Does Your Child Breathe Through The Mouth?

The happiest thing for parents is to see their child’s first tooth emerge. By the age of two years, all the teeth gradually appear in the child, and this set of 20 teeth is ready.

But many times you see that those teeth are not properly aligned, they appear at odd angles, or they overlap each other. This situation is known as crowded. how does this work? What is the solution to this? Let us understand this situation in depth.

What causes crowded teeth?

Crowded teeth have become a common problem in today’s children. This is a result of poor jaw development. This is not due to hereditary factors or the germination of large teeth in a small jaw.

Reasons for crowding or wrong teeth

  • mouth breathing
  • tongue thrust
  • swallow upside down
  • thumb sucking

If the shape and function of the child’s jaws are correct, there is enough space for the teeth to develop. Myofunctional factors restrict the growth of the jaws, leading to misaligned teeth. Let’s take a look at these factors.

1. Mouth breathing

Does Your Child Breathe Through The Mouth

If your child is a mouth breather, their tongue will be unable to relax properly and the mouth will remain open. This hinders the proper growth of the jaw and facial muscles, causing them to move downwards and backward, resulting in a narrow jaw and an underdeveloped face.

2. Tongue thrust

Tongue thrust

The tongue determines the shape of the upper jaw. If the child has a habit of repeatedly biting the tongue or has a low position of the tongue, then the upper teeth do not get space and the lower jaw gets pushed backward and downwards, then the jaw will become narrow and there will be no space for the teeth to grow straight. Will not get it.

3. Ingestion

Incorrect Swallowing When the tongue moves forward and the lips push back while swallowing, your front teeth are pushed backward and this can cause crowding of your teeth.

4. Thumb Sucking

Thumb Sucking

In children who suck their thumb, the strength of the lips and cheeks affects the condition of the teeth and jaw. While sucking the thumb, the child finds it difficult to seal his lips together and when swallowing, overactivity increases and wrong jaw development occurs.

Is there any solution for misaligned teeth?

Nowadays, most children are having crowded teeth and their jaw is developing incorrectly. These symptoms start increasing from the age of 3, dentists usually recommend waiting until the child is older to get braces and extractions. Does not deserve treatment. Braces are a very good way to straighten teeth. Parents do not know of any other option, so they stop all other treatments and consult their doctor until the child is 12 to 14 years old. And we also know that this solution will not work permanently. If the braces are removed, the teeth will regress and crowding will occur, especially if the child does not wear them consistently.

Early treatment is a great way to prevent dental crowding in children. Once the face and jaw have grown then it is impossible. But if seen, there is a different approach to conservative treatment. Myobrace can correct myofunctional factors much sooner than traditional treatments and most often without the use of braces or extractions. Nurturing a child’s natural development using this technique also allows children to develop their genetic potential.

What more? Myobrace avoids the painful extractions that are necessary in most cases of braces. So this is a great way to straighten teeth and also ensure a good facial profile.
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