Diamond push-ups: how to do them and what muscles work

One of the most practiced exercises to work the body in a functional way are push-ups. Among the different variants of push-ups that can be done, one of the most used are the diamond push-ups, also known as diamond push-ups. Its practice adds more difficulty to the exercise compared to traditional push-ups and helps the work of other muscle groups, especially the triceps.

The execution of diamond push-ups resembles that of traditional push-ups, but by changing the position in which the hands are placed. Perhaps they may seem more complicated to do, but it is easy knowing the procedure. To discover how to do diamond push-ups and what muscles they work.

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1. How to do diamond pushups
2. What muscles do diamond push-ups work?
3. Benefits of doing diamond push-ups

How to do diamond pushups

To put diamond push-ups into practice, follow these steps:

  1. Lie on your stomach or in a prone position.
  2. Place the balls of your feet on the ground together, almost touching.
  3. Form a diamond or triangle under your chest with your hands. To make the diamond shape, you must join the two thumbs on the ground and the two tips of the index fingers. Make sure you support the entire palm of your hand.
  4. Raise your entire body, trying to keep your hips aligned with your back, shoulders and head, that is, you have to maintain a straight line.
  5. Once you manage to maintain a plank position, with your body completely aligned from head to toe and your arms fully extended, flex your arms again so that you can lower your entire body at the same time until your chest touches your hands.
  6. Repeat the exercise as many times as you consider appropriate until you complete the series you want to do.

In diamond push-ups, it is very important to raise and lower your shoulders and hips at the same time. In this way, the whole body is aligned during the execution of these push-ups. It is also essential that the elbows remain close to the torso at the moment in which the arms are flexed to prevent injuries and to be able to work the appropriate muscles.

What muscles do diamond push-ups work?

By performing diamond push-ups or diamond push-ups, you will work your strength intensely. In addition, you will be requesting a considerable effort from the muscles corresponding to the upper body.

Among the main muscle groups that are worked with diamond push-ups are the triceps and the pectoralis major. Secondarily, during the exercise the abdominals and lower back also participate, which collaborate to maintain an adequate position while flexing occurs. The deltoids are another muscle group targeted with diamond push-ups by keeping the shoulders and upper back in a fixed position.

Diamond push-ups involve intense movement, so first-timers can do them with their knees flat on the floor and their feet further apart. In this way, the difficulty of executing the exercise decreases. Even so, doing diamond pushups will notice a great work done by your muscles from the first moment, especially when you accumulate several repetitions.

Benefits of doing diamond push-ups

As it is an exercise that is a great challenge for the body, demanding a lot of strength in the arms, performing diamond push-ups is a good way to increase the level of personal sports routines. The physical setup is one of the great benefits of its practice.

By completing the entire route and executing the correct technique, you will carry out effective work on the muscle fibers. In any case, it is important to highlight that all this requires a great effort, so you must be psyched beforehand to put it into practice, but also to graduate it to your current physical state and progress, to avoid injuries.

Depending on the trajectory made during the exercise, differences will be marked between the benefited muscles. If you go down to practically touch your chest with your hands on the ground, the development of the triceps will be greater.

On the other hand, if you only do half of the trajectory, the stimulus of the exercise will be concentrated in your chest. With this data, at OneHOWTO we try to help you choose the ideal exercises for your routine in terms of diamond push-ups at all times.

However, it is just as important to highlight the benefits of doing diamond push-ups as the inconveniences that their practice entails if they are not done properly. And it is that the flexion of the elbows can cause injuries if it is not carried out correctly. The problem for the elbows is that, if the hands are not placed correctly and flexion occurs, you perform an internal rotation with the shoulders, forcing them excessively. So make sure you do diamond push-ups well to reap the benefits and avoid the risk of injury.

Now that you know how to do diamond push-ups or diamond push-ups, which muscles work and their benefits, we encourage you to learn about the benefits of doing push-ups of different types.

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