Does Consuming Potato Paratha Lead to Weight Gain?

Can Aloo Paratha Lead To Weight Gain: In the winter season, if you have hot potato paratha with butter for morning breakfast, then the whole day is complete. Why not just breakfast? If you have paratha in lunch and dinner also, the heart becomes happy. In the winter season, many types of parathas are made with cabbage, spinach, fenugreek, paneer and many more, but potato paratha is different. Potato Paratha is not only liked by the elderly but it is also considered a favorite of children. Potato paratha may taste very tasty, but it is said that eating it leads to rapid weight gain.

Does eating Aloo Paratha increase weight?

Dietician Snehal Alsule says that eating potato paratha leads to weight gain, it is a myth. Eating potato paratha in the winter season is very beneficial for health. An adequate amount of nutrition is found in it. The high glycemic index present in potato paratha makes you feel full for a longer period, which helps in controlling hunger. The dietitian says, ‘Paratha is indeed a great recipe that you can include in your weight loss diet with some changes. Just keep in mind that your diet plan should be such that you can include parathas also.

How to make Aloo Paratha healthy?

Dietician says that wheat flour can be replaced to make potato paratha even more healthy. She believes you can replace wheat flour with a gluten-free, fiber-rich healthy option. Aloo paratha can be made healthier by trying different flour options like high-fiber flour like wheat bran, oat flour, jowar, bajra, ragi, etc.

How many calories are there in Aloo Paratha?

Talking about the calories of Potato Paratha, it contains 117 to 130 calories. In which carbohydrates contain 90 calories, protein 13 calories and the remaining fat. If you are making potato paratha with ghee and butter then the amount of calories in it may increase.

How many parathas should one eat in a day?

When it comes to how many parathas to eat in a day, there is no exact answer. Every person can consume parathas according to his hunger. However, as long as you know how to eat parathas in a healthy manner, 2 to 3 parathas can be eaten in a day.

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