Where You Can Go to Enjoy with Your Friends in Shimla?

One of the most outstanding hill resorts, Shimla is one of the most predominant hill stations in northern India. Located at a height of 2,205 meters, it used to be the summer capital of British India with a well-planned building. The city is renowned for pleasant walking participation on hillsides enclosed by pine and oak forests. In this article, we will deliberate on some of the best bars and pubs in Shimla.

The little city of Shimla is documented for its gorgeous hilly zones, colonial-style construction, and pleasant climate. With such breathtaking surroundings, it’s pretty easy to get attracted to have a drink with yourself or your acquaintances.

This splendid hill station has plenty of places where you can just relax while sipping on pleasant alcoholic drinks. Concerned to know more? Here are some of the best bars in Shimla and pubs that you should check out.

Shimla Brewing Company

Located within the historic Willow Banks Hotel and supervises the misty landscapes of Shimla, you’ll naturally find the renowned Shimla Brewing Corporation. This place is hands down, one of the coolest hangout spots to grab a drink & its impeccable view makes it a must-visit.

When we’re talking about the approximation, the balcony is the star of this pub. There’s a hammock seating groundwork on the balcony that is probably the coziest technique you can relish your drink.

Eighteen71 Cookhouse and Bar

This cookhouse and bar are added to one of Hotel Willow Banks’ projects. If you want to, you can visit the Shimla Brewing Company, SkyBar, and Eighteen71 on a similar day. But Eighteen 71 is predestined for those who like to relish their drinks in a more comprehensive setting, mostly indoors.

The atmosphere of Eighteen71 has an attractive comforting vibe that calls numerous to relax in its interiors. If we talk about food, this cookhouse offers some of the best Pan Indian and Oriental foods that’ll make your mouth water. Though you’re there, do not supervise checking out the advanced cocktails prepared by their barkeeper. They also host live melodies and karaoke nights, so if your enjoyment them, this will be the faultless residence for you to let slack.


These are some of the top bars & pubs in Shimla where you can go with your friends. You can find one of the best bars in Shimla, or wherever you live, to make your trip unforgettable.

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