Stress During Pregnancy Become Cause Of Premature Delivery

Can Stress During Pregnancy Lead To Premature Delivery

The journey of 9 months of pregnancy is very difficult. During this period, many changes occur in women physically and mentally. Many times, due to hormonal changes, irritability, anger and stress are seen during pregnancy. Stress is very common during pregnancy, but it has a direct impact on the child growing in the womb. Gynecologist Dr. Ila Jalote of Manipal Hospital, Gurugram, says that due to excessive stress during pregnancy, it has a bad effect on the heart system, digestive system, immune system and mental health. Women suffering from stress and mental problems during pregnancy often question whether this can increase the risk of premature delivery (premature birth of a child). If you also have this question in your mind, then let us know the answer.

Stress During Pregnancy Become Cause Of Premature Delivery
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Can stress during pregnancy be the cause of premature delivery?

“Due to excessive stress during pregnancy, the mental and physical development of the baby in the womb slows down. Also, due to being under stress for a long time during this period, the time of birth of the child gets delayed.” There is also a risk of this happening before.  “Stress during pregnancy can affect the development of the fetus. This can limit the blood flow in the uterus, which can reduce the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the baby in the womb. This can affect the development and overall health of the fetus, increasing the risk of premature delivery. Therefore, it is important for women to remain happy and smiling after conceiving.” Experts also say that if a woman takes too much stress during pregnancy, it also affects her fertility.

What are the disadvantages of premature delivery?

Experts say that if a child is delivered prematurely, then iron deficiency is seen in it. Due to iron deficiency, the mental and physical development of the child slows down.

Adopt these methods to reduce stress during pregnancy

Adopt healthy lifestyle

Dr. says that it is very important to adopt a healthy lifestyle to avoid stress and other mental problems during pregnancy. For this, take a balanced diet, keep the body hydrated, and do light exercise. Consult your doctor about which exercise should be done in which month of pregnancy.

Get enough sleep

One of the main reasons for stress during pregnancy is not getting proper sleep. According to Dr. Ila Jalote, stress levels can be reduced by getting proper sleep during pregnancy. For this, set your sleeping and waking time.

Practice relaxation techniques

Incorporate relaxation techniques into your daily routine. Do deep breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga to relax the muscles.

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