How To Do A Barbell Row

Exercising is one of the routines that can most help us to have a healthy life and reach old age in the best conditions, in addition to a healthy and nutrient-rich diet. For some time now, more and more people have been committed to this goal and have joined a gym or training room to tone their muscles and stay in shape. However, there are some exercises that, in addition to modeling our figure and strengthening us, can also help us correct positions and postures and have a better quality of life for our joints. In this case, the barbell row exercise can be a great solution to correct and improve your back and its muscles.

That is why, in this new article, we are going to tell you how to row with a horizontal bar step by step so that you can do it correctly and, also, we will tell you what the frequent mistakes are in its execution to avoid any problems. type of injury.

Table Of Content

1. How to do a horizontal row with bar step by step
2. Muscles involved in the barbell row
3. Common mistakes when doing barbell rows

How to do a horizontal row with a bar step by step

This exercise does not require much prior preparation and its execution could be reminiscent of the deadlift. However, although a priori we do not notice that we are doing a lot of force, it is a very effective technique when it comes to exercising and improving our back and arms. Follow these steps to do a horizontal bar row With Jeremy Ethier :

  1. Stand up with your knees slightly bent.
  2. The key to being able to work well in this exercise is to keep your back straight at all times, with your shoulders aligned and your lower back and buttocks in the same imaginary line.
  3. The gaze should be forward, looking towards the ground and the arms extended in dead weight towards the ground, being careful not to bend the back.
  4. Grab the bar with both hands and, with your wrists straight and locked, begin to bring it toward your chest, opening your elbows slightly at the end to get as close as possible.
  5. As you return to the ground, control the movement and don’t let your arms drop due to the inertia of the weight of the bar.
  6. Repeat between 10 and 15 times, lasting each rise and fall an interval of two seconds for each movement.

We recommend knowing some variants of the barbell row, such as the T-bar row or pointe row or the dumbbell row. To do this, here you can read about How to do dumbbell rowing exercises and watch the video below.

Muscles involved in the barbell row

What works with the barbell row? As summary, we can indicate that these muscles are worked in this exercise:

  • Back muscles.
  • Biceps brachii.
  • brachioradialis.
  • trapezoids
  • rear delts.
  • Major round.
  • Small round.
  • Wide back.
  • The external area of ​​the upper pectoral.
  • Rhomboid.
  • infraspinatus.
  • erector spine.
  • Adductors.
  • hamstrings
  • Oblique crunches.
  • Front crunches.

Thus, barbell rowing is an exercise focused on the back muscles and, precisely for this reason, these are the ones that have the most involvement. This technique may not require you to have very advanced resistance, but the repetition of the movements will make us work with precision the entire back at the same time.

When raising the bar with the weight we choose, we will be activating the muscles of the arms, such as the brachial biceps or the brachioradialis. However, on the descent, with an effort of tension and containment, we will be working a lot on all the trunk muscles, such as the trapezius muscle, the posterior deltoid, the teres major and minor, the latissimus dorsi, the rhomboid and the infraspinatus.

Without a doubt, by maintaining a weekly routine of this exercise, you will notice the results and you will be able to benefit from the advantages of having a toned and firm back, correcting your posture and helping to reduce back pain.

Common mistakes when doing barbell rows

The barbell rowing exercise can be one of the most complete and recommended to improve and repair the damage to our back. However, we must be very careful when doing it and know the technique well because, if it is done in the wrong way, we can cause a back injury almost without realizing it and worsen the situation. The main mistakes when doing barbell rowing are With Renaissance Periodization:

  • Not keeping your back straight and ending up sinking or rounding it
  • The bar should go in the direction of the pectorals, but to the lower part, not to the upper chest area where, by inertia, it is where it usually goes wrong.
  • Move or make twists with the wrists. These must be immobile with the movement since otherwise we can overload them.
  • Displace the pelvis too much in each up or down movement. The pelvis should move slightly with the rise and fall but it should not be an excessive rotation since we can generate too much tension.
  • Inertia will tell us that the more weight we put on, the more we must raise the trunk on each climb. However, the movement must come from the back, so both the trunk and the back must remain still and straight. It is advisable to start with less weight until you master the correct movement.

Now that you know the barbell row exercise better, you may want to learn more about this type of exercise and its benefits. We recommend you read this other post about What are the benefits of rowing.

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