11 Effective and Easy Ways to Get Rid of Sleepiness at Work

The way to get rid of sleepiness while working in the office can be to move regularly, drink coffee, drink water, eat healthy snacks, and take a nap. Knowing how to stay sleepy at work can help you stay refreshed and productive again.

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1. How to get rid of sleepiness at work that is easy to do
2. Other ways to deal with sleepiness at work

Lack of sleep at night may often make you sleepy during work hours. As a result, it becomes difficult for you to focus on getting the job done. No need to worry, there are various ways to get rid of sleepiness at work that you can do to come back fresh and productive.

How to get rid of sleepiness at work that is easy to do

Many people are willing to sacrifice hours of sleep at night in order to carry out the various demands of life. In fact, lack of rest can cause drowsiness to appear, not to mention during office hours.

If you are busy meeting targets or office deadlines, this drowsiness can interfere with concentration and productivity at work.

To prevent this, consider the various ways to eliminate sleepiness while working in the following office.

1. Take a walk before work

Taking a walk in the fresh morning air can help you stay awake during work hours. This step is an easy way to get rid of sleepiness in the morning while working.

This is because when walking, the heart will pump more oxygen-rich blood to the veins, brain, and muscles.

You can take a short walk around the house area for 10 minutes before going to the office.

If the location of the office is very close to where you live, it never hurts to walk to the office. Or at the very least, you can walk to the nearest train station or bus stop.

2. Take time to move

The amount of work that must be done and sitting too long, often makes you feel bored and sleepy.

For that, you are advised to take the time to move between work as a way to get rid of sleepiness at work.

You are advised to get up from work either to walk in the office, go to the toilet, pick up the phone, or visit a coworker’s desk to discuss the work being done together.

Doing this activity for just a few minutes will keep you awake for the next working hours.

Feelings of saturation and tiredness immediately change to be fresher after doing these various activities.

3. Drink coffee

Drinking coffee is a way to keep you from falling asleep at work, which is often done by many people when they are being chased by work deadlines. Are you one of them?

Coffee contains caffeine which can increase the activity of the brain and nervous system so that it keeps your body awake.

Although it is often used as a way of holding back sleep while working, you are not advised to drink coffee in excess. The reason is, consuming too much coffee can reduce the quality of your sleep at night.

If possible, you can consume it in the morning before leaving for work so that you are always awake during working hours. Avoid drinking coffee in the afternoon so you don’t have trouble sleeping at night.

4. Drink enough water

Although drinking coffee can be used as a way to overcome sleepiness at the office, don’t forget to drink enough water.

Not only healthier, adequate body intake with water can keep you fresh throughout the day.

Moreover, if you are used to drinking coffee, you should regularly drink water regularly while working to avoid the risk of dehydration.

Because dehydration can make it difficult for you to focus and concentrate while working in the office.

5. Eat healthy snacks

What you consume is very influential on the condition of the body, including how easily you feel sleepy and tired.

Well, eating healthy snacks can be an effective way to get rid of sleepiness while working in the office.

Healthy meals or snacks can help keep blood sugar levels in your body more balanced than eating sugary foods.

Instead of being a way to not sleepy while working by increasing energy in a short time, the effects of eating sweet foods actually don’t last long in the body.

This is because sugar levels can decrease faster so that the body easily feels sluggish or weak.

As an alternative, you can eat healthy foods or snacks, such as those containing protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. For example:

1. Fresh fruit, including apples, grapes, and bananas.
2. Yogurt with granola, nuts, or fresh fruit.
3. Small carrots with low-fat cheese dip.
4. Wheat biscuit with peanut butter.
5. Vegetable salad.
6. Boiled eggs.

6. Work in a bright room

The cause of sleepiness while working in the office could be because the workspace is dark.

Therefore, it is important for you to work in a bright room as a way to get rid of sleepiness in the office.

You can work near a window with sunlight coming into the room while working during the day.

If you work at night, don’t forget to turn on the lights as a tip so you don’t fall asleep while working a shift at night.

7. Listen to upbeat music

There are some people who feel more productive completing office work while listening to music.

In addition to increasing productivity, the benefits of listening to music using earphones, especially those that are excited or cheerful, can help you feel more energized and not feel sleepy and tired.

8. Do stretches

Stretching or stretching is believed to be able to eliminate sleepiness in the office.

If you don’t have much time to get off your desk, try getting up from your chair for a while.

Then, stretch your arms above your head. Then, move your neck or move your body to the right and left.

These various stretches are able to relax tense body muscles and maintain blood flow to keep the body energized.

9. Practice breathing techniques

Another way to get rid of sleepiness at work is to do breathing techniques.

How not to sleepy while working is useful for increasing oxygen levels in the body.

Practicing breathing techniques can also slow your heart rate, lower blood pressure, and increase blood flow.

This will give you more energy so that your productivity can increase.

The good news, you can do how to overcome sleepiness in this office at work. Here’s how.

1. Sit up straight in your chair, then focus on breathing through your belly.
2. Place one hand on your stomach, just below your ribs. Then, place the other hand on your chest.
3. Inhale deeply through your nose and allow your stomach to push your right hand. Don’t let your chest move.
4. Exhale through pursed lips. Let your stomach push your right hand.
5. Repeat this step 10 times.

In addition, you can also perform other breathing techniques to make the body more energized and awake, namely:

1. Inhale and exhale quickly through the nose. Keep your mouth closed, but let it relax.
2. Do this step 3 times quickly.
3. Then, breathe normally.
4. Do this for 15 seconds, then add 5 seconds to reach 1 minute (60 seconds).

10. Inhale essential oils

The pungent aroma can cause you to wake up and feel more refreshed. You can inhale essential oils as a way of not falling asleep while working.

Several types of essential oils with a refreshing aroma, namely peppermint oil, bergamot oil, lemon oil, or eucalyptus oil.

11. Nap

If the drowsiness is unbearable, try taking advantage of the rest time to take a short nap as a way to get rid of sleepiness at work.

What’s more, the benefits of napping can increase energy so that you can be more productive after activities.

Make sure that the latest time to take a nap is 6-7 hours before bedtime. In addition, the duration of a nap that is still relatively reasonable is 5-25 minutes.

If you work in an office, you are not advised to take a nap on your desk. It would be better if you take advantage of the facilities from the office (if any) which are generally designed for employees’ restrooms.

If it’s not possible to take a nap in the office while lying down, you can close your eyes on your workbench for 10 minutes without any distractions so that you can be fresher when you return to activities.

Sleeping between breaks is also effective as a way to get rid of sleepiness at night for those of you who work night shifts to restore performance.

Other ways to deal with sleepiness at work

You certainly do not want to constantly feel sleepy while on the move or working in the office.

Therefore, make sure you also do a healthy lifestyle so you don’t get sleepy in the morning or afternoon. For example:

1. Sleep on time.
2. Avoid using smartphones, tablets, laptops, or watching television before going to bed.
3. Don’t drink coffee close to bedtime.
4. Regularly exercise before bed.
5. Don’t smoke and drink alcohol before bed.

If you have had enough sleep at night and how to deal with sleepiness at the office doesn’t work, there’s nothing wrong with seeing a doctor to find out the cause of your complaint.

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