5 Marvel Characters Best Suited For Keanu Reeves

Once upon a time, the famous actor Keanu Reeves was often laughed at for his rather stiff acting and lacked much variety – although he actually proved his abilities in The Matrix trilogy series, Point Break, and even the movie Speed.

Until now, Reeves is said to be an actor who is unable to portray more dramatic characters because he is only able to play a few types of characters. However, despite the aforementioned shortcomings, Reeves managed to maintain his popularity and continued to be given the opportunity to play many iconic characters; with the ‘John Wick trilogy being proof that when a character was created for him – he was able to deliver it effectively.

For that reason, Reeves’ name began to be mentioned to make his debut in the next Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) series, after the end of the first era of the film series. The question is – which character is best suited for Reeves? Let’s look at 5 superhero characters that we feel are suitable for this famous actor.

1. Adam Warlock

Adam Warlock

This classic character made his first appearance in the Fantastic Four comic series in 1967. Although it has been in development for a long time, until now this character has never appeared in any official Marvel movie, except for a few appearances in the animated series, especially the Guardians of the Galaxy animation.

There are some signs of this character in the Marvel cinematic world, especially in the movie ‘Guardians of the Galaxy, however, it is not clearly stated whether this is true or not, for now.

Why we feel Keanu is perfect for this character – just look at Adam’s long, wavy hair in the wind. So far, this famous actor has never changed his hair color to yellow so is this the right character for him to try to change his appearance?

2. Wolverine


So far there hasn’t been any official announcement merging the X-Men world into the MCU, but we’re sure there will be a surprise one day. This is because the X-Men are one of the most recognizable superhero teams around the world and it would be a loss for Marvel if they don’t take a chance on this franchise as soon as possible.

The character of ‘Wolverine’ is already ingrained with the original actor Hugh Jackman, but the reboot of the franchise allows a new actor to renew the look of the character and in our opinion, Keanu Reeves deserves to shoulder the responsibility.

However, Reeves’ slimmer physique compared to the original Wolverine character, maybe a hindrance. This is because Wolverine is a short and rather strong person compared to Reeves.

3. Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider

After going through the dark moments of witnessing how the famous actor Nicholas Cage tried to play the role of Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze effectively, the writer thinks that it is good to give this creepy role to Keanu Reeves.

We all know Keanu is good at portraying a man in pain, so the character of Johnny Blaze who chooses to pawn his soul to the devil just to save his family is the perfect combination for this story.

In addition, Keanu Reeves is also a true motorcycle enthusiast who is also the owner of a company that builds ‘custom’ motorcycles. Want more proof that he will be a better Ghost Rider than Nicholas Cage? The writer just shook his head when he found out that Nicholas Cage was chosen as Johnny Blaze. It’s completely inappropriate and inappropriate.

4. Namor


Unlike Aquaman, which features current actor Jason Momoa, Namor’s character has received less publicity in Marvel comics. One of the oldest characters in the Marvel universe, first published in 1939 – Namor’s character may be a bit challenging to blend into the MCU and other characters, due to his location in the middle of the ocean.

Efforts to produce a film with the character of Namor actually started with plans for a 2007 release. However, the project was not completed before this title continued to fluctuate.

Similar to the problems previously faced by the characters Spider-Man and Deadpool, the copyright for the film production of the character Namor is held by Universal Studios. So the situation is more difficult than the agreement that has been successfully reached between Marvel and Sony in bringing the character of Spider-man into the MCU. In any case, we hope that a more modest outfit is given to this character before he makes his first appearance on the silver screen.

5. Gambit


Among all the available characters, the writer feels that every time he sees Keanu Reeves’ face and hairstyle – only the character ‘Gambit‘ will play in his mind. However, the obstacle is undoubtedly Gambit’s position, which is seen as somewhat submerged compared to other X-Men franchise characters.

Nevertheless, Gambit has an interesting backstory about how an orphan child is forced to grow up alone with superpowers. Although this character was featured in the film X-Men Origins – Wolverine, the appearance of the character in the film was somewhat disappointing.

A ‘spin-off’ film featuring the character Gambit played by Keanu Reeves that combines the story of how he grew up, before joining the X-Men team, falling in love with Rogue and his relationship with the evil character Mister Sinister, is the basis of a strong enough film.

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