Benefits Of Applying Peach And Tomato Face Pack

Peach and Tomato Face Pack Benefits

In the summer season, many such fruits including mango and litchi are available, which are very beneficial for health. Seasonal fruits not only help in increasing the immunity of the body but are also good for the face and hair. One of these fruits is peach. Peaches contain vitamins A, C, and E and selenium, all of which act as antioxidants. Applying peach on the face during the summer season provides relief from many problems.

Benefits Of Applying Peach And Tomato Face Pack

At the same time, tomatoes are also used extensively during the summer season. Tomato has antiseptic properties. Applying tomato on the face helps in improving the blood flow of the skin. Now just imagine, when two different things can be so beneficial for the skin, then when they are mixed, how much benefit it will provide to the skin. So today we are going to tell you about a special face pack of peach and tomato. This face pack will also provide relief from the problems of tanning and sunburn in summer.

How to make a peach and tomato face pack?

Ingredients List

  • Peach – 2 pieces
  • Tomato- 1 piece
  • Gram flour- 1 teaspoon
  • Rose water- 1 teaspoon

Method of making

  • First of all, remove the seeds from the peach and separate them.
  • Now grind tomatoes and peaches in a blender and make a paste.
  • Add 1 spoon of gram of flour to this paste and mix well.
  • If you find the paste too thick then add half a teaspoon of rose water to it and mix.
  • Your peach and tomato face pack is ready to be applied on the face.
  • To use it, first wash your face with water.
  • Now apply peach and tomato face pack on the face and leave it for 15 minutes.
  • When the face pack dries properly, clean it like a scrub.
  • To get rid of skin problems, you can use this face pack twice a week.

Benefits of applying peach and tomato face pack on the face

  1. Dermatologist Dr. Taruna Jain of Mumbai-based Kia Skin and Hair Clinic says that peach contains many types of vitamins and nutrients, which help in keeping the face healthy. This fruit helps in fighting skin infections in summer, thereby preventing the problem of pimples and acne.
  2. Flavonoids are found in peach. This nutrient helps in improving the complexion by removing dead cells from the skin.
  3. Experts say that flavonoids help neutralize the free radicals present in the air during the summer season. Due to this skin damage caused by sun and pollution can be avoided.
  4. Dr. Taruna Jain says, “Peach contains Vitamin C, which helps in tightening the face. For women who develop wrinkles and freckles on their faces before age, this fruit is no less than a boon. “Applying peach face pack regularly helps in getting rid of such problems.”

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