Exercises to fatten the legs

Although for many people the goal is often to achieve slimmer legs, many others want precisely the opposite; get more muscle mass in the lower extremities so that they look stronger and/or stylized.

This is common in people whose anatomy is characterized by very thin legs and a noticeably larger trunk and arms, either due to physical work or because it is where they have a greater tendency to accumulate fat. Certain physical activities can help us develop muscle mass in the lower extremities, we explain what exercises to gain weight in the legs can help you achieve your goal. According To Fitnfierceneetu WEIGHT GAIN WORKOUT

Steps to follow:

1. Lifting weights with your legs is one of the most suitable activities to gain muscle volume in this area. You can do it both on the gym machines and in your own home, putting weights on your ankles that suit your needs.

In the latter case, lie on a mat on your back with the weights on your ankles and begin to lift your legs alternately, without bending your knees, until they form a 90-degree angle with the ground. Move as fast as you can (without hurting yourself) and perform 10 reps on each leg.

Exercises to fatten the legs - Step 1
2. A maxim that you should keep in mind when doing exercises to fatten your legs is that to gain muscle volume you have to move fast and the activity must be intense. Otherwise, you would only get to slim down your legs even more, losing the fat you may already have.
3. Doing exercises to fatten your legs with steps is a very good idea. You will feel less tired if you do it in a sports center following the rhythm set by a monitor, together with other colleagues and with musical accompaniment.

However, you can also do it from the comfort of your home. Try to keep a high pace, so that the leg muscles can develop favorably, and do not lower the intensity of your training.

Exercises to fatten the legs - Step 3
4. When it comes to mentioning the best exercises to fatten your legs, we cannot forget the sprints; training that will help you achieve your goals faster.

Do short runs, about 20 seconds, as fast as you can. Rest for a few seconds and, when you have recovered your breathing rhythm, repeat the short runs again. In general, in all these intense exercises it is very important that you make a good muscle recovery to avoid overloads and injuries, so it is essential that you do not skip stretching.

5. Squatting with weights is an ideal exercise to fatten up your legs. If you are not in very good physical shape, it will cost you a bit to do it, so it is convenient that you start by doing simple squats without weights.

When you have mastered the technique, start using low weights, and gradually increase the resistance. In the following video, we explain how to squat with weights correctly. According To JeremyEthier STOP Doing Squats Like This (SAVE YOUR JOINTS!)

6. In addition to doing these exercises, to fatten your legs you can help yourself with a diet rich in protein.

On the other hand, it will be very useful for you to increase the calories in your diet, as this way the muscles will be able to grow more quickly.

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