How can I enhance my 20-month-old baby’s brain development?

At 20 months, your baby is very interested in whatever you do. He, at this age, likes to imitate adults. Practical life activities help a lot in this matter. It is very important to involve them in household chores and teach them life skills. Studies and books are anyway going to be a part of their life.

Sure, it takes a lot of time for a child to peel an onion that you can use in the kitchen, but they get a lot of fun completing this task. Helping elders boosts their self-esteem. And it is a fine motor activity that improves concentration and helps with hand-eye coordination.

Taking care of one’s materials is also suggested as an activity for children in Montessori; They go through a sensitive period around this age. Give them opportunities to clean up their toys. Give them a tub full of water with some scrubbers and they can do the job just fine. In the picture here, my son understood that he can wash his toy (truck) in the rain and he went out on the terrace to wash it. And then he washed the truck using a napkin. This helps in building sequence skills and the concentration of children appears amazing in such activities.

Boy or girl, playing with dolls is a must for any child. A boy becomes a father in the future and a girl, a mother. When they play with dolls, when they feed them, and when they pretend to bathe them, children learn empathy and caring. Therefore, it is important that we do not let whether children are boys or girls depending on their choice of play items.

Involve your child in household chores wherever you can and soon you will see how excited they will be to help you. They prefer practical life activities.

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