5 Old Marvel ‘Superhero’ Movies You Must Watch

Before the superhero films of the X-Men trilogy and Spiderman made Marvel movies, Marvel’s fortunes in the film industry were rather dim compared to their closest competitors.

The ’70s through the 90s were the dark ages of Marvel movies, starting with a lot of trash worthy ‘straight to video’ products and hilariously out-of-place movies.

We’ve already written about one of DC Comics’ early efforts to release a Justice League movie that was able to make us laugh, but what about the Marvel movie that also suffered a similar fate?

1. Captain America (1990)

Before Chris Evans played the role of Captain America, the character was tried to be filmed by Marvel. One of the results was published in 1990, under the title ‘Captain America.’

Having storyline similarities with the comics and the modern-day MCU movies, this movie features the classic scene of the clash between Steve Rogers/Captain America against the terrorist Red Skull. In an effort to fight evil, Steve Rogers was buried in ice until frozen for 50 years before being found and revived.

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After realizing that time has passed, Steve Rogers returns to protect the country he loves, responsible for saving the then President of the United States from the attacks of the Red Skull’s forces who were still alive at the time.

2. The Incredible Hulk Returns (1988)

The Incredible Hulk series starring Bill Bixby as David Banner and Lou Ferrigno as ‘Hulk’ is one of the writer’s favorite television series in the past. Although less popular than other larger characters, the series has become an iconic series for fans of Marvel superheroes.

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In conjunction with the popularity of the TV series, Marvel chose to publish a “straight to TV” movie titled The Incredible Hulk Returns, as a sequel to the TV series that ended in 1982.

If you remember the movie ‘Thor Ragnarok’ being the first movie to combine the main characters of Thor and the Hulk in one movie, this movie actually pioneered the idea first. However, in this movie Hulk and Thor team up against common criminals, not a bunch of other super villains.

3. Spider Man (1977)

Released for television viewing in the United States and in theaters for international markets, this Spider-Man film was the first film for this benevolent superhero, before Japan released their version of Spider-Man the following year.

This film was specially produced as a prelude to Marvel’s plans at the time, wanting to promote the character and then launch a television series revolving around the character of Peter Parker/Spider-Man the following year, which was given the title ‘The Amazing Spider-Man.’

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Well received during its release, the film was noted for its stunts that featured Spider-Man leaping and sticking to walls and ceilings to great effect.

4. Dr. Strange (1978)

Being among the titles that are trying to be popular following the audience’s good response to the Spider-Man movie and series, Marvel once again did a similar method of publishing the movie Dr. Strange in hopes of starting a television series of the same character.

But unfortunately, this film which had a relatively large budget for its production – failed. Plans to develop a television series also did not materialize.

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The film brings the introduction story of how the character of Doctor Strange started, has a rather interesting storyline and is similar to his origin story in the comics and also the MCU movies, with some big differences introduced. The late Stan Lee himself was involved in the production of this film, but did not succeed in changing the fate of the film Dr. Strange from ‘wrap.’

5. Nick Fury Agent of Shield (1998)

Starring famous actor David Hasselhoff (Knight Rider, Baywatch) as the main character Nick Fury, this film presents the clash between Nick Fury and the terrorist group HYDRA which has been his arch-enemy for a long time.

Despite featuring a name as big as Hasselhoff, this film deserves to be called a flop. Criticized for its light storyline and lack of action scenes, it does not prevent this film from becoming one of the ‘cult films’ for fans of Marvel superhero films.

Watch Nick Fury Agent of Shield (1998) Movie Trailer

If you want to watch this movie, don’t compare the character of Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury with the character in this movie. Accept this movie for what it is. We’re sure you’ll be entertained by the visuals and the very 90s-era costume designs.

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