Can Diabetes Be Detected By The Color Of Urine?

Urine color change sign of diabetes: Diabetes cases are increasing rapidly all over the world including India. According to World Health Organization data, more than 422 million people across the world are suffering from diabetes. More than 15 lakh people die every year worldwide due to this incurable disease. In a disease like diabetes, the blood sugar in the patient’s body increases because the pancreas does not produce insulin. When blood sugar increases in a person’s body, it also affects urination. This is the reason why patients while undergoing treatment, ask the doctor whether diabetes can be detected by the color of urine. Let us know the answer to this question.

Can diabetes be detected by the color of urine?

Dr. Deepak Shukla of Delhi-based Maharaja Agrasen Hospital says that the color of a person’s urine is the first indication of diabetes. However, sometimes the color of urine also indicates other diseases. According to the doctor, if the color of a person’s urine is light yellow, then it can be a sign of diabetes. Apart from this, the color of urine also becomes light yellow in kidney-related diseases. If the color of urine becomes light yellow, the person should immediately contact the doctor.

Why does the color of urine become cloudy in diabetes?

Apart from this, the color of urine of diabetic patients becomes cloudy. Health experts say that in diabetes, the amount of glucose in the blood becomes very high and gradually it starts spreading throughout the body. Due to this the insulin hormone that absorbs glucose is not produced or does not work. In simple language, due to less or no production of insulin hormone, the amount of sugar in the body increases and comes out through urine, due to which the urine becomes cloudy. If a person’s urine is cloudy then he should contact a doctor and get his blood sugar checked.

What are the symptoms of increasing blood sugar in the body?

If the blood sugar in a person’s body is increasing then the following symptoms may appear:

  • feeling tired
  • Sudden extreme weight loss
  • feeling very thirsty
  • frequent dry mouth
  • any kind of infection on the skin
  • frequent urination.

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