Can Google AI Technology Predict Heart Disease by Scanning Human Eyes?

Google AI Technology can Predict Heart Disease by Scanning Human Eyes: The world’s search engine Google is working on completing official work quickly through its Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI. Google, which solves office and school tasks in less time, is now going to bring a new revolution in the medical and healthcare sectors.

Google is working on the technology to detect diseases in humans through eyes through AI. According to media reports, Google is working on a technology through which AI will be able to detect heart-related diseases by scanning the eyes. If this happens then the diseases developing in the human body will be accurately detected in a short time. Besides, treatment of diseases will also be possible at the right time, which will save the patient’s life.

Google’s Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai says that in the future Google will use deep analysis of AI, through which the diseases developing inside the human being can be detected by scanning the retina of the eyes. Sundar Pichai says that for this there will be no need to take any kind of blood, urine or any other sample.

Google joined hands with this institute

To work on this project, Google has joined hands with India’s famous eye care chain Arvind Eye Hospital. If reports are to be believed, both institutes are working together on detecting diabetic retinopathy through AI. For information, let us tell you that the eyes of a patient suffering from diabetes become weak.

In some cases, the patient also loses his eyesight. The damage caused to the eyes due to diabetes is called diabetic retinopathy in medical language. Google has developed an algorithm to detect diabetic retinopathy. Earlier this year, Google had already introduced an algorithm capable of identifying a person’s gender, and smoking status and predicting a five-year risk of heart attack, all based on retinal imagery. Is.

There will be no need for these medical tests in the future

If Google completes the work of detecting diseases through eyes in the medical field, then in the future there will be no need for traditional medical tests like X-ray, MRI, and CT-scan to detect diseases.

Skin-related diseases will be detected through Google lens

Apart from heart problems, Google has already worked on detecting skin-related diseases with the help of AI. The blog released by Gagool states that through the lens system, you can detect skin diseases by scanning rashes or moles. For this, you just click the photo of rash and mole and upload it on Google Lens. Its result will be revealed after some time.

It is believed that if Google is able to detect diseases by scanning the retina of the eyes, then there will be no need for many types of medical tests in the future.

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