Zayn Malik “ZAYN” Biography, Wiki, Songs, Partner, Net Worth, Age and more

Zayn Malik “ZAYN” Biography, Wiki, Songs, Net Worth, Age, and more

Zayn Malik

Birth name: Zain Javadd Malik
Nickname: Zayn
Date of birth: January 12, 1993
Place of birth: Bradford, United Kingdom
Profession: singer
Marital status: unmarried, 1 child
Daughter Name: Khai Hadid Malik
Partner: Gigi Hadid (2015–2021)
Net Worth: $75 million
Height: 175 cm
Original hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: The children
Star ticket: Bak

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Zain Javadd Malik was born on January 12, 1993 in Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. His father, Yaser Malik, is of British-Pakistani descent, while his mother, Tricia Brannan Malik, is of English and Irish ancestry, and although she was raised as a Catholic, she converted to Islam through marriage. Zayn has an older sister, Doniya, who is currently studying psychology at university, and two younger sisters, Waliyha, who is 5 years younger than him, and Safaa, who is 9 years younger than him.

Zayn grew up in East Bowling, south of Bradford city centre. He started his education at Lower Fields Primary School and continued his education at Tong Grammar School after changing schools. It is interesting that Zayn changed schools because he was abused because of his origin at his previous place, and then he was kicked out because of a fight. The young boy was always interested in the arts, in his free time he liked to draw and sing, and he showed his talent in many school productions. He also learned to box between the ages of 15 and 17. Zayn originally wanted to major in literature after high school, but instead chose a career in music.


The Formation of One Direction, X-Factor (2010):

At the beginning of 2010, Zayn, who was only 17 years old at the time, signed up for the sixth season of the British X-Factor in Manchester. At the audition, she performed Mario’s hit “Let Me Love You” in front of Nicole Scherzinger, Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh. With the song, Zayn advanced to the next round, but would have been eliminated before reaching the final, but Nicole and Simon teamed him up with four other young talents – Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan – and that’s how One Direction was formed. . The name of the band was given by Harry Styles after all five boys had a common goal: to win the talent show. The boys quickly became very popular in the UK. “Forever Young” in the final hit the audience with the hit, and although they only finished in third place, they themselves soon became internationally known.

After the show ended, with the help of Simon Cowell, the boy band signed a £2 million record deal with the Syco Records label, so work on their debut album could begin soon after. Also at the end of the talent search, they published their first book, One Direction: Forever Young. volume, which was included in the bestseller list of The Sunday Times. Of course, the boys also took part in the X-Factor Live Tour, within the framework of which they performed in front of 500,000 people every day in almost all cities of the United Kingdom.

Debut album: Up All Night and world tour (2011):

In September, their debut single, What Makes You Beautiful, was released, which became the most pre-ordered song in the history of Sony Music. The globally successful song was followed by two more, Gotta Be You and One Thing, which both fought their way to the top of the charts. This started the One Direction fever, which continues to rage around the world to this day. Up All Night was released globally at the beginning of 2012, with the sales of which they not only reached No. 1, but also entered the Guinness Book of Records. With the album, they also embarked on their first solo tour, for the Up All Night Tour in December 2011. it is interesting that they previously performed as a support band for Big Time Rush, but after a while there were more One Direction fans at the concerts than Big Time Rush.

Disc Two: Take Me Home – Live While We’re Young and Little Things (2012):

Take Me Home was released in November 2012 and was primarily produced by Max Martin’s award-winning team. The album was put together in Stockholm in half a year. Critics liked the fresh, light effect and emphasized the lightness of Live While We’re Young, which became the guys’ first single from the album. The second single was the ballad Little Things. This was a huge honor for them, as they were able to perform in front of the Queen at the Royal Variety Performance. Take Me Home sold 540,000 copies in the US in its first week. In February 2013, the Take Me Home tour started. The show included over 100 stations including Europe, North America, Australia and Asia. A total of 1.6 million tickets were sold and all shows were sold out. The tour ended on November 3, 2013.

Third album: Midnight Memories and biopic  –  THIS IS US (2013):

After the success of the second album, Take Me Home, the boys traveled to Japan in January 2013, where they got to know the culture and fans there, performed and worked on their autobiographical film, This is Us. In addition, a few scenes were recorded in the country for the video for the cover of the song One Way Or Another, which is being made for charity. At the beginning of the year, Zayn was involved in a personal scandal when a waitress claimed that Zayn had slept with her, thereby cheating on Perrie. However, the pictures turned out to be fake. However, it took its toll on the pair, and Zayn was photographed with an injured hand. In August, their autobiographical tour film, This Is Us 3D was released, which was a huge success among their fans, just like their perfume released this year Our Moment. The soundtrack to the film, Best Song Ever, was released on July 22, 2013. It became the lead single from Midnight Memories. On November 23, within the promotion of Midnight Memories, a 1D day was held, where fans could observe the band for 7.5 hours. Midnight Memories was released on November 35, 2013, with which they adopted a rockier, slightly cheekier sound. The band started to grow noticeably, both in terms of sound and image. The second single was Story of My Life, with which we got to know the band’s background story and childhood. Many consider it to be the most adult composition of their career. This Is Us With its DVD version, they broke another record in the UK, selling nearly 270,000 copies in the first week. (Michael Jackson’s This Is It DVD sold 10,000 copies) One Direction reached the title of the world’s most famous band by 2013, leaving behind the legendary Beatles.

Fourth disc: FOUR, another world tour, first book: Where We Are  (2014):

On April 27, they confirmed that they are working on their fourth studio album. The band wanted this to be more adult, and confirmed that they write and compose most of the songs. In July 2014, they announced their second concert film, Where We Are. Their book, Where We Are, is out on September 25th. On September 8th, they rocked the world with the announcement that their fourth album, Four, will be released on November 17th. At the same time, fans could download the song Fireproof for free from the official site for 24 hours (they broke several records with it).

The first single, Steal My Girl, was uploaded to iTunes on September 29. The second single was the pop ballad Night Changes, for which the special music video was a great success among fans and viewers. In terms of promotion, the boys also performed on the BBC show, the British X-factor and the American Music Awards. The FOUR their LP hit stores on November 17th and opened at number one in digital sales in more than 80 countries. They also landed at the top of the podium on the Billboard Hot 200 list with nearly 350,000 sales, making history on the music portal, as they are the first boy band with all four albums to achieve this feat.

In November, Zayn didn’t go on the American promotional tour with the other four members for a week because he was sick. The press accused him of taking drugs, which affected him very deeply and he clarified in an official statement that there was no such thing, he just had a cold. In the same month, he won Capital FM’s Sexiest Man Alive. After a short break, One Direction went on tour again. On the Road Again they had a tour this year, they gave concerts in places like Manila or Dubai. Zayn performed a total of 18 concerts with the band at this concert, and finally his last concert with One Direction was on March 18, 2015, when they performed in Hong Kong.


Exit from One Direction, debut disc in preparation (2015):

On March 25, 2015, Zayn officially left British sensation One Direction, citing that he wanted to live like a normal 22-year-old and that he wanted to stay away from fame for a while. Shortly after the singer returned home from the tour, one of the paparazzi caught him at a London recording studio as he was leaving with Naughty Boy. Of course, the pictures immediately started a rumor that Zayn could start a solo career, which turned out to be true a few days later, on March 31, since the rapper, Naughty Boy, created his song together with the singer, I Won’t Mind-published on the music site SoundCloud. The singer did not want to make the song public anyway, and since Naughty Boy posted it on the world wide web without Zayn’s knowledge, a minor scandal took place between the two until they finally parted ways. I Won’t Mind was never officially released.

Not long after that, Zayn started working together with Krept & Konan on his first, debut solo album. On July 29, the singer signed a contract with RCA Records. During the year, the singer worked on the new disc: he gave interviews and also shared the official song list of the disc on the Internet. Zayn also revealed that his debut album will be very far from the musical style of One Direction, as he drew on the style of R&B and reggae.

Mind of Mine, or the international success as a solo singer (2016-2017):

The album’s first official song and single was titled Pillowtalk and debuted on the world wide web on January 29, 2016. Of course, the single quickly enjoyed a huge success, debuting at number one in many countries, including the United Kingdom, and reached the top position from number 25 on the Billboard Hot 100 list. The second single from the new album, Mind of Mine, was Like I Would, which was released on March 10, 2016, and unlike the previous, slow R&B track, the audience was treated to an electronic, dance music.

Just two weeks after that and Zayn’s debut album, Mind of Mine was officially available. The album is based on the musical style of R&B, but many other musical sounds are mixed on the disc. On the same day, the album’s third single, Befour, was released, which of course also had a music video. On April 3, the singer performed at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. In July, his single Cruel, produced together with the British music group, debuted. During the year, Zayn mainly promoted his latest album.

On December 8, the song I Don’t Wanna Live Forever, produced together with the American songstress Taylor Swift, was released, which is also part of Fifty Shades Darker. The theme song for a debut film in 2017. At the beginning of 2017, he was filming for the movie Ocean’s Eight, where we will see him in a cameo roleThe film will be released in June 2017. On March 24, 2017, he debuted his latest single, Still Got Time, which he produced together with PartyNextDoor. The single is a huge success and has already achieved gold status in Australia, Canada, Sweden and Great Britain. On September 7, he debuted his latest single, Dusk Till Dawn, together with Sia.

Second studio album  –  ICARUS FALLS  (2018-2019):

In April 2018, the first single of his forthcoming second studio album, Let Me, debuted . This was followed in May by Entertainer. single, and in July it was released by Sour Diesel. song, in the video clip of which we can be seen as a superhero. His hit Too Much featured Timbaland, which fans can hear from August 2. Fingers c. his single debuted in October, and in November he released No Candle No Light together with Nicki Minaj. song. His new album was revealed in the meantime, it is entitled Icarus Falls and will be available from December 14, and in November he also released a promotional single for it, Rainberryt. In 2019, Aladdin c. he covered the animated Disney classic theme song, Whole New World with Zhavia Ward, and later released the Spanish version of the song, which he did with Becky G. His latest song is Flames, which he released together with R3HAB.

Contributions, third LP: Nobody is Listening (2020-present):

In 2020, he released a single titled Better and Flames. he also published a video clip for his song. He has been working on his latest album for most of the year, but he has not yet announced an official release date. In June 2020, he joined the Black Lives Matter initiative as an activist. In September 2020, he announced that he is working on his latest album, the lead single of which is Better c. will be a song. The disc Nobody is Listening was released on January 15, 2021. The second single of the disc was Vibez, which was released by the singer on January 8, before the official release of the album. Zayn’s latest album peaked at number 17 on the UK Albums chart and number 44 on the US Billboard 200. in September 2021His music collection was published on the Dropbox interface under the name Yellow tapeThe collection includes 3 new songs – GrimezBelieve Me and 47 11, which represent his new style, the old-school hip-hop line.


Many believe that Zayn has never been shy when it came to girls. He was known throughout the school as a big womanizer, but he was, because the nickname “Bradford Bad Boy” stuck to him for a reason. After the X-factor, he had three public girlfriends, Geneva Lane, Rebecca Ferguson and Perrie Edwards. They met Perrie in 2011 and went public with their relationship in May 2012. They moved in together that same year and announced their engagement on August 20, 2013. However, in August 2015, after four years of being together, Malik told the girl in a text message that he was ending their relationship. In November 2015, news spread that the singer was dating Australian model Gigi Hadid song is dating, and as it turns out the rumors turned out to be true. He and Gigi announced in the spring of 2020 that they are expecting their first child together. Their daughter was born in September. The couple has been living in Pennsylvania since May.


• His birth name is Zain, but he adopted Zayn as his stage name.
• He has more than 40 tattoos.
• Favorites include Michael Jackson and ‘N Sync.
• He spoke little, he was the quietest member of the team.
• Manchester United fan.
• He likes to draw and graffiti.
• Still a huge Marvel fan.
• Persian, Pakistani and English blood flows in his veins.
• Likes intelligent girls.
• He has been smoking for years.
• His favorite book is the Harry Potter series
• His favorite band is NSYNC
• His favorite artist is Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson
• His favorite actress is Megan Fox
• His last name means “king” in Arabic, while his first name means “beautiful”
• He always brushes his teeth before a performance
• His favorite animal is the lion, but he also loves cats
• He has a good friendship with Olly Murs
• He loves order, he can’t be in a mess
• He would love to work on a joint composition with Bruno Mars
• His favorite subjects at school are literature, it was drama and drawing
• He likes playing video games a lot
• His favorite color is black
• He can’t swim

Zayn Malik “ZAYN” Filmography & Movies

2012:   iCarly – Himself (1 episode)
2013: This Is Us – Himself
2014: Where We Are – Himself
2017: Ocean’s Eight – cameo role

Zayn Malik “ZAYN” Discography


LP records

2016: Mind of Mine
2018: Icarus Falls


2016: Pillowtalk
2016: It’s You
2016: Like I Would
2016: Wrong ft. Kehlani
2016: I Don’t Wanna Live Forever ft. Taylor Swift
2017: Still Got Time ft. PartyNextDoor
2017: Dusk Till Dawn ft. Sia
2018: Let Me
2018: Entertainer
2018: Sour Diesel
2018: Too Much ft. Timbaland
2018: Fingers
2018: No Candle No Light ft. Nicki Minaj



2011: Up All Night
2012: Take Me Home
2013: Midnight Memories
2014: Four


What Makes You Beautiful
Gotta Be You
One Thing
More Than This
Live While We’re Young
Little Things
Kiss You
One Way or Another
Best Song Ever
Story of My Life
Midnight Memories
You & I
Steal My Girl
Night Changes

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