Can You Answer Why The Sky Is Blue? Here are 11 Facts!

Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue? Is there a connection with the sea which is also blue? In fact, if you approach, the color of the seawater is transparent.

Actually, the answer to this question is quite simple. Here’s the scientific explanation.

1. Sunlight does look white, but actually, it is made of all colors aka rainbow

2. White light when passing through the prism will scatter into the colors of the rainbow

3. Similar to sunlight, when it enters the earth’s atmosphere, the light will be scattered into various waves in the form of the colors of the rainbow

4. Light energy moves in waves like waves, some waves move long (red) and some move low (blue) or it is called Rayleigh scattering.

5. High wavelengths are caught by the eye into red, orange, and yellow colors

6. Meanwhile, low wavelengths catch the eye as blue, purple, and green colors

7. Colors with high waves will continue in a straight line, while low waves are spread in all directions so that you predominantly see the blue color for the sky

8. Meanwhile, dusk changes the color of the sky to red-orange because the sun’s position changes from above to slightly tilted

9. Because the distance is getting further, the light that penetrates the atmosphere is getting thicker

10. A red sky occurs when high waves penetrate a thick atmosphere, while a blue sky occurs when low waves penetrate a thin atmosphere

11. Instead, the blue color of the sea is a reflection of the sky

That is why the sky we see is blue. Then it turns red at dusk. Come on, share this simple but important info with those closest to you. Manocha Academy Answer Why is the Sky Blue? | Scattering of Light

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