decided who the debut members of the team would be, then the first teaser of the line-up (promotional video) was released, and then the members were introduced one by one. They also explained the choice of the team name EXO, which comes from the term ‘ exoplanet ‘, which symbolizes an alien, unknown planet outside the solar system, thus hinting that the team is ready to amaze the inhabitants of Earth.


Chen was introduced as the fourth member. However, the official debut of the team had to be waited for no less than 100 days, but even during this time, those interested in the team did not let their attention wane. Because on January 30, 2012, they released a prologue song and music video called What is Love. The song was released in both K and M versions. While the M version was sung by Chen and Luhan, the K version featured the voices of DO and Baekhyun. Not long after, on March 8, 2012, they came back into the public consciousness with their song History.

This time, all 12 members could play their part in both the song and video, rapping, singing or dancing. On the first day of April, they held their first showcase in China, including Beijing, and on the 6th in Seoul, they performed several of their songs as a group, and also shared various details about their upcoming debut music video.

The next day, on April 7th, EXO made their official debut with their song called MAMA. The clip made for it is more than 6 minutes long, in which the concept built around the team is explained in detail thanks to an English-speaking narrator. In the clip, it became visible which member has which supernatural ability. Chen’s superpower is lightning. After the video clips, the arrival of the first mini-album didn’t have to wait long either, as their debut mini-album MAMA hit the shelves on the 8th, and EXO split into K and M and began a series of promotions in South Korea, and in China.

The boys’ debut was a huge success, as evidenced by the fact that EXO-M’s album reached first place on Chinese online retailers and music charts 1 day after its release, second on China’s Sina Album Chart, and fifth on South Korea’s Gaon Album Chart and peaked at number 12 on the Billboard World Albums Chart, while EXO-K’s release peaked at number one on the Gaon Album Chart and number eight on the Billboard World Albums Chart.

And their individual successes continued, strengthening the team as a whole, as a result of which they were able to receive the award for the best new Asian artist group at the 2012 MAMA in November 2012, as well as individually bagging 1 award each at other award ceremonies.

In the coming period, there were a lot of speculations and false dates about EXO’s comeback, which fans couldn’t wait for, even leaked demo songs were uploaded to the world wide web, and finally, on June 3, 2013, EXO’s comeback happened, not just by any means: with their first full studio album entitled XOXO.

There was a Kiss and a Hug version of this: the first was the Korean version, the second was the Chinese version, and this time the team did not separate, but together, the twelve of them did the promotions with the album’s lead song, Wolf, with which they already succeeded on music TV also reach the first place in shows.

For the first time on the Music Bank show, June 14. In view of the great success, a repackaged version of the album was also released, on which additional new songs could be heard, one of which was the lead song of the album, Growl. The music video was released on the first of August, and the repackaged album was released on the 5th. Promotions were also held jointly with Growl, and this song of theirs became the group’s most successful song, with which they collected the most awards so far.

The boys didn’t rest much in the midst of the awards, because they planned to release a special album, which finally arrived in the form of a Christmas album on December 9, it was Miracles In December, for the ballad-style title track, a sadder but festive music video was shot. This song was only performed and promoted on music shows by Baekhyun, Chen, Luhan, and DO, but there was another song, Christmas Day , that they all performed. With Miracles In December, they managed to win an award for the first time on December 14 in the Music Core show.


Their next comeback was due on April 15, 2014, when their second mini-album, Overdose , was released, which they started promoting again by splitting into K and M, and also tried a new style. A music video was shot for the song, in Chinese and Korean versions.

However, the promotion was interrupted by an unexpected and even sadder event, as the leader of EXO-M, Kris, decided to leave the group, and the reason for the grievance, according to him, was that SM repeatedly did not pay him or release him to decide what kind of individual work he wants to do outside of EXO’s activities.

His exit was also unfortunate, as EXO was holding its first solo concert tour, EXO From EXOPLANET: The Lost Planet, which was planned for 12 members, so the program plan, vocal parts and choreography had to be changed. Kris has since settled with his former employer and is hugely popular in China.

On August 5th, the name of EXO’s fan club was revealed, which became EXO-L. The choice of name was explained by the fact that L is between K and M in the abc and also symbolizes the word ‘Love’.

————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– LUHAN’S LEAVING FROM THE TEAM

On October 10, more shocking events took place around EXO’s house, because shortly after Kris’s departure, Luhan also decided to leave the team, but he initially cited health problems, so EXO continued to operate with 10 members, including EXO- M now with four. In February 2015, SM stated on behalf of Kris and Luhan, who in the meantime started their solo work in China, that they were operating illegally, as they had not yet fully terminated their contract, so it is as if they were still working under the name of SM, therefore the company initiated proceedings in the case . Since then, the parties have managed to reach an agreement.

————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————–


In January, due to the great success, EXO started their second concert tour called EXO From EXOPLANET: The EXO’luXion, which counted five venues and more than 1.2 million fans. Not long after, it was announced that EXO would return, which arrived on March 30th with their second full-length studio album, Exodus, which they will be promoting again together as a 10-member group.

The appearance was preceded by individual teasers about the members, in which the supernatural abilities of the members were discussed again, and each of them appeared in different parts of the world. The leading song from the album was Call Me Baby, for which the music video was released on the 31st, of which the Korean version was seen by 4 million people and the Chinese version by 2 million people within 24 hours on the biggest video sharing site. With Call Me Baby, they managed to win the first prize on the M! Countdown show on April 9.
Their web drama EXO Next Door also concluded its final episode on May 28, which aired for 16 episodes since April 9.

————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– TAO’S SEPARATION FROM THE TEAM

On April 22, Tao’s father released a letter to the public through his Weibo account, expressing his outrage at the company and expressing his fatherly concerns. At the time of writing the letter, Tao was trying to recover from leg injuries, which unfortunately was not the first time. The father also asked his son to leave the team, believing that his health and family are more important than his career. On the 23rd, SM Entertainment responded to the letter. Tao later announced that he would like to leave both the band and the company.

————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————–

On June 3, 2015, a repackaged version of Exodus called Love Me Right was released . The disc features four new songs, including the title track. Since Tao was no longer a member of the team, they promoted the album with 9 people. In October, Gocheok held their Exo – Love Concert in Dome concert in the Sky Dome, which is considered quite an honor among performing artists. Love Me Right ~romantic universe~ was released in the Japanese version on November 4, featuring Drop That
their songs were also included. The day after its release, it sold 147,000 copies, topping the Oricon chart as the best-selling album in Japan by a Korean artist. Five days later, Lightsaber, the collaboration between EXO and Walt Disney, debuted, with which they promoted the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

On December 10, they delighted their fans again with a Christmas album, the EP was released under the title Sing for You . It sold no less than 267,900 copies in its first week, setting another record. Their song Unfair was also included in Apple Music’s Best of the Week playlist, the first k-pop song in the list’s history. Also, the team became the first Korean performer to appear on the platform’s website.

Part of the profit was donated to UNICEF’s Smile For U campaign, which promotes music education for Asian children. In December, the team achieved another huge result, as the leaders of the South Korean entertainment industry ranked the team seventh on the list of the top ten pop culture leaders.


On June 9, 2016, the group released their album Ex’Act, which was their third studio release. They started the promotion with their songs Lucky One and Monster in both Korean and Mandarin versions. The novelty was also accompanied by breakthrough success, they broke their own previous record with album sales.

With Monster, they achieved their first Billboard World Digital Song ranking, and with their song Lucky One, they managed to win the third ranking. On August 18, the repackaged version of Ex’Act, Lotto, was released. With the new release, they won their second first place on the Billboard World Digital Songs Chart, and at the same time they reached second place on the Gaon Digital Chart. Two months after Ex’Act’s debut, 1.17 million albums were sold, making it the third time that the group has sold a million albums.

Their Exoplanet 3 – The Exo’rdium concert series began on June 22, thanks to which they were able to fill the Olympic Gymnastic Arena six times. The tour ended on May 28, 2017, which was concluded at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. It is the largest stadium in South Korea with its 100,000 seats. Tickets became available on April 12 and sold out in just 20 minutes. This tour was also the group’s hundredth concert.

In June, less good news was shared with fans, as it became official that Lay would not participate in the preparation of the next album, but would rather concentrate on his acting career. Following the announcement, Lay did not make any public appearances with team members. It was later revealed that the main reason for Lay’s departure from the team was the turbulent political situation between South Korea and China.

On December 7, the group released their second single in Japanese, Coming Over . It sold 158,000 copies and reached number two on the Oricon Chart, and was also certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of Japan. Their third winter-themed album, For Life , was released on December 19, and it was also the group’s fifth EP. Although not publicly promoted, it sold 442,000 copies in less than two weeks.

EXO-CBX (2016-present)

At the same time, the year 2016 offered many solo activities to the members. On January 7th, Baekhyun released a collaboration with Suzy called Dream . The single was so popular that it was voted Best Collaboration at the 18th Mnet Asian Music Awards.

On the last day of October, Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin debuted as EXO-CBX, Exo’s first sub-formation. The name of the line-up consists of the members’ initials. Their debut EP Hey Mama! is titled and a clip is also associated with it. The new lineup proved successful, the EP sold 239,897 copies. Meanwhile, Lay debuted as a solo singer with the hit single Monodrama , which was promoted as part of the SM Station project. On May 24, 2017, Exo-CBX officially debuted in Japan with their Girls EP. Their song Ka-CHING was released in April and sold 60,000 copies within a month.

In January 2018, it was announced through the LINE online program that the subunit is preparing for its first tour in Japan, which will operate under the name Magical Circus and will be on the repertoire from May to June. The show consists of 8 parts and they perform in 4 cities. Their second single in Korean, Blooming Days , was released in April . Their first studio album in Japanese was released on May 9 under the title Magic . In February 2019, another announcement was received from CBX, which stated that a special edition concert recording of their Magical Circus tour will be released in April.


On July 18, 2017, the boys came out with a new studio album, which was called The War , and 807,235 pre-orders were recorded for it, which surpassed their previous record. Their lead single Ko Ko Bop became number one on the Melon Digital Chart, setting yet another record.

The disc was crowned with countless awards, became the best-selling k-pop album, debuted at number 87 on the Billboard 200 list, and became number one on the Billboard World Albums list. On August 29, the group was recorded in the 2018 Guinness World Records as the line-up with the most Daesangs through the Mnet Asian Music Awards.

The repackaged version, The War: The Power of Music , was also released on September 5 . 3 new songs can be heard on the disc and the Power single level promoted the album. On September 14, they achieved the highest score in the music program M Countdown, making history once again and winning their 100th award.

On October 19th, they announced another tour, billed as Exoplanet#4 – The EℓyXiOn . The concert series began on November 24, and the Gocheok Sky Dome hosted the first three concerts. On November 30, The War already reached the sales figure of 1.6 million, which made them four times million-selling albums and the best-selling album of the year. On December 26, they released their fourth winter-themed EP, Universe .


On January 16, 2018, Power became the first k-pop song to play at the Burj Khalifa fountain in Dubai. Seven members traveled to Dubai on this occasion. The song could be heard at the venue until March, but after a few months it was played again, from September to November. On January 31, they released their first Japanese studio album, Countdown , which immediately debuted at the top of the Oricon chart.

It sold 89,000 copies in its first week. With this, they made history again, as the group became the first foreign artist whose debut single and studio album both reached the first place in one week on the Oricon chart. Ten days later, on February 9, Countdown was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of Japan.

Earlier this month, it was also revealed that Exo will headline the closing ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics on February 25. Following the announcement, Baekhyun had the honor of singing the national anthem at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics on February 5th.

In October, the boys made another announcement, revealing that their fifth studio album, Don’t Mess Up My Tempo , will be released at the beginning of November . It was also revealed that nine members are working on the album again this time. This has not been the case since the introduction of Lotto. The number of pre-orders was not small either, 1,104,614 copies were recorded, which once again broke their previous record. The novelty turned out to be a huge media success, selling 1,179,997 copies, making them five times the million-selling album. By that time, the group had already surpassed the milestone of selling more than 10 million albums in South Korea. The album debuted at number 23 on the Billboard 200, and was number one on the Independent Albums and World Albums Billboard charts.

The repackaged version, Love Shot , was released on December 13, giving the group the No. 1 spot on the Billboard World Digital Songs chart and three consecutive weeks without losing the spot. DMUMT sold nearly 2 million units towards the end of the year, making it their best-selling album. Lay was not present in this comeback either.


Xiumin started his mandatory military service on May 7, 2019, and was followed by DO on the first day of July. On July 10th, Baekhyun released his first solo EP titled City Lights . It sold 500,000 copies during the month, breaking the Gaon List’s monthly sales number among soloists. The EP reached number four on the Billboard World Album and Heatseekers Albums charts.

Meanwhile, another subgroup was formed thanks to Sehun and Chanyeol, who have since represented the duo EXO-SC . Their first EP, What a Life , was released on July 22. The duo previously released their song We Young in September 2018 as part of SM Station’s X 0 project. What a Life debuted at number 9 on the World Albums Chart and reached number 10 on the Heatseekers Chart. Their Exo Planet 5 – The Exploration tour ran from July 19th to the 28th.

On November 27, 2019, the band’s sixth Korean-language studio album, Obsession , was released. The disc contains 10 songs, including the lead single Obsession. This is the team’s first material in which Xiumin and DO do not participate, as they are currently performing their military service, and Lay did not participate in the production of the disc this time either. The disc can be pre-ordered from November 1, divided into three versions: EXO, X-EXO and OBSESSION – the latter will be available on December 4.

————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————–


The team is considered by many to be the uncrowned vocal king of the k-pop genre, and its three lead singers DO, Chen and Baekhyun have already received many professional and media recognitions.
Starting in 2013, Exo regularly releases special winter-themed EPs that fall in December each year. These EPs feature a lot of classic, emotional ballads, which contrasts with most of the songs on the group’s studio albums.

In 2017, Billboard recognized their song Universe, saying, “Swinging, emotional vocals courtesy of Exo.” The mentioned song is a “hitting” ballad that fairly presents the talents of the members. The band has collaborated more than once with both veteran and foreign producers, to whom they owe many catchy hits. Here are some examples: Kenzie, Dean, LDN Noise, The Underdogs and MARZ Music are also on the list.

Many Exo songs – especially the singles – are mixed with pop, hip-hop, R&B genres supplemented with some electronic dance sounds, such as house, trap and synth-pop. They are created so that the producers take into account the stage abilities of the team. In the words of producer Harvey Mason Jr., “We listen to their material and try to take it one step further. We try and do things that are new, original, but still sound Exo. They can sing, dance, have explosive energy… it’s like when a painter uses all the colors for his creation.”

At the beginning of their career, Billboard described their music as: “Totally inspired by the sound of the 1990s and 2000s…with bigger beats, more rap and dance parts.”
In 2016, the group continued in a different sound direction, showing a much more mature and darker side with their third studio album, Ex’Act. The disc represents an electronic dance style, such as house, synth-pop. Their fourth studio album, The War, deepened the group’s desire to experiment in the direction of trap music. With their hit Ko Ko Bop, they received much critical acclaim for their hybridization of reggae basics with elements of heavy electronic breaks.


At the beginning of their career, the group received several criticisms, as they did not do their part in writing the lyrics and in the production work. In 2015, however, their first song was released, for which none of the above is true, because the lyrics of their song Promise were written by Chanyeol, Chen and Lay. The song is considered special among both the fans and the members of the team, since with this composition they thanked the fans who stood by them even after the separation of the three Chinese members.  Since then, several of their songs have been released where they either helped as a producer or a lyricist, some examples of which are: Heaven, She’s Dreaming  from their third studio album, their special single Lightsaber  or known from the 2017  disc Ko Ko Bop .

In 2017, Chanyeol talked about Chill ‘s composition in an interview with Billboard . According to him, he worked on an empty track without demo text, so the process was much more natural for him. In the same interview, Chen commented on their hit Ko Ko Bop , saying: We wrote the lyrics separately and then worked together to put the parts together. I don’t feel like I have any regrets about the song as we managed to achieve the best possible result. Chen is also credited with the song Lights Out , from their Universe EP. Lay is also responsible for songwriting and production on his solo albums. Chanyeol also wrote the lyrics for Gravity and With You .  

The team has been praised numerous times for their synchronized choreography and carefully crafted stage performances. Already at the beginning of their career, they worked with famous choreographers such as Tony Testa and Nicholas Bass, to whom the Wolf and Growl choreos are  due. Recently, they have been working together with Kim Tae Woo (Kasper).

Dazed magazine recognized the group’s seamless, hair-to-the-eye choreography, adding that it would elevate them to the forefront of pop domination. Water, rain and a shallow pool are a recurring stage element on the group’s world tours. According to Cleo magazine, Exo’s “winning recipe” is to incorporate water into the choreography, and during the performance of their songs White Noise and Lightsaber, they created a waterfall, which caused the members to get completely drenched. Yahoo wrote about it like this:  during one segment, the boys stood on a raised hexagonal stage (shaped like the band’s logo) and danced sensually while water poured down on them from above.

TV programmes:

2013: Exo’s Showtime
2014: XOXO Exo
2014: Exo 90:2014
2015: SurpLines Exo
2015: Exo Channel
2016: Exomentary Live
2017: Exo Tourgram
2018: Travel the World on Exo’s Ladder Season 1
2018: Exo Arcade
2019: Travel the World on Exo’s Ladder Season 2
2019: Hearts For You

————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————–

Drama series:

2015: Exo Next Door

————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————–


2014: Exo’s First Box
2014: Exo Die Jungs
2015: Exo from Exoplanet #1 – The Lost Planet in Japan
2015: Exo from Exoplanet #1 – The Lost Planet in Seoul
2015: Exo’s Second Box
2016: Exo from Exoplanet #2 – The Exo’luXion in Japan
2016: Exo from Exoplanet #2 – The Exo’luXion in Seoul
2017: Exo from Exoplanet #3 – The Exo’rdium in Japan
2017: Exo from Exoplanet #3 – The Exo’rdium in Seoul
2017: From Happiness
2018: Exo Planet #4 – The EℓyXiOn – in Japan
2018: Exo Planet #4 – The EℓyXiOn – in Seoul

Chen Discography




1. “등대와 미녀 (Wolf)”
2. “Baby Don’t Cry (인어의 눈물)”
3. “Black Pearl”
4. “나비소녀 (Don’t Go)”
5. “Let Out the Beast”
6. “3.6.5”
7. “Heart Attack”
8. “피터해 (Peter Pan)”
9. “Baby”
10. “My Lady”
11. “무대와 미녀 (Wolf)” (Exo-K version)
12 “狼与美女 (Wolf) (Mandarin version)



1. “Call Me Baby”
2. “Transformer”
3. “시선 끁, 시선 하나 (What If…)”
4. “My Answer”
5. “Exodus”
6. “El Dorado”
7. “Playboy”
8. “Hurt”
9. “유성우 (Lady Luck)”
10. “Beautiful”



1. “Lucky One”
2. “Monster”
3. “Artificial Love”
4. “Cloud 9”
5. “Heaven”
6. “White Noise”
7. “One and Only”
8. “They Never Know”
9. “Stronger”
10. “Lucky One” (Instrumental)
11. “Monster” (Instrumental)


The War

1. “The Eve”
2. “Ko Ko Bop”
3. “What U Do?”
4. “Forever”
5. “Diamond”
6. “Touch It”
7. “Chill”
8. “Walk on Memories”
9. “Going Crazy”


Don’t Mess Up My Tempo

2. “Sign”
3. “Ooh La La La”
4. “Gravity”
5. “With You”
6. “24/7”
7. “Bad Dream
” 8. “Damage”
9. “Smile On My Face”
10. “Oasis”
11. “Tempo” (进行) (Chinese version)



1. “Obsession”
2. “Trouble”
3. “Jekyll” (지진)
4. “Groove” (춤)
5. “Ya Ya Ya”
6. “Baby You Are”
7. “Non Stop”
8. “Day After Day” (오늘도)
9. “Butterfly Effect” (나비하아)
10. “Obsession” (家) (Chinese version)


Japanese albums:


1. “Electric Kiss”
2. “Coming Over”
3. “Love Me Right ~romantic universe~”
4. “Lightsaber”
5. “Tactix”
6. “Into My World”
7. “Lovin’ You Mo'”
8 . “Drop That”
9. “Run This”
10. “Cosmic Railway”

————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————–

Repackaged Albums:

Love Me Right
The Power Of Music
Love Shot

————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————–


× What Is Love
× History
× Mama
× Wolf
× Growl
× Miracles in December
× Overdose
× December,2014 (The Winter’s Tale)
× Call Me Baby
× Lightsaber
× Sing For You
× Unfair
× Monster
× Lucky One
× Lotto
× Dancing King
× For Life
× Ko Ko Bop
× Power
× Universe
× Don’t Mess Up My Tempo
× Love Shot

————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————–


Center plates :

April, and a Flower

1. “Flower” (꽃; Kkot)
2. “Beautiful Goodbye” (사월이 가면 우리 한국어요)
3. “Sorry Not Sorry” (하국 싶랙 말)
4. “Love Words” (사랑의 말)
5. ” “I’ll Be There


Dear My Dear

1. “Shall We?” (우리 아이 필국지?)
2. “My Dear” (그대에가)
3. “Amaranth” (고운 그대다 시들지 드리)
4. “Hold You Tight” (네 안지 무나 수 하다지)
5. “You Never Know” (
6. “Good Night” (잘 자요 )

————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————–


Studio albums:


1. “CBX”
2. “Ka-Ching!”
3. “Horololo”
4. “Girl Problems”
5. “Shake”
6. “Off the Wall”
7. “Ringa Ringa Ring”
8. “Gentleman”
9. “Watch Out”
10. “Cry”
11. “In This World”

————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————–

Center plates:

Hey Mom!

1. “The One”
2. “Hey Mama!”
3. “Rhythm After Summer”
4. “Juliet”
5. “Cherish”



1. “Girl Problems”
2. “Ka-CHING!”
3. “Hey Mama!”
4. “Tornado Spiral”
5. “Miss You”
6. “Diamond Crystal”


Blooming Days

1. “Monday Blues”
2. “Blooming Day”
3. “Sweet Dreams”
4. “Thursday”
5. “Vroom Vroom”
6. “Playdate”
7. “Lazy”

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