Five Facts about Comet Goldfish, Beautiful Tailed Fish from the United States

Ornamental fish fans certainly know this one animal, right? Yup, this is comet goldfish. As the name implies, they are not much different from other types of goldfish because they belong to the same tribe.

Also known as the comet-tail goldfish, one of the attractions of this animal is its beautiful long tail. However, do you know why they are nicknamed “comets”? So, in order to know the answer, let’s just look at the following five comet goldfish facts, let’s go!

1. Brother of standard goldfish with a single forked tail

As the name suggests, comet goldfish belong to the carp family (tribe), namely Cyprinidae. Physically, this fish with the scientific name Carassius auratus auratus is very similar to the standard goldfish ( common goldfish ). This is because the Comet is indeed a direct descendant of the standard goldfish.

Even so, there are still striking differences, namely in the tail fin. If the standard goldfish’s tail is short and stiff, it’s different with the Comet which has a single limply forked tail.

These characteristics make the fins move beautifully like cloth in water. Beautiful fins that can match the length of his body is also what make this fish nicknamed “comet”. In addition, the difference between the two species also lies in their body size. The Animal World page says that adult comet goldfish are even smaller than standard goldfish.

2. In the United States, comet goldfish were bred since the 19th century

Comet goldfish are indeed popular among ornamental fish enthusiasts in the country. However, comet-tail goldfish don’t actually come from Indonesia, but from Uncle Sam’s country, you know!

Based on Animal World, Hugo Mullet of Philadelphia was the one who first introduced the comet goldfish. He bred the common goldfish in the 1800s or early 19th century. From this breeding program, offspring emerged in the form of the comet-tail goldfish that we know today.

Because it is the result of breeding, comet goldfish are not found in the wild, Guys. As a result, this one aquatic animal is also not listed on the IUCN Red List. Can we say, they are house fish, huh?

3. His body is small but active and greedy

As previously explained, comet-tail goldfish are small animals. The average body length is around 10 cm. Even so, they are very active fish, Guys.

Comet goldfish like to swim quickly here and there. In this case, it is necessary to provide an aquarium large enough for them to remain active. The Aquarium Source page recommends that you give an aquarium with a size ranging from 120 x 50 x 50 cm.

Actually, it’s even more difficult to place the comet-tail goldfish in a pond. With this larger space, it not only expands the range of motion but also allows them to grow up to 20-30 cm, you know! No wonder this fish is also known as a pond comet.

Besides being active, comet-tail goldfish are also voracious fish. Known as an omnivore and not picky about food, the Carassius auratus auratus is able to eat as much food as possible until there is no left for other fish. Wow, small chili peppers, here!

4. Strong and friendly fish

One of the main reasons why many people love comet goldfish is their unspoiled nature. They are hardy and can adapt easily in a wide variety of environments. The Goldfish Tank also added, the pond comet can even survive in water temperatures below 0 degrees though!

However, that does not mean we can carelessly take care of it. Aquarium Source launches, you have to make sure the aquarium or pond where the fish are located is similar to the habitat of their ancestors—Prussian carp, which is an environment where the water is cold with slow currents.

Specifically, make sure the water temperature is within the temperature range of 18–20 degrees Celsius, the pH (acidity) of the water is 6.5–7.5. Not only that, for aquarium/pond water contains high oxygen levels. In addition, fish that can live up to 5-15 years are quite friendly, you know! They are not aggressive so they can live peacefully with other species. From Aquarium Source, some examples of animals you can pair with the Comet are

1. koi;
2. guppy fish;
3. zebrafish;
4. black tetras;
5. shubunkin fish; and even
6. axolotl.

5. Comet goldfish come in various colors, for example black

black Comet

Generally, comet-tail goldfish have a reddish-orange body. However, there are also those that come in yellow, red, orange, brown, and even black.

Not only that, there is also a comet pond with a combination of two colors, you know! Their name is Sarasa Comet, their bodies are characterized by red and white markings so that they look like Kohaku koi.

In some cases, comet goldfish can change their body color naturally. A number of people revealed that their fish changed from red to white.

Animal World explains that this can be delayed by the food and the amount of light the fish consume. Therefore, to maintain their color, give pond comets fresh food with adequate aquarium/pond lighting and plants for them to shelter.

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