Katy Perry Biography, Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Family & More

Katy Perry Biography, Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Family & More

Birth name: Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson
Nickname: Katy, KatyCat
Date of birth: October 25, 1984
Place of birth: Santa Barbara, California, USA
Profession: singer
Marital status: married, 1 child
Partner: Orlando Bloom
Height: 172 cm
Original hair color: red
Eye color: blue
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Net Worth: $330 million dollars
Spouse: Russell Brand (m. 2010–2012)
Partner: Orlando Bloom (2016–)
Children: Daisy Dove Bloom

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Katy Perry Biography

1984-2006: EARLY YEARS

Katy Perry, born Katheryn Elisabeth Hudson was born in Santa Barbara, California on October 25, 1984. as the child of Keith and Mary Hudson. Mary’s marriage to Keith was her second, as her first covenant was quite turbulent and bad. There are also German, Portuguese, Irish and English blood dripping in Katy’s veins, which many people explain her unearthly beauty. Her parents are pastors and she has a sister, Angela, and a younger brother, David. Their children were raised according to strict Christian traditions. Katy sang in her parents ’church between the ages of 9 and 17. He grew up on jazzy church music, his parents did not allow any secular music into the apartment, and to protect him even more from evil, he had to go to a Christian school. As a child, he attended various dance classes, but his heart was always closer to music. Katy said she first started singing because her sister did it too. It was at this age that he lived his “imitation era,” so little 9-year-old Katheryn also recorded her songs on cassette tapes, which she later performed to her parents, who suggested she go to music school.

Katy took the opportunity so she was rewritten this year to a music academy she graduated at the age of 17. He also learned to play the guitar here, flawlessly.

Four-year-old Katy plays with Perry’s sister, Angela

At the age of 15, a local rock band noticed her during a temple performance and “lured” the girl with her to hone her skills. Katy wrote a couple of country-sounding songs on guitar. It was during these times that he met Red Hill Records, with whom he recorded religious-themed songs, and his first album, Katy Hudson, was released in 2001 – but the expected breakthrough was missed. It was at this time that he met his girlfriend, who was a huge Queen fan, and during one of their conversations, he simply put on a record and Katy fell in love with the pop genre. From then on, there was no stopping and she knew it was no longer enough for her parents and the church to provide.

At the age of 18, she moved to Los Angeles with new goals and dreams and became her life goal to become an acclaimed singer.

He was contracted by Island Records and released a joint record with Glen Ballard in 2005 under their wing. At the publisher’s suggestion, he changed his last name from Hudson to Perry so people wouldn’t confuse him with Kate Hudson. The sale of her album didn’t even exceed her previous recording, so the publisher fired the girl. During this collaboration, the song Simple was released, which became an insert in The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants.

In 2006, he signed with Columbia Records, one of America’s largest publishers. However, they did not pay enough attention to the emerging musician and completely suppressed him along with all his ideas. Perry’s financial situation deteriorated dangerously. “I think the deepest point of his former life was when he called me, his 16-year-old brother, to lend him money. I said I’m sorry, but neither do I, ” David said. Columbia Records, meanwhile, kept rejecting the songs they had already written and wanted to get the next Kelly Clarkson or Avril Lavigne out of it. “I didn’t want to be any next. I wanted to be the next Katy Perry, ” he recalled.

Katy at the time of the recordings, in 2006

During his unsuccessful attempt to put together another album, he was involved in several smaller projects. He was featured in a video for POD’s song Goodbye For Now, and later in a video for Carbon Leaf’s Learn To Fly.

The publisher’s assistant saw Katy writhing and felt sorry for the girl. “I talked to the head of the publisher and asked him to let him go, let him do what he wants to do, in a place where buyers have it. They replied they could not terminate his contract with him because then he would probably contract another and become a big star out of it. We cannot allow this. That’s how they continued to oust Katy, and I didn’t like it, ”he revealed in Katy’s biographical film, Part of Me. So one day the woman grabbed all the Katy Perry stuff and snuck out with them. That’s when Virgin Records ’subsidiary, Capitol Records, opened, with the goal of finding a world star.

2007-2009: ONE OF THE BOYS

Jason Flom, the company’s president, believed in Katy, who saw in front of her that Katy Perry would be a big name from now on and bring a huge breakthrough, so in 2007, after their first meeting, she signed the girl. “First impressions are always important. You know, when you meet a star. They go differently, they talk differently, and they wear clothes differently. That was Katy Perry. ”

In 2007, it was transferred to the company’s newly opened subsidiary, Capital Records (later the two companies merged). That way, Katy could comfortably continue, in a sure medium, her semi-finished album, which was later renamed One Of The Boys. He has written more than 70 songs during his years at Columbia.

During his years in Hollywood, he met a lot of artists and became friends with songwriter Bonnie McKee, musician Ferras and Sarah Hudson, and Adam Lambert, who was also a vegetation at the time.

When Katy finished recording, Flum thought it was good, but not enough to shake the sky in the U.S. and around the world, so she brought her together with a writer/producer, Dr. Luke. Working with her gave birth to I Kissed a Girl and Hot N Cold.

Filming of the video clip I Kissed A Girl in 2008

Her first single, Ur So Gay, was released in 2007 and sparked a huge echo – so much so that Madonna was also attracted to the emerging star. On March 10, 2008, he portrayed himself in an episode of the ABC Family series Wildfire – Life’s Too Short.

Although the album did not bring the expected success for the first time, Katy did not give up and further promoted the material in the country. Her first single was released on May 6, 2008, the now legendary I Kissed a Girl. The radios didn’t want to play the song, the Capitol feared that Katy would fail again, but the company was the last chance to persuade national radio stations to release the song, which had sparked an unprecedented amount of positive criticism from people.

One of The Boys album promotional photoshoot: Katy ran into vintage style (2008)

At the top of the charts, and at the same time, Perry attended the annual Warped Tour Music Festival, which his manager rated as ” flipping through his career, confirming his credibility, proving that he won’t disappear into oblivion immediately.” was on the Billboard Hot List for 9 weeks since 2007. The full One Of The Boys appeared on June 7, 2008, finishing 9th on the Billboard Hot 200, and platinum later on. He toured Europe, and in January 2009 he also launched his major tour, the Hello Katy Tour.

She was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Singer in 2009 for I Kissed A Girl and was nominated for five categories at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards as Best New Artist or Best Female Video, but the award was eventually given to Britney Spears . She won the Best New Artist Award at the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards and the Best International Female Artist Award at the 2009 BRIT Awards.

Katy was also featured in the Guinness Book of Records in 2010 as “Most Successful Female Star on American Digital Toplists,” for which her first two singles were purchased digitally by more than two million people.

In 2009, the singer also participated in two collaborations. He worked with a band called 3OH! 3, co-producing the song Starstukk in August and then released on September 8, 2009. He continued his other collaborations with Timbaland on the If We Ever Meet Again album on Timbaland Shock Value II. The song was released in December.

His acoustic album and DVD were released during the MTV Unplugged session in October 2009.

By July 2010, nearly seven million copies of One Of The Boys had been sold in the States.

2009 -2012: TEENAGE DREAM

After the album’s success, Katy disappeared from the audience. The bad languages ​​spoke that there was only one seasonal singer who had been crushed by the music industry. And they were greatly mistaken, for it is well known that the good has only just come.

Starting in the summer of 2010, Katy rose from her ashes: a singer who has been named a summer performer about sung aliens, Friday’s foggy memories, lost love, true love, self-discovery and youth. It’s easy for students to identify with her music, as Katy has a song about almost every event in life: she’s an open book, and in 2010 she revealed a few more pages about herself.

Teenage Dream was released on August 24, 2010, firing Katy back to the pinnacle of music life. His first single was California Gurls, which was released on May 7, 2010. It was the album’s first chart-topping song that opened at the top of the charts right from the first week.

Photo of California Gurls singles from 2010

Meanwhile, after some toxic connections, he thought he had found the real thing in the person of British comedian Russell Brand. On October 23, 2010, a blissful yes was said, accompanied by a traditional Hindu ceremony.

On February 20, 2011, its first tour around the world, the California Dreams Tour, launched, earning nearly $ 60 million by January 22, 2012.

In the year that followed, he produced six chart-topping songs. The previously mentioned California Gurls were followed by Teenage Dream, Last Friday Night (TGIF), Firework (whose video was recorded in Budapest), ET and The One That Got Away.

Perry was no doubt at the peak of his career, but his success was accompanied by a crisis of privacy. Russell texted the singer that she wanted to divorce after 2 years of marriage. Katy heard the news in Sao Paulo before her concert there. In the documentary about the singer, we see her completely collapse, and yet she pulls herself together and, albeit with a two-hour delay, depresses the show. “People didn’t come to see what was going on in my private life, but to relax and forget about their own worries. I couldn’t just cancel the concert. “

Katy in the backstage of the California Dreams station in Los Angeles (2011)

Due to the breakthrough success of the album, an expanded version, Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection, was released on February 13, 2012, producing two more chart-topping songs. These were fan favorites: Part of Me, and Wide Awake. With the latter, Katy wanted to close her “candy” era.

His clips were also cinematic, but at the same time fun, exciting and sometimes very funny (e.g. Last FridayNight) and sometimes sad and nostalgic (e.g. The One That Got Away). In August, her work invested in her videos paid off as Firework received the “Video of the Year” award at the VMA, which was won by her rival Lady Gaga last year. Katy then shared with the audience that while singing Firework, she feels she can accomplish something really big in life, and she wants her fans to feel that vibe as well. He also received the “Best Collaboration” award for the ET number recorded with Kanye West the same night.

Also in 2011, Katy broke the record for the biggest star of the millennium: Michael Jackson still topped the Billboard Hot 100 list with six singles from his album Bad, and this performance has failed for many years. That’s when Katy came out of Teenage Dream with six singles released, and they all took first place one by one. She was thus the first woman and man to catch up with the king of pop.

In the meantime, he released a perfume called Purr, which was a global success. Its scent is characterized by plum and freshness, even in the later release of Meow! his brother recalls the real Candyfornia. Katy broke into the beauty industry not only with her scent but also with five different false eyelashes that are quality and spectacular – just like the singer herself.
He also became an advertising brand for the Sims3 game, making him the first really famous person the company worked with. Perry not only sold the product, but also received two special releases inspired by the singer’s personality, style, and appearance. The add-on games were named “Sweet Little Trivia” & “Show Time”. While the first is built on the world of Katy Candyfornia, the second is built on the side of the real star. ( Promotional videos with Hungarian subtitles can be found on YouTube, and the additional album is available in all major stores! )

It was hosted by SNL at the end of the year and performed fantastically. The MTV staff hasn’t laughed as much as the artist has ever. Katy is exciting, sexy, talented and even funny, they wrote in their critique.

In the summer, he borrowed Dwarf’s voice in the Smurfs, so we could already find Katy on the movie screen, more precisely, his voice.

In the fall of 2012, her first full-length film was released globally, titled Katy Perry: Part Of Me. Many mistakenly refer to it as a documentary, though it’s mostly about California Dreams ’one-year tour, their creative team, and the fact that they struggled to keep where they are today.

Family Together: Perry and His Family at the Los Angeles Premiere (2012)

Billboard was named Woman of the Year in 2012, with 11 million album sales worldwide, and a total of 75 million copies of her singles sold digitally. The singer also earned $ 11 million a year, making it on Billboard’s list of “biggest money makers”.

2013-2015: PRISM
Katy went into the studio again and embarked on her – officially – 3rd studio album. He says the new material will be more of a hairstyle for One Of The Boys than a Teenage Dream, wanting to get back on the acoustic line. “ I can’t be the candy queen forever,” ELLE said in an interview.

In the beginning, he even talked about the album going dark and sad, but after three months of work, he redesigned the whole record. He later revealed that he was depressed and still had not processed his divorce. It was from these times that he wrote Ghost and By The Grace Of God, in which he revealed that suicide had also occurred in his head.

During his spiritual crisis, he changed his hair color almost every month: his iconic black hair first gleamed blonde and then appeared with a crown of pink, green, blue, and purple hair.

His fourth studio album, Prism, was released worldwide on October 22, 2013. Producers and lyricists such as Diplo, Sia Furler, Max Martin, Dr. Luke and Bonnie McKee have worked on the material. By this time he had stated that he had let the light back into his life and wanted to show it to the students as well. “I’ve been through a lot of things in my life already and I think I’ve built my personality better. I had to find myself, though, on the harder road, but I succeeded. I’m alive and I’ve survived everything, I’ve gotten a little stronger, ”Perry said at his album premiere. “Each track has its own story, a spot on the album,” he adds.

Katy in Prism’s Big Photo (2013)

After the two perfumes, Purr and Meow, came the third, which was named Killer Queen.

His first single, Roart from the album, was released on August 10, 2013, and soon landed first on the Billboard Hot 100, making it the eighth chart-topping song. Today, more than four million digital copies are sold in the United States alone.

It was around this time that he met John Mayer, with whom he dated for nearly half a year and then parted ways, but before that they had released their joint recording of Who You Love on August 20th.

On August 25, he closed the MTV Music Awards with a recording of Roar, so he performed live here for the first time. Roar’s video clip debuted on September 5th and it became the singer’s most viewed work. Nearly 60 million people were curious about it in five days.

Katy Perry’s new album exceeded expectations, selling 286,000 copies in its first week and opening second on the Billboard chart. The singles released from the album, Unconditionally, Dark Horse, Birthday and This Is How We Do, became hits one by one. And the Dark Horse with Roar and Juicy J is the singer’s biggest success to date.

Fooling around with footage: Roar’s video (2013)

Perry attended the premiere of Smurfs 2 on July 31, 2013, where Britney Spears also appeared.

On December 6, Katy was enriched with two more Grammy nominations for her Roar hit; You can claim the Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo categories. With the album, he toured around the world again on May 7, 2014, as part of The Prismatic World Tour.

She became a cover girl in the August 2014 issue of Rolling Stone, and in the interview, she touched on divisive topics such as feminism and the Illuminati. “ Listen, if there is such an illuminati, I want to join! Where do I sign? I want to be in it, “ Katy mused, questioning the club.

In 2014, she was honored with the biggest honor of her career, as she was selected as the halftone performer at the 2015 Super Bowl, so she can stand by names like Beyoncé or Madonna. His performance was watched by 118.7 million people in America, making it one of the Guinness Book of Records with the most-watched halftime show to date.

On June 17, 2014, he opened his own label, Metamorphosis Music, under Capitol Records. Perry said he wants to support emerging singers like him. His first performer was Ferras, with whom he recorded the song Legends Never Die.

By the end of the year, Perry had two more Grammy nominations, in the pop album of the year and best pop duo category.

A DVD version of The Prismatic World Tour, brought to the world by Epix, was released in March 2015. Perry appeared in the Madonna Bitch I’m Madonna video in June of this year, which many saw as a setback to Taylor Swift.

His fourth perfume, Mad Potion, was released at the end of the year.

2016-2018: WITNESS

Chained to the Rhythm promo image 2017 – Photo by KatyPerry.com

In May 2016, he confirmed that he was working on his new album. For the 2016 NBC Olympics, he was asked to earn an “anthem,” which was eventually titled Rie and released on July 14, 2016. “ This isn’t the first single, but it’s a good taste of what I’m doing right now,” he wrote on Twitter. He also felt that what the song was saying was relevant to the tragedy of recent times.

In August, he said he was in no hurry to release his fifth album: “I’m having fun, I’m experiencing new things, I’m working with other producers, I’m looking for new collaborations, and I want to come up with something different. ”

His love life was quiet all year round, but it was better: he formed a couple with actor Orlando Bloom, with whom he divorced in March 2017 as friends.

Katy was also active in the 2016 U.S. election campaign, fighting with all her might on Hillary Clinton’s side, as well as speaking out several times defending women’s rights. In January 2017, she also parade at the Women’s Marchon in Los Angeles. About two million American women nationwide attended the speech.

On February 7, 2017, he officially announced his return and announced his change of image to the entire world. Katy Perry is now conquering her blonde hair. The single CHAINED TO THE RHYTHM was released on February 10th. The song was co-written by Sia and featured by Skip Marley. The song was first performed live at the Grammy Awards on February 12th.

Two more promotional singles were released from the fifth album: Bon Appétit, which also featured Migos, and Swish Swish with Nicki Minaj. Perry attended an Ariana Grande charity concert in Manchester on June 4, where he performed an acoustic version of Part of Me in honor of the victims.

Witness finally debuted worldwide on June 9, topping the iTunes charts in 42 countries in ten minutes, setting additional records.

He was the host of the MTV Video Music Awards on August 27, 2017. He also performed a recording of Swish Swish with Nicki Minaj, whose video clip debuted the same month.

The last single of the year was a song by Hey called Hey Hey and an accompanying short film on December 20th.

Perry’s jury in American Idol began in March 2018 on ABC. In 2017, the singer signed a nearly $ 26 million contract with the talent show. The contract has been extended for the next season due to popularity and successful collaboration.

At the end of the Witness tour, he revealed that he had also officially closed the era and was already working on his new album.

On February 14, 2019, he was engaged to American actor Orlando Bloom. The same month, his new song, 375, was released with Zedd. In addition, a remix of Con Calma was released over the summer with Daddy Yankee and Snow. This was followed by three more singles; Never Really Over (May 31), Small Talk (August 9), and Harleys in Hawaii (October 16).

In addition to music, she continued her shoe collection in 2017, Katy Perry Collections, during the year.

2020: Smile

In 2020, Katy Perry’s new album, Smile, was released shortly after the birth of her baby girl, Daisy Dove Bloom. This was followed by the EP of Cosmic Energy, which also featured his new single, Not the End of the World.

He said of his little girl that his life began with his birth.

In 2021, he performed at Joe Biden’s inaugural Firework. its hit, which also surpassed the one billion views. And in December 2021, he will begin his Vegas residence.

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Katy Perry TOUR

»Hello Katy Tour (2009)
» California Dreams Tour (2011-2012)
»The Prismatic World Tour (2014-2015)
» Witness: The Tour (2017-2018)

»The Strangely Normal Tour (2001)
» The Warped Tour 2008 (2008)

Backing Band
»No Doubt – Summer Tour 2009 (North America) (2009)

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»Purr (2010)
» Meow (2011)
»Killer Queen (2013)
» Royal Revolution (2014)
»Killer Queen’s Spring Reign (2014)
» Mad Potion (2015)
»Mad Love (2016)

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– Formerly a Christian, now a much more pop/rock singer
– “Perry” ‘s mother’s maiden name
– She is the middle child of pastoral parents. He has a sister, Angela, and a younger brother, David.
– Her first single, I Kissed A Girl, was Top 1 on the Billboard chart for 4 weeks.
– 170 centimeters high.
– The style is unusual, he likes vintage pieces.
– Katy was vocal in one of the POD bands in 2006, Goodbye For Now.
– Katy wrote “Breakout” for Miley Cyrus, “Long Shot” for Kelly Clarkson, “Time’s Up” for Ashley Tisdale; and Selena Gomez’s “Rock God,” which has a demo and even a video for Long Shot,
was featured in a 2010 Proactiv Solution ad promising a solution for acne-prone skin.
– She has 4 tattoos (a strawberry on her left ankle, a candy on her right ankle, “Go with the Flow” on her right arm and “Jesus” on her left wrist)
– Vocal range is three octaves (D # 3 – C7)
– Her favorite band the Queen, and her favorite number is the Killer Queen


“Katy Perry Series:

– The Young and the Restless – Yourself (2008)
– Wildfire – Yourself (2008)
– Sesame Street – Yourself (2010)
– The Simpsons – Yourself (2010)
– Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – Yourself (2010)
– Saturday Night Live ( 2010-2011)
– How I Met Your Mother – Honey (2011)
– Raising Hope – Rikki (2012)

” Katy Perry Movies:

– Get Him to the Greek – Myself (2010)
– Out in the Desert – Myself (2010)
– Hupikék Dwarfs – Sync: Dwarf (2011)
– The Muppets – Myself (2011)
– Katy Perry: Part of Me – Documentary (2012) )
– Hupikék Dwarfs 2 – synchronized sound: Dwarf (2013)

» Katy Perry Talent researchers, where there was a guest jury:

– American Idol (2010)
– The X-Factor (2010)
– America’s Got Talent (2011)



Katy Hudson Katy Perry’s debut gospel-rock-style album, released on October 31, 2001 by the singer, who was still using her birth name. The Christian music album was released under the care of Red Hill Records when Perry was 15 years old. The singer later switched to mainstream pop music. He wrote 4 songs on the album and participated in the rest as a co-author. The first single was “Trust in Me.” The album received favorable reviews from the author of Christianity Today. Russ Breimeier, who greeted the singer’s voice and lyrics, described it as “a remarkable young talent and lyricist who is almost certain to achieve much more in life.” Production and promotion of the record came to an end after Red Hill Records ceased to exist in 2001.


1. Trust in Me (Katy Hudson / Mark Dickson) – 4:46
2. Piercing (Katy Hudson / Tommy Collier / Brian White) – 4:06
3. Search Me (Katy Hudson / Tommy Collier / Scott Faircloff) – 5: 00
4. Last Call (Katy Hudson) – 3:07
5. Growing Pains (Katy Hudson / Mark Dickson) – 4:05
6. My Own Monster  (Katy Hudson) – 5:25
7. Spit (Katy Hudson) – 5: 10
8. Faith Won’t Fail (Katy Hudson / Mark Dickson) – 5:14
9. Naturally (Katy Hudson / Scott Faircloff) – 4:33
10. When There’s Nothing Left (Katy Hudson) – 6:45
11. Naturally (single version) (Katy Hudson / Scott Faircloff) – 5:11 

————————————————– ————————————————– —————————————-

» ONE OF THE BOYS (June 17, 2008)

One of the Boys is the second major album and debut album by American singer-songwriter Katy Perry on her new label (Capitol Records). In addition to his publisher, he also changed his name, turning to mainstream pop music after Christian music in this form. It was released in the United States and Canada on June 17, 2008, and has sold more than 7 million copies by June 2010. The album features Billboard Hot 100, “I Kissed a Girl”, top 3 “Hot n Cold”, top 10 “Waking Up in Vegas” and top 30 “Thinking of You”. “. The record was platinum rated by the RIAA and brought the singer two Grammy nominations.


The singer says she has been working on the album since she was 19 years old. During his work, Perry faced a number of obstacles, resulting in publisher rejection and two unreleased albums. During this time, he wrote nearly 65-70 songs. Perry’s record has featured renowned producers including Greg Wells, Lukasz Gottwald, Dave Stewart and Max Martin. The singer had 3 of her own compositions on the album and was co-author of all the songs. Regarding the songs on the album, Perry stated that “Ur So Gay” “became the first single to introduce myself and have a backdrop for things” and “there will be a similar style of song on the album. ” According to him, important to him the lyrics, “there will be a lot of stories” and“there is a song that will make you cry while you dance and sing from the other.”


01. One Of The Boys
02. I Kissed A Girl
03. Waking Up In Vegas
04. Thinking Of You
05. Mannequin
06. Ur So Gay
07. Hot N Cold
08. If You Can Afford Me
09. Lost
10. Self Inflicted
11. I’m Still Breathing
12. Fingerprints

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» TEENAGE DREAM (August 24, 2010)

Teenage Dream is the third major album and second mainstream album by American singer-songwriter Katy Perry. It was released on August 24, 2010 in the United States. The disc’s first single was “California Gurls,” starring Snoop Dogg, and has been on the radio since May 7, 2010. The album’s second and title, “Teenage Dream,” was released on July 23, 2010.


Before recording his album, Perry told Rolling Stone, “ My second album is very important to me because I think it could show that I was born to do that or just got lucky. Of course, I don’t want to alienate my current audience. A lot of people think they’ve succeeded with a big thing, an idea, or a number, then taking a 180-degree turn is trying something completely different — I think that’s a pretty bad move. I feel like we need to feed on this and although we can taste something else, stay with the original recipe in some form. A few people are so full of themselves that they think anything they touch turns into gold, even though the only reason someone is famous is that there is someone who loves their music, so it’s worth paying attention to what these people say, “ he continued.–  “I’ll definitely stay at the pop. The Cardigans ‘Lovefool’ will meet Madonna’s ‘Into the Groove’, but there will be a little more meat on the bone in terms of lyrics. I’m not just talking about the beat and the dance, I really want content. ” The singer started recording her album on October 13, 2009 and remarked, “There are a couple of layers to get through, luckily Greg Wells is here to peel the point.” Perry has worked with renowned artists and producers such as Greg Wells, Guy Sigsworth, Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Ryan Tedder, Rivers Cuomo, Thaddis “Kuk” Harrell, Greg Kurstin, Benny Blanco, Darkchild, Cathy Dennis, Ester Dean, The -Dream and Christopher “Tricky” Stewart, who told Rap-Up magazine that the second album will be pop/rock like the first. He added:“It’s going to be a different kind of thing for me. It’s a very important project for me because people are waiting for what I’m going to do.”


01. Teenage Dream
02. Last Friday Night (TGIF)
03. California Gurls (feat. Snoop Dogg)
04. Firework
05. Peacock
06. Who Am I Living For?
07. The One That Got Away
08. ET
09. Circle The Drain
10. Pearl
11. Hummingbird Heartbeat
12. Not Like The Movies

————————————————– ————————————————– —————————————-

» Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection (March 23, 2012)

Extended, extra edition of Teenage Dream.

01. Teenage Dream
02. Last Friday Night (TGIF)
03. California Gurls feat. Snoop Dogg
04. Firework
05. Peacock
06. Circle The Drain
07. The One That Got Away
08. ET
09. Who Am I Living For?
10. Pearl
11. Hummingbird Heartbeat
12. Not Like The Movies
13. The One That Got Away (Acoustic)
14. Part Of Me
15. Wide Awake
16. Dressin ‘Up
17. ET feat. Kanye West
18. Last Friday Night (TGIF) feat. Missy Elliot
19. Tommie Sunshine’s Megasix Smash-Up

————————————————– ————————————————– —————————————-

» Prism  (October 22, 2013)

Official playlist – a deluxe album with extra songs:

01. Roar
02. Legendary Lovers
03. Birthday
04. Walking On Air
05. Unconditionally
06. Dark Horse (ft Juicy J)
07. This Is How We Do
08. International Smile
09. Ghost
10. Love Me
11. This Moment
12 Double Rainbow
13. By the Grace of God
14. Spiritual
15. It Takes Two
16. Choose Your Battles

» WITNESS  (June 9, 2017)

Official playlist – a deluxe album with extra songs:

1. Witness
2. Hey Hey Hey
3. Roulette
4. Swish Swish feat. Nicki Minaj
5. Déjà Vu
6. Power
7. Mind Maze
8. Miss You More
9. Chained to the Rhythm feat. Skip Marley
10. Tsunami
11. Bon Appétit feat. Migos
12. Bigger Than Me
13. Save as Draft
14. Pendulum
15. Into Me You See

» SMILE (2020)

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» About One of the Boy:

– I Kissed a Girl
– Hot n ‘Cold
– Thinking of You
– Waking Up In Vegas

» About Teenage Dream:

– California Gurls ft Snoop Dogg
– Teenage Dream
– Firework
– ET ft Kanye West
– Last Friday Night (TGIF)
– The One That Got Away

» About Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection:

– Part of Me
– Wide Awake

» About Prism:

– Roar
– Unconditionally
– Dark Horse ft Juicy J
– Birthday
– This Is How We Do


– Roar (Olympics 2016)

» About Witness:

– Chained to the Rhythm feat. Skip Marley
– Bon Appétit feat. Migos

» Smile:

– Daisies
– Never Really Over
– Harleys in Hawaii
– Never Worn White
– Not the End of the World


– If We Ever Meet Again – Timbaland & Katy Perry
– Starstrukk – 3OH! 3 & Katy Perry
– Who You Love – John Mayer & Katy Perry
– Legends Never Die – Ferras & Katy Perry

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