Ashley Benson Biography, Wiki, Movie, Height, Net Worth, Age

Ashley Benson Biography, Wiki, Movie, Height, Net Worth, Age

Ashley Benson

Birth name: Ashley Victoria Benson
Nickname: Ash
Date of birth: December 18, 1989
Age: 32 Years
Place of birth: Long Beach, California, USA
Nationality: American
Profession: Actress
Marital status: unmarried
Siblings: Shaylene Benson
Parents: Jeff Benson, Shannon Harte
Height: 165 cm
Original hair color: Blond
Eye color: Blue
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Awards: Full list
Net Worth: As of 2022, $6 million

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Ashley Victoria Benson was born on December 18, 1989 in Long Beach, California, USA to Shannon Harte and Jeff Benson. She has an older sister, Shaylene Benson. From the age of four, she took ballet and also danced to hip-hop and jazz. She loves to sing, has performed in several choirs and musicals.

At the age of four, he auditioned to sing a solo part in a Christmas program organized by the local church. At the age of five, she modeled for a dance magazine, and at the age of eight, she attracted the attention of Ford Modeling and advertised many types of clothes through the modeling agency. She also appeared in the music video for the hit NLT: That girl, One Call: BlackLight, and Hot Chelle Rae: Honestly.

Ashley Benson career

In 2004, she got a role in the film Suddenly 30, where she played a six-year-old girl from the past alongside Jennifer Garner. A year later, she got a role in the short American crime drama Neighbors, where she played Mindy.

In 2007, he appeared in the American drama film Hajrá cjajok 4. , where he played the role of Carson. In the film, the captain of a South American high school cheerleading team wants to win this famous cheerleading competition, but an unexpected turn occurs. Carson falls for one of the boys on the rival team, causing the two teams to fight each other. The case does not remain complete, many people are injured, but Carson has an idea that no one would have thought of: a new, fused team.

In 2008, she got a role in the American comedy Hotelzoba, letolt gatya, where she got the role of Alice. The next film she starred in was the American biographical drama Scandalous Cheerleaders, where she played the character of Brooke Tippit. Brooke and her friends are uncompromising, independent and dangerous. However, their scandalous behavior shocked everyone, but they can’t do anything about them, since one of the girls’ mother is the school director. The new coach would put the teenagers in order, but his superior fires him. He also appeared in Mother Goose Parade.

In 2010, she appeared in the American comedy Christmas Cupid opposite Christian Milian as Caitlin Quinn. Caitlin accidentally choked on a martini and came back to haunt Sloane.

In 2012, she got a role in the movie Spring Breakers, where she played alongside Vanessa Hudgens, Rachel Korine and Selena Gomez. Brit and her college friends want to spend the holidays in Florida, but all of this requires money. An idea forms in their heads, namely to rob a fast food restaurant. They carry out their plan, but the police catch them: the local gangster bails them out and helps them. The film debuted at the Venice Film Festival, where it was a great success, and the director was awarded an award.

In 2014, she was cast in the American drama film A Visit from the Goon Squad, where she will play Alice. The film is based on the novel by Jennifer Egon. Later that year, she got a role in the movie Ratter, where she got the role of Emma. In the film, Emma is a recent high school graduate who recently moved to New York, where she unfortunately fell victim to a hacker. The stalker, which at first seemed harmless, first watched his phone and laptop, as well as the websites he visited, and then moved to an increasingly dangerous level.

In 2015, he was signed to the American animated film The Great Migration, where he will lend the voice of one of the three Salmon characters. Famous stars like Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale also appear in the animated film. Later this year, she was signed to star in the film Pixels, where she will appear alongside Adam Sandler as Lady Lisa. The American sci-fi comedy is likely to debut in US theaters on July 25, 2015.

In February 2015, it was announced that Ashley had been cast alongside Mary-Louise Parker, Chris Noth and Shiloh Fernandez in Xavier Manrique’s Chronically Metropolitan as Jessie. In the film, Ashley plays a young woman who was incredibly in love, but her relationship with the guy became more and more distant. After a long time, the woman falls in love again, wants to get married, when her great love from her past appears. The next film in which he has a role will be the American comedy film Elvis & Nixon, where he will play alongside Alex Pettyfer.

In 2018, Ashley took on a role in the film Her Smell. A year later, in 2019, she got a role in the American short film Ask Me If I Care, where she played Alice. News broke that Ashley will be taking on a role in Lapham Rising.

In 2020, she was signed to the film The Birthday Cake, where she played the role of Tracey. In 2021, she was cast as Vicky in the film 18 & Over

Ashley Benson Series roles

In 2002, she received supporting roles in various series: for example, the series Nikki, where she played a dancing girl, the American crime series The District, where she played Melissa Howell, and the series The President’s Men, where she played a girl.

In 2004, she got a role in the American series Mrs. Clinic, where she played April. She then appeared for a year as a supporting character in Zoey 101, where she played Candice, and in Seventh Heaven, where she played the character of Margot. Not long after, he became a supporting actor in the American series Orange County, where he played Riley.

In addition, Ármány and love played a role in the American series, where she played Abby Deveraux until 2007. Months later, Jack is back in Salem, where the Deveraux family reunites on Abby’s sixteenth birthday. Abby spends a lot of time with her best friend, Chelsea Benson, who just got married to May Brandy. Abby begins dating a guy named Josh while Jack hides behind a door watching them kiss.

Unfortunately, Jack becomes terminally ill shortly after his return, however, his car crashes into the river and his body has never been found. Jennifer and Frankie start dating, which completely freaks Abby out, especially since she opens up to them during an intimate moment. Abby tells her friend that she really liked Josh and that he might be the first, but she gets an interesting phone call and has to go.

A photo of the two girls kissing their boyfriend is posted on a website. Josh leaves without saying hello after realizing Abby has feelings for May. In 2006, Jennifer returns to Abby’s mother’s wedding because of her brother Jack, who has developed amnesia. After Jack received the treatments, he successfully overcame his illness and was able to return to his life. Abby is studying business at Salem University.

Abby soon starts work as Max’s assistant, doing paperwork and keeping the garage tidy. Abby whispers to Max, then gets jealous when she realizes that Max is seeing a girl named Mimi. When Mimi leaves town, Max is single again. May later crushes on Abby, but they only went on two dates. However, Max then admits that he wants them to be just friends. As a result,

In 2008, she became a guest star in Miami detectives, where she played the part of Amy Beck. Later that year, she appeared in the series Over There, where she played Tracy Davis, a teenage girl who was a witch. On Halloween, he placed curse bags in the homes of various people who died mysteriously that day. In the end it turned out that they wanted to resurrect Samhein.

In 2009, she got a role in the series The Witches of Eastwick, where she played Mia Torcoletti. Mia is the daughter of Roxy, who appeared in eleven episodes. His first appearance was in the Pilot episode. His father, Danny Torcoletti, died. And she started dating Josh, Chad’s brother. The series lasted only 13 episodes, as the series was canceled due to low viewership.

In 2010, she got a role in Pretty Little Liars, which has been running ever since, where she got the role of Hanna Marin. Hanna’s best friend Allison was brutally murdered and her body was found a year later. Since then, someone has been watching his every move. A person called “A” sends her and her friends text messages forcing her to do things she would never do. Hanna gets together with Caleb, whom she tries to protect from A, but ultimately fails, so together with Caleb and his friends, they try to expose A. The series ended in 2017 and ran for a total of seven seasons.

In 2011, she appeared in the series CollegeHumor Originals, where she played a girl.

In 2013, she was cast in Hey Tucker!, where she played Ashley – herself for two episodes. Later that year, she guest-starred on the American comedy series How I Met Your Mother, where she played Carly, who was Barney’s half-sister and dated Ted. Later this year, she got a role in the series Ravenswood, the cursed city, where she continued the role of Hanna Marin in the Pretty Little Liars spin-off. However, the series was axed due to low ratings.

In 2014, he received a dubbing role in the series Family Guy.


Ashley became the face of the 2014 summer collection. According to the actress, she couldn’t wait for this exciting moment to become the face of H&M’s latest collection. Ashley has advertised everything from casual teen items to trendy yet elegant clothes.


In 2012, Ashley Benson and Lucy Hale, already well known from Pretty Little Liars, were contracted to be the advertising faces of the spring and autumn collections of the American brand Bongo. Among other things, the actress advertised jeans, glasses and other clothing products. The Bongo product introduced by the American company kmart has become increasingly popular among teenagers and fans of the series.


In 2012, a big step followed for Ashley Benson, as she signed a contract with the American evening and casual wear brand Faviana to become the face of the 2012/2013 collection. The actress achieved a huge success with this, as she became the face of a brand that is very popular among stars. Ashley wrote on her Facebook page that it was a really exciting and interesting experience to wear those beautiful clothes and look different every time.

The Pretty Little Liars star has already been asked by many magazines about Faviana, but she didn’t reveal much, only that her favorite from the Faviana collection are the cocktail dresses she wore during the photo shoot. According to an insider, Ashley saw an opportunity in mini cocktail dresses, which she can wear on weekdays in Manhattan, whatever the weather.

In 2011, she was awarded a Young Hollywood Award for her performance in Pretty Little Liars, which she shared with the members of PLL, and a Youth Rock Award in the Rockin’ Actress category, also for her role in Pretty Little Liars.

Ashley Benson Personal life

From 1999, she dated Devon Werkheiser for 2 years, then she met actor Michael Copon on the 4th set of Bring It On (Hajrá csajok), their relationship lasted 1 year. In 2008, she met JJ, with whom they broke up shortly after. In 2011, Ashley started dating Justin Bieber’s former stylist, Ryan Good, but rumors spread like wildfire that they broke up. In an interview with Seventeen magazine, Benson revealed that she and Good are no longer together, but are still good friends.

Ashley met James Franco on the set of Spring Breakers, with whom they became really good friends. Later, after they spent several nights partying together, rumors spread that they were dating, but they immediately denied this. In April 2013, they were caught on camera at the Coachelle festival, starting the rumor that Ashley, who plays Hanna, really got together with Tyler Blackburn, who plays Hanna’s friend Caleb in the series. Of course, the news spread like wildfire on the Internet, which the blonde immediately denied.

In December 2013, the actress and her ex-boyfriend Ryan Good rekindled their relationship, as they were seen walking hand in hand in New York. In December 2014, it was reported that Ashley and Ryan’s relationship had run its course and they split. Despite the fact that they broke up, in 2015 the couple was photographed in several places having fun together and even dressed up together! At the end of February 2015, the news broke that Ryan proposed to Ashley, because the actress was wearing a very beautiful ring on her left ring finger. Neither Ryan nor Ashley confirmed the news, but she posted a picture of the ring on the actress’ own Instagram.

In 2018, Ashley and model Cara Delevigne were seen together several times, but in August, the two celebrities were caught kissing. The actress and the model met on the set of the film Her smell. In the fall of 2019, the press reported that the two actresses were engaged and then married, but this was not confirmed.

Ashley Benson Interesting facts

– Starred in Lil Romeo’s video clip entitled True Love
– Made a joint photo series with Britney Spears for Vogue magazine
– He appeared in the 4th episode of Bring It On, while his sister appeared in the 5th episode of Bring it On.
– He also played a “hair girl” in an episode of Supernatural – He is
addicted to Facebook
– He doesn’t like country music
– He loves Ice Tea and Iced Coffee
– He always has a bracelet or a ring on him
– He thinks the sexiest actors are Johnny Depp and Paul Walker
– He was chosen instead of Emma Roberts in the movie Spring Breakers

Ashley Benson Movies & Tv Series Show

Ashley Benson SERIES

Pretty Little Liars (2010-2017) – Hanna Marin (appeared in 160 episodes)
Ravenswood, the cursed city (2013-2014) – Hanna Marin (appeared in two episodes)
Family Guy (2014) – voice of …
That’s How I Met Your Mother (2013 ) ) – Carly (played in one episode)
Hey Tucker! (2013) – Ashley (appeared in two episodes)
CollegeHumor Originals (2011) – Female (appeared in one episode)
Eastwick (2009-2010) – Mia Torcoletti (appeared in 12 episodes) Beyond
(2008) – Tracy Davis (appeared in one episode)
Miami Detectives (2008) – Amy Beck (appeared in one episode)
Pride and Prejudice (2004-2007) – Abby Deveraux (appeared in 43 episodes)
Orange County (2006) – Riley (appeared in one episode)
Seventh Heaven (2005) – Margot (appeared in two episodes)
Zoey 101 (2005) – Candice (appeared in one episode)
Mrs. Clinic (2004) – April (appeared in one episode)
The President’s Men (2002) – Girl (appeared in one episode)
The District (2002) – Melissa Howell (appeared in one episode)
Nikki (2002) – Dancer (appeared in one episode)

Ashley Benson FILM

Lapham Rising
18 & Over (2021) – Vicky
The Birthday Cake (2020) – Tracey
Ask Me If I Care (2019) – Alice
Her Smell (2018)
Chronically Metropolitan (2016) – Jessie
Elvis & Nixon (2016) – Margaret
Pixels (2015) – Lady Lisa
Ratter (2014) – Emma
A Visit from the Goon Squad (2014) – Alice
Spring Breakers – Girls on the Run (2012) – Brit
Christmas Cupid (2010) – Caitlin Quinn
Mother Goose Parade (2008)
Scandalous Cheerleaders ( 2008) – Brooke Tippit
Hotel room, pants down (2008) – Alice Let’s
go girls 4. (2007) – Carson
Neighbors (2005) – Mindy
Suddenly 30 (2004) – Six-year-old girl

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Ashley Benson in a relationship?
Ans: Us confirmed in January 2022 that they are officially back together.

2. Did Ashley Benson have a baby?
Ans: No, she isn’t.

3. What does Ashley Benson do now?
Ans: Since the Freeform series ended, Benson has turned her focus to film

4. How old is Ashley Benson?
Ans: 32 Years

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