10 Favorite Foods of Queen Elizabeth II, So The Secret To Her Longevity?

Queen Elizabeth II breathed her last on Thursday, September 8, 2022 at Balmoral Castle, Scotland. The Queen died at the age of 96 years.

He was head of state for 70 years. The grandmother of Prince William and Prince Harry is Britain’s longest-serving monarch.

During her life, Queen Elizabeth II was known as a person who really took care of her diet and had a healthy lifestyle. This is what makes him physically fit in his old age. 10 Favorite Flowers of Queen Elizabeth II, Full of Meaning for Loved Ones

Want to know what are Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite foods that may be the secret to her longevity? Check out the summary below, yes!

1. Chocolate


Queen Elizabeth II is known as a chocoholic aka a hard-line chocolate lover. He will eat anything made of chocolate, especially chocolate pies.

2. Lemon drizzle cake

Lemon drizzle cake

10 Favorite Foods of Queen Elizabeth II, So The Secret To Her Longevity? illustration of lemon drizzle cake (unsplash.com/Brina Blum)
A former royal chef, Darren McGrady, in an interview said that Queen Elizabeth II also really liked the lemon drizzle cake for dessert. This cake has a soft and delicious sponge.

3. Gaelic steak

Gaelic steak

Queen Elizabeth II is also very fond of dishes that tend to be savory. Court chefs often serve Gaelic steaks with a mushroom whiskey sauce. The queen would be happier if the meat used for the steak was venison.

4. Gleneagles pâté

Gleneagles pâté

This Gleneagles pâté is usually made of smoked salmon, trout, or mackerel. Queen Elizabeth II prefers it when the ingredients come from private plantations.

No exception with salmon. The Queen will be even more excited to eat it if the fish comes from the River Dee which is located not far from Balmoral Castle, her favorite residence in Scotland.

5. Biscuits


House and Garden magazine said Queen Elizabeth II often ate biscuits, especially chocolate biscuits, with unsweetened earl gray tea and milk to start her day. This habit is considered healthy and a trigger that makes him excited.

6. Cereal, yogurt and toast

Cereal, yogurt and toast

After finishing with her tea and biscuits, the queen will enjoy breakfast in her private dining room at Buckingham Palace. The palace chef will serve cereal, yogurt, toast and marmalade at the dinner table.

7. Having sun

Having sun

For lunch, Queen Elizabeth often chooses a menu of a combination of fish and vegetables, one of which is grilled dover sole served with processed spinach.

Dover sole itself is a kind of soft-textured flat fish that lives on sandy or muddy seabeds in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean Seas.

8. Sandwich


By late afternoon, the food that will be served at Queen Elizabeth’s dining table is a sandwich with earl gray tea without sugar and milk. The queen’s favorite sandwich is made of bread stuffed with cucumber, egg and smoked salmon.

9. Kedgeree


In addition to everyday dishes, Queen Elizabeth also likes the special dish served at Christmas every year, namely the kedgeree. This meal is an adaptation of Indian food, khichdi, and will be eaten together as a breakfast menu after Christmas celebrations at Sandringham House.

10. Halibut


In addition to traditional British food, Queen Elizabeth II is also known as a lover of French food. One of the mainstay menus is halibut cooked with spinach and mornay sauce or often referred to as halibut florentine.

The soft texture of the fish blends with the creamy spinach. For the sauce, this mornay sauce is made from several types of cheese, such as gruyère, Emmental cheese, white cheddar, to parmesan.

That’s Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite food which may be the secret to her longevity. You can follow the queen’s diet which is healthy and very regular so that she is always healthy and has a long life.

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