How to start in the gym – Step By Step for beginners

The gym can be a perfect method to get in shape, lose weight and release tension and, in fact, it is quite likely that you have thought many times about starting to go or practice more sports. Going to the gym is one of the annual resolutions with the most followers, but also with the most dropouts. If you want to know how to start in the gym, pay attention to the tips for beginners that we explain below, because in this article, we will discover the best practical tips to start in the gym and make it your new routine.

Steps to start in the gym if you are a beginner

If you are considering starting to go to the gym, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Find a gym that suits your needs. It sounds silly, but your choice of a gym can determine whether or not you visit it often. Try looking for it near home, work, or on the way to both. In this way, you will not be so lazy to move and, think about it, you can even save time and cost.
  • Don’t know how to train? Make yourself a schedule. Think about your goals and establish some routines. To do this, we recommend writing down when you want to go (before going to work, at lunchtime, in the afternoon, at the end of the day…), how many times a week you will do this routine (be sensible and start with a routine of a gym for beginners, you can always increase the frequency and difficulty later) and how long the sessions will last and how you will structure the exercises (to begin with we recommend sessions of between 30 and 45 minutes, to increase the duration progressively). On the other hand, what is your goal: why and why go to the gym? Setting a goal will help give you momentum and desire to achieve the challenge.
  • Prepare everything before going to the gym. Although it may seem silly, always having the bag ready will help you overcome the laziness of having to go home beforehand. There is no time to lose!
  • Trust yourself and if you don’t know what exactly you have to do, ask for help. There are personal trainers who will help you perform the most suitable exercises for you, taking into account your condition and your goals. Do not be more aware of others than yourself and do not feel self-conscious: you are in the gym to get in shape and you will achieve it. If you want, to begin with, you can try going at quieter hours, in order to gain safety and comfort little by little.
  • Always hydrate before and after your sports sessions, this way you will prevent your physical performance from diminishing.
  • Always warm up before starting the exercises and do your pre-established routine with enthusiasm.
  • Lastly, always congratulate yourself after completing a workout and keep track of your consistency. Works!

The effort of going to the gym pays off

Before joining any gym you should know that exercise is a matter of attitude. You must be aware that taking this step will require effort, time and, above all, discipline.

We know that it is very common to get discouraged the first time you set foot in the gym. Feeling out of place and surrounded by machines that you don’t really know how they work can seem like a big obstacle. But for you to have a healthier body, you must empower your mind, set a goal, and trust your chances to improve yourself. Once you put the gym into your routines, you won’t be able to leave it. You will discover that the effort of going to the gym pays off! First Day at Gym | Workout for Beginners | With Yatinder Singh

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