How to increase hip size in men

One of the largest muscles is the hip muscle. There are four groups of hip muscles: lateral rotators or abductors, adductors, hip extensors, and hip flexorsTo increase the size of these, it is necessary to train all four muscle groups. However, before any strength training, consult your doctor, especially if you haven’t exercised recently or have a medical condition.

Steps to follow:

1. Train your abductor’s muscles. The hip abductors consist of the external and internal obturators, piriformis, and the superior and inferior gastrocnemius. This muscle group works on the outside of the hip and thigh, moving the leg out and away from the body.

2. To train these muscles, do abduction exercise. Stand in front of a low pulley that is on your right side. Connect the ankle bracelet, make sure the cable is away from your left leg. Take a ballet barre. Cross your legs in front. Next, move your left leg to the opposite side of the low pulley by hip abduction. Turn around and do the same exercise with the abductor muscle of your right foot.

3. Train your adductors. These are the adductors brevis, magnus, pectineus, longus and medial rectus. The adductor muscles are located in the middle or inside of the hip and thigh. That allows you to move your legs towards the body.

4. You can train your adductor muscles with a static adductor lift. Place ankle weights at your feet. Lie on your side, leg crossed over the other leg, foot of the top leg flat on the floor. Raise your leg about 30 degrees. Hold the elevator for as long as you can, then lower it slowly. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.

5. Work your hip extensors, the largest group of muscles. They are made up of the posterior muscles of the gluteus maximus, minimus, medius, and the tensor fasciae latae. Hip extensors will help extend the leg or move it backward.

6. Lie on the floor with your forearms and one knee, the other knee bent at 90 degrees a few inches off the ground. Slowly raise your bent leg as far as it will go. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.

7. Train your hip flexors. The hip flexor muscle is made up of the iliopsoas muscle and the quadratus femoris, rectus femoris muscle, and sartorius. The hip flexors are for bending or lifting the leg to walk.

8. Lie on one side on the floor and your top leg forward and back at hip level. To do another exercise, lie on your back and pull one knee toward your chest, and extend the other leg out about 60 degrees from the ground. Next, switch legs, give a feeling that the hip opens. Repeat the procedure for around eight to 10 repetitions. According To GetFitso How to do Hip exercises for men?

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