Is it safe to use body lotion on the face?

Can You Use Body Lotion On The Face?

You are late in leaving home for office. While getting ready in a hurry, you took out the moisturizer box from your cupboard and realized that it was over. When you ran out of face moisturizer, you quickly picked up the bottle of body lotion kept nearby and applied it on your face.

Like my mom, you might also think that there is no difference between skin moisturizer and body lotion. You can apply body lotion on the face without any hesitation. If you also feel the same, then think again, because body lotion is not at all good for a face care routine. To learn about the skin problems that can occur due to applying body lotion on the face, we spoke to Delhi-based beautician Mahi Sharma.

Can we apply body lotion on the face?

Answering this question, Mahi Sharma said that the skin of the face and body may look similar, but it is quite different. While the skin of your body is a little thick and does not react quickly, the skin of your face is thin and sensitive. All the parts of the body do not have to face the harmful effects of sun rays, pollution, and dust, but the facial skin has to face all these things. That’s why facial moisturizers are completely different. Mahi Sharma said that applying body lotion on the face can cause many problems like skin allergies, freckles, etc.

Why body lotion should not be applied to the face?

Mahi says that body lotion should not be used on the face because it can cause allergies. Body lotions are prepared in such a way that they work only on thick skin. Using body lotion on the face can cause problems like acne, pimples and sometimes irritation.

What happens if I apply body lotion on my face?

Answering this question, the beautician said that the formula for making body lotion is heavier than that of face moisturizer. If a woman, man or child applies body lotion on the face, it does not get absorbed quickly into the skin, due to which the pores get clogged. Due to clogged facial pores, problems like blackheads and breakouts can occur.

Beautician says that if you ever run out of face moisturizer and are looking for an alternative to apply on your face in a hurry, then you can apply natural things like coconut oil, ghee on your face.

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