Kiara Advani Fitness Secrets And Diet Plan

Kiara Advani Diet and Fitness Routine

Bollywood stars Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra are going to marry each other today after many years of dating. The marriage of both the stars is going to happen in a very royal style in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Kiara and Siddharth are one of the most special couples of Bollywood. Not only boys but also girls are crazy about Kiara Advani’s looks and fitness.

Kiara has spread her charm on screen in many fancy dresses ranging from Indian sarees and lehengas. Before marriage, people are asking questions related to Kiara Advani’s fitness and diet on Google. Especially girls who are going to be brides soon want to know Kiara’s fitness secret. On the special occasion of Kiara and Siddharth’s wedding, we are going to tell you the fitness secret of the actress.

During the promotion of the film, Kiara has talked about her fitness routine many times. During an interview, Kiara had told that her fitness routine includes things like dance and kickboxing. Apart from physical activity, Kiara also takes special care of her diet to have a toned body. According to Kiara Advani’s Instagram post, the actress follows these 5 special things for her fitness. Let us know about it.

Which exercises does Kiara Advani do?

1. Weight training is Kiara’s favorite

Weight training is Kiara's favorite

To keep herself fit, Kiara often does weight training. Kiara has shared videos on her Instagram several times while doing weight training. Weight training helps in managing weight and reducing extra carbs and fat from the body.

2. Dance is the best

Amidst her busy work schedule, Kiara Advani definitely takes out time for dance. Kiara definitely does dance rehearsal once in the morning or evening. Let us tell you that dancing is considered very beneficial for physical and mental health. Dancing regularly helps relieve stress, heal muscles, and burn calories.

3. Do pull-ups for core muscles

Kiara Advani does pull-ups to strengthen core muscles. Doing pull-ups helps strengthen muscles, burn calories, and strengthen abdominal muscles.

4. Drink lemon water before breakfast

Actress Kiara Advani drinks lemon water after exercising in the morning. Drinking lemon water helps in boosting metabolism. According to a report by Mayo Clinic, consuming lemon water in the morning helps in weight loss.

5. The actress eats home-cooked food

Actress Kiara Advani eats home-cooked food from breakfast till dinner. He likes seafood very much. She likes to eat things like fish and porn in lunch or dinner.

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