How To Hip Slimming Exercises

Slim your hips with an exercise routine that will help you reduce fat and achieve a slimmer silhouette. Many people tend to have accumulated fat in this part of the body, especially women, so there are a series of exercises that are indicated to work this area, burning the accumulation that there is and achieving a much more visible result and aesthetically pretty. Next, we are going to show you some exercises to lose weight in your hips with which you will get the body that you want so much. Do you sign up for the challenge?

Steps to follow:

1. We start with one of the most basic hip slimming exercises out there. You will have to place yourself on a mat tilting your body and joining your legs completely straight on top of each other. In this position, you will have to raise the leg that you have resting on top of, trying to reach the highest point you can; then lower the leg without touching the ground, that is, without resting, and raise it up again.

To be able to do this exercise correctly you will have to repeat this movement 15 times and then change legs. Do 3 sets of 15 for 4 or 5 times a week and you will see results in no time.

Exercises to lose weight in the hip - Step 1
2. Another of the best exercises out there is the following. It is about supporting your whole body against the ground by bending your knees in a 90-degree arc; then stretch your arms so they are relaxed next to your torso.

The exercise consists of raising your hips towards the ceiling trying not to bend your back so as not to damage it, you will have to go up and down your hips without ever touching the ground; in this way you get to burn much more and that the muscles work. Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions every time you train and you will see how your hips are outlined.

Exercises to lose weight in the hips - Step 2
3. We continue with another very effective way to get lower hips by exercising. It is a variation of the first exercise that we have indicated but increasing, a little, its difficulty. We will have to place ourselves laterally on the ground, joining the legs and resting the elbow on the ground.

The exercise consists of raising both legs at the same time, ensuring that they do not touch the ground at any time; You will have to do 15 repetitions, rest and repeat until you complete 3 series. You will notice that it is somewhat more complicated than the previous exercises, so, we recommend that you do it after a few weeks of training.

Exercises to lose weight in the hips - Step 3
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4. Another exercise to reduce hips is to use dumbbells to get more muscle tone. You will have to stand on the mat holding a dumbbell or weight with each hand (the weight of it must be determined by you and increase as you notice more ease); keep your legs slightly apart and slightly bent so as not to strain your knees.

The exercise consists of taking a stride to one of the sides, flexing the knee as much as possible and lowering it as far as we can towards the ground; then we return to the starting position and repeat 15 times. We change legs and perform the same exercise that we will have to repeat in 3 series with each leg.

Exercises to lose weight in the hips - Step 4
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5. Finally, another of the best exercises to lose weight in the hips consists of standing parallel to the ground, holding your arms fully stretched and the tips of your toes. You will have to ensure that your back is completely straight to avoid any injury or ailment that may result from malpractice.

The exercise is very simple because you only have to raise one of your legs up and lower it without touching the ground; do 15 reps then switch legs. Although it seems easy, the truth is that it is an expensive exercise and with which you will feel how all the muscles in the area come to work. With 3 series of 15 you will be able to see results in a short time.

Exercises to slim the hip - Step 5
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6. But in addition to these exercises for the hips that work in a localized way to reduce this area, it is important to add another type of practice to your training routine that will burn the accumulated fat and, thus, make your muscle work look much faster.

In order to tone an area, it is important to also eliminate fat, so you will have to add some cardiovascular exercises to your training, such as cycling, treadmill or elliptical, which will activate your circulation, making your body have to go to its reserves of fat to be able to take advantage of it and transform it into energy.

At least 20 minutes of your training must be dedicated to this sport practice since it will help you keep your body in optimal health conditions and, in addition, reduce saturated fat reserves.

Exercises to lose weight in the hip - Step 6
7. To achieve a visible effect on your body, it will be essential that you accompany your exercises to reduce hips with a healthy diet that provides your body with the necessary nutrients but without increasing fat reserves, therefore, you should opt for a light diet in which they abound vegetables, proteins and fruits and that the intake of carbohydrates and refined products is controlled.

It will also be essential that you increase your water consumption to 2 liters a day to promote the elimination of toxins, reduce fluid retention and ensure that your body is properly hydrated.

Exercises to lose weight in the hip - Step 7

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