What is Landing Pages: Definition, Types, and Functions of Landing Pages

For those of you who rely on digital marketing, landing pages are a component that you must pay close attention to.

Why? because it was reported from the Hubspot page, a company that has 10 to 15 landing pages on its website can increase leads by up to 55%. Meanwhile, companies that have more than 40 landing pages are able to increase their leads by 120%.

Isn’t that a huge impact? So, what exactly is a landing page? What are the benefits for the company? Find the answer by reading the article about landing pages below.


1 What is a Landing Page?
2 Benefits of Landing Pages
2.1 1. Promotional Media
2.2 2. Increase Conversion Rate
2.3 3. Get Data Leads
3 Examples of Effective Landing Pages
3.1 1. Airbnb
3.2 2. Neil Patel
3.3 3. Uniqlo

What is a Landing Page?

When a visitor visits your website, they have two choices. First, they want to just browse your website. Second, they want to do more. This is where the landing page has an important role.

Sourced from the Unbounce page, a landing page is a website page created specifically for a marketing campaign or advertising program. Generally, visitors will click on a link from an email, Google ad, social media, or various other sources. Then, the page they open from that link is what we know as the landing page.

Landing pages are a very valuable opportunity for business people to obtain visitor information. In this case, visitors will be asked to be willing to enter various personal data, such as gender, email, age, to the telephone number.

In addition, another function of the landing page is to increase the conversion rate. Conversion rate is a percentage figure that shows how far a website is able to attract visitors to carry out an activity.

These actions can vary, from creating an account, and subscribing to a newsletter, to opening promo information. For example, you have an e-commerce website. If there are visitors who directly visit the main page of your website, then most likely they will just look around.

However, if you are able to direct them to the landing page directly, then you can ask them to fill in all their personal information, including the email. So, even if they are not interested in buying products on your website, you still have the opportunity to contact them via email.

You can send various promo information, the latest product updates, to other interesting offers. So, you will not lose visitors in vain.

Landing pages are an interesting thing to use. But, you can’t use it by default. With a variety of functions in it, you may be interested in specifying multiple landing page goals according to your needs.

However, sourced from the Unbounce page, a good landing page is a page that has only one focused goal which is commonly known as a call to action (CTA).

Landing Page Benefits

Based on the full explanation above, we can draw the conclusion that the landing page is a component that plays an important role in the success of a marketing activity.

In addition to the various things that we have discussed together above, there are several other benefits of landing pages that you should know. Anything? Here is the full description.

1. Promotional Media

The first benefit of a landing page is as an effective promotional medium. With a landing page, you can display a variety of short information in large fonts related to the promotion or marketing campaign that you are running with your team.

Even though you are currently having various types of promotions, you only need to highlight one promotion on your landing page.

2. Increase Conversion Rate

Besides being able to be used as a promotional medium, another benefit of landing pages is that they can increase your conversion rate percentage. so, visitors don’t just visit your site.

In addition, they can also perform an action you want, such as by subscribing to a newsletter or creating an account on your website. Reporting from the official Crazy Egg page, a high conversion rate can increase visitor interest to enter a deeper marketing funnel.

3. Get Data Leads

The third benefit of having a landing page is being able to get lead data. Although this depends on the type of landing page you use, usually landing pages will ask for information from visitors, such as email, name, gender, etc.

At a minimum, you have got basic information about these visitors so that you can analyze them more deeply.

Examples of Effective Landing Pages

1. Airbnb

Airbnb is one of the platforms engaged in property rentals. This startup company collaborates between property owners and those who are interested in being able to take advantage of the property.

Some time ago, Airbnb also spread the service. They open a tour that can be arranged with airbnb. Starting from culinary tours, touring, cooking classes, to travel experiences that can provide social effects. All of this can be arranged using Airbnb.

Well, the picture above is the landing page for Airbnb partners. On the side you can check the estimated money that can be obtained by renting your property.

Tips for creating a landing page like Airbnb:

1. Display photos of human interaction when you ask visitors to join the program you are offering.
2. The object should be placed on the left side and will be the focus of the user. For that, beforehand you have to make a point that you want to appear in your business.
3. Create a form with short fields.

2. Neil Patel

Most of us must be familiar with Neil Patel. He is a writer and marketing practitioner who has had a huge impact on the world. The Wall Street Journal mentions it in the ranks of influencer marketing, especially in the field of websites.

Entrepreneur Magazine included Neil Patel’s company in its list of the 100 smartest companies. He was also named as 100 successful entrepreneurs at the age of 30 by US President Barack Obama.

On his official website, Neil Patel is able to present a variety of tools for marketing activities. in particular, all the tools used to optimize website performance.

Neil Patel has a landing page type led generation. He invites every visitor to be willing to fill in the email fields that have been provided. Then, the email will be used for various insights and tips from Neil Patel.

Tips for Making Neil Patel Landing Pages

Make a landing page with an illustration of a unique, simple image design that is able to increase the sense of participation of the visitors. Games or games such as lucky wheel can increase the sense of speed for visitors to immediately follow the offer you provide.

In addition, make headlines that are short, concise and clear. Also, attach important information below and the URL to the privacy policy and terms of service page. Both are very important, especially if your audience is from all over the world.

3. Uniqlo

Uniqlo is one of the international standard clothing brands that are highly favored by the millennial generation. They are known for their simple, clean, versatile, and very fitting clothes for both men and women.

The level of popularity of this brand from Japan has begun to spread to several countries, such as Canada, China, Germany, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, and to 17 other countries.

Uniqlo always makes landing pages with simple nuances. They always prepare a white background and logo on the top. Then, there is also an invitation to fill in the email field. From this, they obtain data which will then send emails in the form of news or product promotions to visitors.

Tips for Making Landing Pages Like Uniqlo

Try to tailor your landing page to your business branding. Place a brand logo if your landing page design is simple. At a minimum, the logo will make its appearance easier for the audience to remember.

Then, also provide promotional options for the audience so that they will only get the information they want.

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