Which Music Is Beneficial For Your Child To Listen To And Why?

Music is one of those good things in life that can never go wrong with anyone! Do you know that it is also great for your child’s brain development?

What is good music?

Indian tradition is rich with many arts. Music is also an important part of it. The basis of what we call Western music is also mostly taken from Indian music. Our music is our identity. Yes, we are talking about the rich heritage of Indian classical music.

Why is Indian music good for children?

Indian classical music works as a therapy as it encapsulates the entire process of human development in the way the raga evolves. The rhythm in Indian classical music stimulates the most primitive as well as higher cognitive areas and stimulates the motor cortex part of our brain. Indian classical music creates a sense of structure and rhythm, which leads to interesting, new neural connections in the brain. To debunk the myth, 6 Mahan Ragas Audio has been presented to children over time covering different ragas, styles of compositions, singers and tempos.

This is a fairly complete list to start ragas with your child 

1. Rajan and Sajan Mishra – Tarana – Raga Bhairav ​​(Morning)

2. Pandit Sanjeev Abhyankar – Raga Bhimpalasi (Afternoon)

3. Kishori Amonkar – Raga Yaman (Evening)

4. Shobha Gurtu – Thumri – Raag Khamaj (Night)

5. Pandit Jasraj and Shruti Sandolikar – Raag Des (Night)

6. Ashwini Bhide – Raag Mia Ki Malhar (The Night Before)

It is not mandatory to listen to a certain raga only at that time of the day, but the effect it produces when heard at the recommended time. You can still play music when your baby is sleeping? It is really very beneficial. Music goes straight to their subconscious mind when played while sleeping. So go ahead and play that midnight raga when your baby sleeps at night. Or the afternoon rage when he’s napping during the day.

So, the next time you hand over that mobile or let the music play, play these 6 music tracks first!

It takes practice for the ears to appreciate Indian classical music, so please give you and your child some time before giving it a try! Even if your child doesn’t like it, it’s doing wonders for his brain.

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