10 Unique Habits of Queen Elizabeth II when Traveling, Bring Your Own Blood

The news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II brought deep sorrow to the people of England, to the citizens of the world. The longest-serving British monarch died at the age of 96 years, on September 8, 2022.

During her lifetime, Queen Elizabeth II often traveled to various countries, both for government purposes and holidays. Behind it all, it turns out that he has some unique habits when traveling, you know.

Launching from Showbiz CheatSheet, here are some unique habits of Queen Elizabeth II when traveling that not many people know.

1. Wearing black clothes as a symbol of grief. Because he learned of his father’s death during a trip to Kenya in 1952

2. Bring personal blood for use in an emergency. Therefore, the Royal Navy doctor must always accompany him on the journey

3. Because she often travels abroad, the Queen always brings barley sugar-boiled candy which is useful for dealing with jet lag

4. Bringing toilet paper is also another habit when he travels. Because he feels safer and cleaner if he uses personal items

5. He also always carries family photos, complete with frames when traveling to help ease the homesickness 10 Favorite Flowers of Queen Elizabeth II, Full of Meaning for Loved Ones

6. His personal aide must bring a notebook containing a copy of the schedule. So, the Queen doesn’t have to worry if there is a lost schedule in the digital data

7. Although tea can be found everywhere when she travels, but the Queen prefers to bring her favorite teapot and Earl Gray tea

8. Even though the Queen is always served delicious and luxurious food, she still brings her favorite sausage and alcoholic drinks 10 Favorite Foods of Queen Elizabeth II, So The Secret To Her Longevity?

9. Bringing pine-scented soap will remind him of home, and give him a sense of comfort when traveling for a long time

10. Every member of the royal family must travel with a passport, except Queen Elizabeth II. He just needs to show an ID

Those are some of Queen Elizabeth II’s unique habits when traveling that not many people know. From some of the things above, is there something similar to your habit or not? Write in the comments column, yes!

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