Benefits of Pandan Water for Health, Overcome Disease!

Pandan is fragrant and makes food taste better. But, did you know that there are many benefits of boiled pandan leaf water? Pandan leaves are tropical plants. You can easily find it in Indonesia.

This plant has a distinctive aroma so it is often mixed into several types of food and drinks.  Unfortunately, not many people know that pandan leaves also have benefits for the body. Pandan leaves boiled water is often thrown away.

In fact, the benefits of boiled pandan leaf water are extraordinary! What are the benefits of boiled pandan leaves for body health? Come on, see in full below. 

1. Relieves Fever


People who have a fever usually like to drink warm drinks. If you are bored with ginger tea or water, you can try boiled pandan water.

It is believed that this traditional treatment method can help the body’s condition improve.

2. Controls Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

Boiled water from pandan leaves is also useful for helping control blood pressure.

If you have a headache due to high blood pressure, just boil pandan leaves until the water becomes a little less. However, don’t forget to take the medicine recommended by your doctor.

3. Reducing Pain

If you want to reduce pain in the head or joints, drinking pandan boiled water is believed to relieve the pain.

However, don’t forget to find out the cause of the pain, okay? The reason is, that relieving pain does not mean curing the disease (at any time it can recur).

4. Overcoming Stomach Cramps

Abdominal cramps, especially during menstruation, are very disturbing. But calm down, these complaints can be overcome with pandan leaf tea.

Drinking boiled pandan water warm can improve stomach conditions.

5. Ward off free radicals

One of the benefits of drinking pandan boiled water is that it can protect the body’s organs, especially the liver, from free radicals.

Please note, that excessive amounts of free radicals in the body can trigger various chronic diseases.

6. Detoxifies the Body

When it comes to detox, of course you won’t stay away from foods or drinks that contain antioxidants.

If you get bored with lemon water or green tea, you can try pandan leaf boiled water.

7. Help overcome insomnia


Drinking warm drinks at night can make the body more relaxed and make it easier to fall asleep. Boiled pandan leaf water could be an option for those of you who don’t really like drinking warm milk because it might be too filling.

Inhale the aroma, then sip pandan tea slowly. You will definitely be much calmer and the symptoms of insomnia will be alleviated.

8. Relieves Rheumatic Pain

Some people apply certain creams when rheumatism recurs.

If you want to try something natural, a few pandan leaves added to a decoction of coconut oil can also be rubbed on the affected area. Don’t forget to cool it down first, OK?

9. Lowers Cancer Risk

In traditional medicine, pandan leaves are used to prevent the growth of cancer cells.

However, because cancer is a multifactorial disease (many factors cause it), you have to balance it with a doctor’s treatment and implementing a healthy lifestyle.

10. Increases appetite

The benefits of pandan leaf cooking water can also be obtained for those of you who want to restore your appetite because you have been sick and want your body weight to be more ideal.

Drink just enough, don’t need too much because it can actually make you bloated.

11. Rich in Nutrition


Pandan leaves contain protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, thiamine, and vitamin C, and are high in beta-carotene.

Beta-carotene is an inactive form of vitamin A. Once in the body, the body will convert it into vitamin A which is useful as an antioxidant to optimize the function of the body’s organs.

Even though there are many benefits of pandan cooking water mentioned above, there is no definite recommendation regarding the dosage of consumption. This still needs further research. 

It’s okay to consume it as a distraction, but don’t make pandan leaf boiled water as the main medicine. Dosage and side effects are still not known with certainty.

If you don’t have a serious illness, drinking pandan boiled water can help prevent various diseases and maintain overall health.

However, when you already have certain diseases (for example cancer and hypertension ), it’s a good idea to prioritize treatment from a doctor and use boiled pandan leaf water as a side drink.

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