7 reasons why there can be a lot of rats in your house, you can avoid it

Rats are often an annoying problem in our homes. They suddenly entered the house and swiftly took the food from the kitchen. Not to mention the dirt left in the kitchen, what a pain!

Actually, there are many reasons why they can visit your house, you know. Come on, identify the cause so they don’t come again.

1. Mice like warm, hidden, and peaceful places

Rats are shy animals and do not like to be disturbed. According to Plunkett’s Pest Control, they like a warm, dry and safe place for their nest. They make nests not only for shelter but also for breeding and raising their young.

2. Rats also like food and water sources

Mice will build nests where there are plenty of food and water sources. They will also use this nest to collect food. Every day, they consume approximately 5 grams of food and 60 ml of water.

3. Rats are cowards and are always careful

As reported by Colonial Pest, rats are neophobic creatures or do not like new things. That’s why they are always careful in looking for food. They will avoid anything new and will open up once they get used to it.

4. Rats will nest a lot on your roof or attic if you rarely check

A dark and safe roof or attic is an ideal place for them to nest. Especially if you never clean it. They can stay there for long periods of time undetected.

5. You rarely clean your household appliances

Besides the attic, the ideal place for them to live is the kitchen. If you rarely clean your household appliances, they will stay there. Usually near the refrigerator, cupboard, or a place to store gas cylinders. These places sometimes miss cleaning. That’s why mice like to nest there.

6. Your walls have cavities

Have you ever heard of a mouse squeaking, but couldn’t find it? They could be inside the wall! Usually, additional walls with plywood are prone to nesting rats. In addition, they can nest in unused pipes.

7. There are a lot of cardboard and newspapers in your house

Usually, they will make nests in places that are not reachable by you. They will collect scraps of newspaper, cardboard, even attic insulation. That’s why you need to check often and throw away these things if you don’t need them, right?

In essence, it is important to keep the house clean. Not only food that is scattered, but also from items that are not needed. By cleaning it, they will not come and nest in your house.

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