Benefits of Scallions that You May Not Know

Benefits of Scallions that You May Not Know

The sharp smell makes many people dislike leeks. In fact, this type of plant has a series of extraordinary benefits. Many people don’t ‘see’ leeks as a food that needs to be consumed. Most people only know that green onions are used to enhance the taste and aroma of chicken porridge, or as an addition when making omelettes.

In fact, the benefits of leeks are extraordinary. Recently, leeks have been discussed because of their benefits when mixed with coffee.

The arrival of the Spring Onion Latte, also known as the Scallion Latte. By mixing the fresh aroma of spring onions with the distinctive characteristics of coffee, this drink provides a surprising and unique taste sensation.

Even though the combination of leeks and coffee sounds unusual, this drink has managed to capture the interest of many people. Yes, this type of plant with the Latin name Allium fistulosum is not the main type of food that many people like.

In fact, even when mixed into porridge, sometimes quite a few people ask the seller to get rid of it. In fact, leeks can be beneficial for health. Here are some of the benefits of leeks that you shouldn’t miss:

1. Have lots of fiber

A cup of chopped chives has about 10% of the fiber you need throughout the day. This fiber makes the properties of leeks able to help healthier digestion, maintain a stable weight, and lower cholesterol.

Consuming enough fiber every day can help maintain your digestive health. Fiber can also prevent constipation.

2. Helps Fight Cancer

You might not think the benefits of leeks and other allium vegetables are related to cancer. Yes, leeks can inhibit the growth of cancer.

So far, researchers are not very sure about this mechanism. However, researchers believe that a compound in leeks called allicin can prevent cancer cells or slow the spread of tumors.

3. Prevent infection

Onion extract and other types of onions have long been used as medicine. This plant is believed to be able to kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Laboratory tests on certain onion varieties show that at high enough concentrations, leeks can kill or slow the growth of E. coli.

4. Reduces free radicals in the body

The antioxidants in onions (flavonoids and polyphenols) can reduce free radicals in the body. Free radicals are substances that can cause cancer and age-related diseases.

Unfortunately, the antioxidants in leeks lose their effectiveness when you cook them. Therefore, it is better for you to eat spring onions that are still raw and have been washed.

5. Healthy heart organs

Heart disease has become the main cause of death in various countries. The benefits of leeks can reduce several problems related to heart health, such as triglycerides, total cholesterol, and bad LDL cholesterol.

Another study showed that when leek extract was tested on mice, it turned out to be effective in increasing blood flow. Apart from that, leeks which are rich in vitamin K can help protect the heart.

The properties of leeks can also prevent the hardening of the arteries by blocking the formation of calcium deposits in the artery walls.

6. Strengthens Bones 

One of the contents of leeks, namely vitamin K, can help strengthen bones. This vitamin is important for improving bone health by producing several important proteins to maintain calcium and increase bone density.

7. Maintain eye health

Leeks are very important for the production of rhodopsin which is a protein. Not only that, this plant also has lots of vitamin A which makes leeks good for your eyes.

Rhodopsin is very important for the retina to absorb more light and prevent the possibility of night blindness. This substance also helps sharpen vision. Various eye problems such as cataracts can be prevented.

8. Maintain healthy skin

Leeks are very helpful in improving overall skin health due to the allicin content. This compound prevents wrinkles on the skin and premature aging.

9. Helps Lose Weight

The advantage of leek content is its low-calorie content, but high fiber content (can meet 10% of daily fiber needs). High fiber can make you fuller and reduce hunger.

Therefore, the benefits of leeks can also be felt by low-calorie dieters because they can help lose weight.

10. Prevents bleeding 

One of the benefits of leeks is to prevent bleeding because of the vitamin K content in them. Half a cup or around 65 grams of green onions can meet your daily vitamin K needs.

Vitamin K has an important role in preventing bleeding if an injury occurs. Vitamin K deficiency can cause you to bruise easily, have nosebleeds, or experience bleeding gums. 

11. Maintains healthy hair

Maintaining healthy hair is one of the many extraordinary benefits of leeks. Leeks are rich in vitamin B complex, which plays an important role in maintaining healthy hair and preventing hair loss.

12. As Coffee

Spring Onion Latte or Scallion Latte has now become a unique drink trend that is not only popular in China but has also spread to other countries, including Vietnam and Indonesia.

This drink combines the freshness of spring onions with the distinctive aroma of coffee, creating a unique and unexpected taste. Spring Onion Latte offers a unique coffee taste sensation and potentially has some of the health benefits of leeks and coffee.

The benefits of leeks above have been proven to be good for your health. To get the maximum benefits of leeks, also pay attention to how they are stored and processed.

Make sure the leeks you get are still fresh and avoid heating them to too high a temperature.

If you have questions about the topics above, you can use the Ask a Doctor or Meet a Doctor service feature for a more practical consultation.

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